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(Snooker Celebrity Night (3)

“Good, they’re all pretty good,” Su Yu uttered, much to everyone’s surprise.

Tang Chuan: “…”

Mrs. Su: “…”

“Yu, which one’s the best?” Mrs. Su continued to ask.

“All three of them are good. Why don’t we keep all three… They’re really great,” Su Yu replied nonchalantly as he took out his phone and browsed through WeChat.

Mrs. Su: “…”

Tang Chuan: “…”

“… Young Master Su, although I appreciate your imagination, the reality is often not as nice. It’s good that you have such brave thoughts, but China currently doesn’t allow… polygamy,” Tang Chuan explained.

That was also what Mrs. Su wanted to say… Although she was happy that her son liked all three girls, he couldn’t have all three at the same time…

“Polygamy? You’re the one with a crazy imagination. What I meant was that Imperial Star will sign with all three of them. Our company’s about to make a film about ancient China and is in need of a lot of actresses. They look like they’d fit those roles.”

Mrs. Su: “…”

Tang Chuan: “…”

The three girls’ face was also as awkward as could be…

Wasn’t Mrs. Su picking a girlfriend for Su Yu? Why was he asking them to sign with Imperial Star?

At the sight of the confused ladies, Su Yu took out a few contracts he always carried with him.

“This is the contract for new celebrities. Look it over. If you girls are interested in the entertainment industry or acting, you can sign it. If you’re not interested, you don’t have to sign it. I will pay you money for the time and effort you’ve put into this audition.”

“Young Master Su, you’re mistaken. We’re not here for money,” Bai Jingjing explained gently.

The other two ladies echoed her words…

“Yeah, we’re not in this for money. You don’t have to give us money.”

“Then do you want to act?”

“No… we’re not actors, nor do we want to enter the entertainment world. We’re just here because…” Bai Jingjing swallowed the rest of her sentence.

“For what then?” Su Yu raised his head and glanced at her.

“We thought that Mrs. Su wanted to pick out a girlfriend for you, so…”

“Oh, about that, my mom was mistaken. I thought we were selecting new people for the company but she decided to find me a girlfriend. I’m very sorry about that. I can compensate you in other ways, but not as your boyfriend. I’ve never lacked girlfriends. We have more than 300 female artists under Imperial Star, award-winners everywhere. I don’t think they’re bad… If I wanted to, I would’ve chosen a girlfriend a long time ago. I can create three superstars like Jian Tong every year. As for you ladies, I’ve given you the contracts. Like I’ve said before, if you don’t want to sign with us, I will compensate you in your preferred method. This is my assistant’s contact number. You can talk to him about it. I have something to do and need to go. Enjoy your meal.”

With that, Su Yu got up and began walking out…

Angered by his actions, Mrs. Su caught up to him and yelled, “Su Yu! Stop right there!”

Mrs. Su babied her son very much. It was rare for her to call out his full name.

Clearly, she was very angry…

At the sound of his mother’s voice, Su Yu stopped in his tracks.

Tang Chuan followed Su Yu closely behind. At the sight of the angered Mrs. Su, he immediately got out of the way.

“What was that? You better have a good explanation. This audition was held to select a girlfriend for you! You agreed to this. Why did you say that the company is signing newcomers?” Mrs. Su interrogated Su Yu with as much patience as possible.


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