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(New Year’s Eve (3)

Huo Mian’s gaze brushed past his face…

“I don’t know you well, so why should I save face for you?”

Jiang Ye: “…”

Huo Mian wasn’t one to leave room for others to rebut her, so her words made Jiang Ye completely speechless.

As far as Huo Mian was concerned, Jiang Ye was nothing but a stranger.

Whether he was going to sign with GK or not was not something that concerned her.

Huo Mian learned how to play pool when she was still a teenager and later found out about Snooker.

She never had formal training in the sport; she just played with Zhu Lingling here and there several years ago.

It was surprising that she hadn’t lost her skills…

Jiang Ye had originally wanted to take advantage of the intermissions to get closer to Huo Mian, but the girl cleared the table after only a few strokes, leaving him with no chance at all.

When it came to these types of matches, whoever broke the pool had the upper hand, so the decision was normally made through draws.

In another group, Song Yishi was lucky enough to draw the starting position, but her skills were nothing compared to Huo Mian.

After two strikes, the third ball was completely off target.

Although Ni Yang wasn’t great at this sport either, he was more than enough to deal with Song Yishi.

This was why he had promised Huo Mian that he would embarrass Song Yishi for her…

“You’re actually pretty interesting. I know that you’re scared to lose to Huo Mian, so you opted to take me on and treat me as a punching bag, right? Unfortunately, my skills are slightly above yours, so just wait to be embarrassed.”

Ni Yang delivered his speech to Song Yishi right before he made his first shot, leaving her completely infuriated.

It turned out, Ni Yang was a man of his words. He really didn’t give Song Yishi any chances at all, clearing the table little by little.

Song Yishi was dressed in a gown paired with a fur shawl, so she did look like a beautiful vase as she stood there while Ni Yang cleared the table.

“Cousin, how did you miss? Now you’re completely at his mercy! Ahh, I can’t believe this.” Song Yixuan was so frustrated as well that she couldn’t do anything to help the situation.

Annie Liang and Jian Tong, on the other hand, were an evenly matched pair. However, due to Jian Tong’s higher EQ, she would say things that riled up Annie Liang, causing the latter to make multiple mistakes.

“Do you really think that going to GK will save you? Unfortunately, President Qin doesn’t seem to like you very much, so I doubt it’s going to make a difference for you. Of course, it’s not like you’re any better at Imperial Star, President Su doesn’t really like you either. If I were you I would’ve retired from the entertainment industry a long time ago. After all, you’re not that young anymore…” Jian Tong said, laughing.

Annie Liang’s hands were shaking from anger. After adjusting the cue for a long time, she couldn’t get even one ball in.

Jian Tong, on the other hand, had gotten two balls in consecutively.

Huo Siqian had originally planned to face Qin Chu in the finals but had a sudden change of heart.

He thought that he would eliminate Qin Chu early on to make things more interesting.

It would truly cause a blow to his ego…

So, their face-off arrived on the 10th table.

Qin Chu had originally thought that he would be facing Su Yu just like that time on the cruise, but to his surprise, Su Yu willingly abstained from the game and was thus replaced by Huo Siqian.

He wasn’t that surprised, however, as Huo Siqian’s distaste for him was apparent from a long time ago.

He could feel it from a mile away.

At the same time, he could also feel the malicious intentions that Huo Siqian harbored for Huo Mian.

Qin Chu distrusted Huo Siqian much more than he distrusted Su Yu.

He knew that Su Yu was a stand-up guy, someone who wouldn’t play dirty, but Huo Siqian was different; there was no telling what he would do.

He knew things that others didn’t.

Rick’s men had been watching Huo Siqian for a long time, and although they didn’t have clear evidence, they knew that he was involved in Huo Zhenghai’s death. Qin Chu never told Huo Mian these things, however, as he didn’t want her to worry and be wrapped up in the battle.

Qin Chu was very lucky. He drew break and shot in five consecutive balls.

At the rate he was going, a clearance of the table looked definite; Huo Siqian was going to lose for sure.

Just as Qin Chu lowered his body to hit the sixth ball, Huo Siqian whispered beside him, “I heard that you’ve been looking into Mian’s background.”


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