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(Snooker Celebrity Night (6)

“It’s the winner, Bai Jingjing.”

“Oh her, the White Bone Spirit one.” Su Yu didn’t remember anything other than that, as her name was similar to a character from the Journey to the West, so it was quite memorable.

An was speechless…

“Tell her that the Sixth Element is off limits. I can get her a new Lambo instead.”

“Alright.” An nodded and exited.

Su Yu wondered what was wrong with girls these days.

They always asked for what others treasured, did they get a kick out of that?

It seemed like Huo Mian was the only women who didn’t long for things others loved…

Thinking about Huo Mian made Su Yu’s gaze warm and gentle…

– Monday morning –

The car shop finished repairing her Audi R8 and sent it back yesterday, making Huo Mian as happy as a child.

She touched the car all over as she loved it very much.

Even a brand new car wouldn’t have made her so happy… because this one was a gift from Qin Chu.

It was a car brand that both Qin Chu and Huo Mian liked, as it was pretty lowkey.

It wasn’t as much as a showoff compared to Lamborghinis, Maseratis, and Porsches.

Huo Mian could finally drive to work now that her car was back.

After the hospital’s morning meeting, Huo Mian began seeing patients.

In the morning, she worked really hard and saw more than a dozen patients.

When it was lunch time, she worked until it was twelve thirty, organizing patient files. By the time she was done, the cafeteria was out of food.

She was torn between eating some bread to make up for lunch, or getting some takeout food when Huo Siqian walked towards her… holding some bento boxes in his hands.

“You’re such a workaholic… You haven’t had lunch yet, no?” Huo Siqian smiled.

“How did you know?”

Huo Mian stared at Huo Siqian, as she detested Huo Siqian’s know-it-all attitude.

It made her feel very insecure…

“Your assistant told me, I haven’t had lunch yet either and got some takeout. Should we eat together?”

“I…” Huo Mian was about to refuse when she heard Huo Siqian say, “Why do you think Sufang Restaurant’s vegetarian food is so good? It’s vegetarian, but it’s still savory without oil and meat.”

“You… you got food from Sufang?” Huo Mian swallowed.


“Then, let’s eat together.” Huo Mian gave up without a fight.

She went into the office with Huo Siqian and the food…

Sufang was a vegetarian restaurant that had been open for many years. During the holidays, it would be very full and had to be booked far in advance… They had very good vegetarian food, and its name came from a very famous show from a long time ago. It was delicious but was located in the Northernmost corner of the city where the roads were difficult to drive through and the air was polluted with factory smoke. Therefore, Huo Mian rarely ate there.

She didn’t think that Huo Siqian would drive there for their food. The drive would take almost two hours.

That was why she thought Huo Siqian was truly weird…

– Inside the office –

Huo Mian lowered her head and ate in silence, while Huo Siqian ate and snuck peeks at her.

Every time he ate with Huo Mian, he felt unusually happy.

Even if they didn’t talk, he wouldn’t feel awkward.

No one other than Huo Mian was capable of giving him such a strong sense of security.

The truth was, Huo Siqian was someone that was even more insecure than Huo Mian…

Since his childhood, he had to survive on the mercy of others and had to live with the knowledge that nothing belonged to him.

To his biological parents, he was already an outsider.

To the Huo Family, he was also an outsider.

Due to cautiousness developed in his youth, he now had calmness and wisdom beyond his years.

Like Huo Mian, he never panicked in the face of danger. They both could hold their ground in the face of a storm.

Even if hell broke loose, they would still uphold their superior attitude.

It was an air of royalty that most people didn’t have…

“Mian…” Huo Siqian dropped the words ‘little sister’ very easily as “Mian” was just easier to say.

“Mhm?” Huo Mian instinctively looked up.


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