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( Qin Chu Has a Good Wife (5)

“How… did she die?” Huo Mian really wasn’t prepared for this at all; although she disliked Jiang Linyue, she never wished for the latter’s death.

That feeling of someone she knew dying spread to the bottom of her heart, giving her chills…

To Huo Mian, T City was an incredibly unsafe city, since Qin Chu’s opponent was a devil who murdered people without blinking.

If the death of the family of five during the forced demolition was an accident, then Jiang Linyue’s death was a deliberate act of murder… Moreover, the murderer had an obvious intention…

“Young Madam, don’t worry, President Qin is still at the police station and I’m heading there right now. I’ll update you when he’s released.”

“Okay, remember to keep me updated on the issue,” Huo Mian said with worry.

– T City Police Bureau –

When Yang arrived, Qin Chu had just begun recording his testimony.

He was a powerful man of special status, so he wasn’t locked up and interrogated in a small black room.

“Mr. Qin… where were you last night from 1 AM to 3 AM?”

“I was sleeping at the Marriott Hotel.”

“Who was there with you?”

“My assistant, Mr. Yang.”

“Did you ever leave the hotel?” the police asked.


“How can you prove that?”

“The hotel has surveillance cameras at the front and back entrance, so you would see me if I left. Feel free to bring up the footage from last night.”

“The victim, Jiang Linyue died in her own apartment. When we found her, she had been dead for a while. According to forensics, she died between 1 AM and 3 AM last night from asphyxiation by a foreign object. We searched the entire apartment but couldn’t find any clues related to her death… We looked into her social circle and noticed that she worked in your company.”

“Yes, she’s the general manager of our branch here.” Qin Chu nodded.

“That’s not important. Most importantly, the last text before her death was to you…”

“I never received a text.” Qin Chu froze upon hearing what the policeman said; he really didn’t get a text from her, so he was just as shocked when he heard that she was dead.

The police then took out a cell phone wrapped in a plastic bag.

“She didn’t get the chance to send out this text, it’s not even a complete sentence. It just says, ‘President Qin’. Our assumption is that she wanted to tell you something.”

“What did she say?” Qin Chu was curious.

“Just three words, ‘President Qin, I…’, but I guess we’ll never know what she wanted to type…”

“Is there a chance that the murderer left this message on purpose to confuse you?” Qin Chu asked calmly.

“That’s a possibility as well, but right now we only found the victim’s fingerprints on the phone, so we don’t know yet… we’re sending the cellphone to the lab tonight to check for residual dandruff.”

“Oh…” Qin Chu thought about it and nodded.

“Has this employee been behaving weirdly recently?” the policeman probed, and Qin Chu answered truthfully, “She betrayed the company and stole confidential material. She publicized those documents, defamed the company, and affected my reputation. I’ve been trying to get in touch with her, but my attempts had been unsuccessful.”

“So, there was a conflict between the two of you, right?”

“Yes.” Qin Chu nodded.

“So, there is probable motive to suspect you for murder…”

Yang went crazy before Qin Chu had a chance to respond. He glared at the police. “What are you talking about? President Qin was at the hotel with me all night, he didn’t even have time to commit murder!”


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