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( Something Big in New Year (4)

“Oh, what I meant is that you should all enjoy your annual vacation. We’ll talk about work on January 8th of the lunar calendar. That’s it for the meeting… Remember to pick up your year-end bonus at the finance department before you leave, that’s all.”

Then, Su Yu picked up his phone, got up, and left… leaving his employees dumbfounded.

Someone suddenly said, “President Su seems to be in a good mood, what notification did he receive on his phone? Did he win the lottery?”

– Sky Blessing Court –

The four of them enjoyed a happy lunch together, and Qin Chu went back to the company in the afternoon.

Huo Mian walked him to the gates of the residential district and they chatted along the way…

“Honey, how should we arrange things on Chinese New Year Eve? We didn’t think Zhixin would come back so we were going to spend the evening with my mom, but since he’s back… should we go celebrate at your house?”

“You can decide.” Qin Chu didn’t really care about this matter, since they were all family and it didn’t matter where they spent Chinese New Year Eve at.

After thinking hard for a few seconds, Huo Mian slowly said, “How about this? Let’s go to your house first and spend the first half of the night there. After we have dumplings and light up fireworks, we’ll come back to my house. My mom and Zhixin sleep pretty late, so we can play cards or something the second half of the night… what do you think?”

“Sure…” Qin Chu nodded in agreement. Then, he got into his car and left for GK.

Huo Mian turned around to head back in…

The truth was that she was hoping the two families could celebrate together. However, if her mother and Zhixin went, they would feel awkward.

After all, spending Chinese New Years at someone else’s home didn’t give them a sense of belonging.

Plus, Huo Mian couldn’t ask Qin Chu’s parents to celebrate at Sky Blessing Court; it wasn’t realistic.

Most importantly, there were still misunderstandings between the two families, especially between Huo Mian and Qin Chu’s moms regarding Jing De’s death.

Therefore, Huo Mian couldn’t ask the two families to celebrate together. The only way was for them to spend the first half of the evening at one family and the second half of the evening at another.

When Huo Mian went back, she told her mother and Zhixin her plans and neither of them had a problem with it.

“Mian, I need to talk to you about something,” they were having fruit in the living room when Yang Meirong suddenly said this.

“Yeah, Mom?” Huo Mian looked down as she peeled an orange.

“Xiuping came by the day before yesterday… she bought me some fruit… She said she was going home for Chinese New Year and wanted to come to see me before she left…”

“Oh… what did she buy?” Huo Mian asked in all seriousness, and Yang Meirong replied, slightly embarrassed, “She bought me some apples.”

The truth was, Yang Xiuping only came with three apples and nothing else.

That was her so-called New Year’s visit…

Huo Mian could tell what her mother wanted to say just by her voice, so she asked, “How much red packet money did you give her?”

Yang Meirong stuck out one index finger…

“A hundred?” Zhixin asked, but Yang Meirong was silent.

Huo Mian sat up on the couch and corrected Zhixin, “A thousand.”

“Yeah.” Yang Meirong nodded.

“What? A thousand? Why would you give her that much, she only came with three stupid apples… how could you give her a thousand?” Zhixin didn’t like his uncle’s family, so he was angry to hear that his mother gave Yang Xiuping a thousand yuan.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, asked calmly, “That’s not it, is it? Did you give her stuff to bring to my uncle?”

Huo Mian knew her mother; Xiuping said she was going home for the new year.

Yang Meirong was a sentimental woman, so she was bound to give them stuff…

Yang Meirong nodded. “Yeah, I bought her some beef and lamb, and also some vegetables that their hometown doesn’t sell.”

“That’s not all, the bird’s nest and gelatin my brother-in-law gave you is all gone,” Zhixin interjected.


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