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(New Year’s Eve (2)

Huo Mian turned her head in surprise and saw Jiang Ye…

Jiang Ye was a complicated man. He came all the way from Jing City to work with Qin Chu in an attempt to debut into Europe and the Americas. However, a few days ago he apparently signed an incredibly expensive contract with Imperial Star, effectively becoming GK’s enemy.

Now, he even challenged GK’s young madam. He was truly a riddle…

Huo Mian couldn’t care less, however, as she was going to play regardless of the opponent.

So, she took her cue and walked over to the table…

Annie Liang and Jian Tong were mortal enemies, competing with each other anywhere they went.

With Jian Tong becoming more popular over the past few years, Annie Liang became more envious than ever.

Inadvertently, these arch nemeses were grouped together…

Tang Chuan and Wei Liao, on the other hand, were paired off with some older celebrities.

In the end, only Huo Siqian and Qin Chu were left…

Huo Siqian walked over smiling with a hand in his pocket. “President Qin, should we play together?”

Although his tone was gentle, his expression was a bit provocative…

Qin Chu knew that Huo Siqian had waited for this moment for too long…

He seemed to have wanted to challenge Qin Chu a long time ago, but because of Su Yu’s presence, he never made his move.

Faced with Huo Siqian’s challenge, Qin Chu nonchalantly replied with one word, “Sure.”

“Show me what you’ve got. I want to see if you’re worth Mian’s love.” With a sneer, Huo Siqian took his cue and walked to a spot behind Qin Chu.

Then, the 20 people began their brilliant duels on 10 tables.

At the event, there were more than 500 elites of society from all walks of life, not to mention the millions of viewers at home…

Although it wasn’t as professional as the real Snooker Championship, the tournament was still incredibly exciting to watch.

Jian Tong and Annie Liang started the game with flames in their eyes, as if they were about to devour the other person.

But in all honesty, they were both mediocre at best. Their beauty was the only reason as to why they advanced three levels. Their opponents were too busy looking at their faces to pay any attention to the game.

Everyone knew what was truly worth their attention, and that was the match between Huo Siqian and Qin Chu.

The Huo Corporation wanted Mr. Li’s three-year contract and so did GK.

Although Qin Chu didn’t say it out loud, he definitely didn’t want to lose to Huo Siqian.

As a member of the audience, Su Yu didn’t feel any pressure from the tournament; he was just watching calmly.

His focus was different from other people, however, as he didn’t care at all about the match between Huo Siqian and Qin Chu.

Instead, he was much more focused on Huo Mian’s way around the table. He had yet to see her show off her skills.

At that moment, it was easy to see what a good choice it was for Huo Mian to be wearing a suit.

Because of the way they were dressed, Jian Tong and Annie Liang were both very restricted in their movements and couldn’t perform to the best of their abilities.

Take their gowns for example, if the two were to lower their upper bodies too much, they would flash the entire crowd.

Both their stances and Song Yishi’s looked as awkward as could be.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, began the tournament with incredible stability.

She made three consecutive hits and all three balls went in.

Jiang Ye didn’t even have the chance to take a turn.

When the angle became more difficult, Huo Mian adjusted her cue in several directions, feeling uncertain.

Finally, she opted for a jump cue, a technique which required the cue ball to jump and hit the target ball.

With a ‘clink’, the target ball slowly went in…

This scene was caught on television just in time, making the audience so excited that everyone began to clap.

Even the commentators were excited.

“Mrs. Qin’s techniques have been amazing from the beginning. On her fourth hit, she used a jump break cue. How incredible!”

Su Yu gazed at Huo Mian, his eyes filled with love and admiration…

“So… you’re not going to leave me with any dignity, are you?” Jiang Ye asked helplessly as he touched his nose.

He liked Huo Mian and therefore didn’t want to work under Qin Chu. Because of this, he signed a contract with Imperial Star.

Calling her out with the challenge was just his way of spending more time with her…

He wasn’t expecting her to be such a pro at the game, leaving him with no face to save.

At this rate, the game was going to end before he even began to play.

Huo Mian was about to clear the table…


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