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(Something Big in New Year (9)

“She will definitely like your present.”

“Stop kissing my ass,” the young woman emphasized.

“I’m not. Most importantly, there’s only one pair of those white jade calabashes in the world. It’s priceless…” Her assistant replied with such seriousness that the young woman burst out in laughter.

“I miss her so much… but Dad won’t let me find her, no matter what. It’s so annoying.”

“Professor did it for your sake… Things are very tense right now, what if…”

“I know… The truth is, it’s good to see her live such a peaceful and happy life… If she can live happily ever after… I won’t mind, even if she never knows that I exist… My dad and I live such hard lives, we’re constantly homeless and miserable. I don’t want her to be involved in all this…”

“She’s lucky to have a younger sister like you… you didn’t go find her not because you don’t love her. It’s because you want to protect her…”

“Hey, forget it… we shouldn’t talk about something as depressing as this during Chinese New Year… Is there any news from Asshole Qiao?”

“There is… Young Master Qiao said… you need to go back in three days, or else…” Her assistant stopped midway through the sentence.

“Or else what?” The young woman turned around and pouted.

“I don’t have the courage to finish the sentence… I don’t want you to kill me,” her assistant replied, feeling a little guilty.

“Tell me, or else I’m going to kill you right now.” The young woman picked up her gun and gruesomely aimed it at her assistant’s forehead.

“Young Master Qiao said… if you don’t go back in three days, he’ll put you on the global wanted list.”

“F*ck… that Asshole Qiao has done it again… Screw him, he can put me on any list he wants. Interpol can’t even do anything about me, what can he do?”

As one of the top criminals on Interpol’s wanted list, she had been fine over the past few years and even traveled around the world.

What could Asshole Qiao do to her?

Then, she turned around and fired another shot. She didn’t have to aim for the bullet to hit the bullseye.

She used to be West Point Military School’s straight-A student and a genius Asian-American girl. Therefore, she was easily one of the top-10 in the world when it came to marksmanship.

However, she was also an extremely weird woman…

If she didn’t want to see you, you would never be able to find her.

She threw her handgun casually onto the beach. Then, she grabbed the silk scarf her assistant handed her, placed it over her shoulders and walked away.

The much-anticipated Spring Festival passed by in the blink of an eye…

Huo Mian didn’t even finish watching the new year’s gala because she was too sleepy.

Soon, her short vacation ended and on the morning of January 4th of the lunar calendar, Huo Mian woke up at 6 AM.

Qin Chu was still sleeping… He had been overworking himself and could only sleep well with her by his side.

Huo Mian opened her drawer again and took out the white jade calabash, closely examining it…

Qin Chu went to an expert, and the results shocked the both of them.

Apparently, this was an original one-of-a-pair of calabashes that some Han Dynasty nobleman gifted to his wife. After she died, it was buried with her.

Years later, grave diggers stole them and for some reason, the calabashes ended up abroad…

Three years ago, at a well-known auction in Greece, an anonymous buyer bought the pair of calabashes for 120 million dollars.

This meant that these calabashes were worth 720 million yuan; talk about sky-high prices.

In comparison, blue-and-white porcelain and Tang tri-color glazed ceramics were worthless!

It cost so much, not only because the owner of the white jade calabashes was the wife of a Han Dynasty nobleman.

More importantly, the jade was extremely rare and expensive. They were made by a well-known master craftsman in the Han Dynasty.

It was a rare, priceless treasure…

After finding out its price, Qin Chu joked, “Honey, you’re Mrs. Moneybags now. I’m going to live off of you now.”

Huo Mian ever thought that overnight, she would become a multi-millionaire…

This calabash came in a pair, but she only received one.

Did that mean that the person who gave her this gift had the other calabash? Who could it be?


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