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( Young Master Su, Are You Interested in a Partnership? (8)

Huo Siqian looked at his watch; it was almost 11 PM…

He couldn’t sleep at his mansion, since Song Yishi was there.

Huo Siqian hated himself, but he hated Song Yishi even more. When he looked at her, he would become so nauseated that he felt like throwing up.

Therefore, he picked up his phone and called Wang Shasha. She was already in dreamland when Huo Siqian called. Upon receiving his phone call, she quickly put on her clothes and ran downstairs without even putting on makeup, waiting outside her residential district for Huo Siqian to pick her up.

Truth be told, she had ordinary looks and wasn’t beautiful at all. Even now, she wondered what kind of luck she came across to be chosen by someone like President Huo.

What amazed her even more was Huo Siqian gave her money and bought her clothes. Yet, he never touched her.

She often wondered if Huo Siqian was impotent…

His car slowly parked by the side of the road…

Wang Shasha was just about to get on his car when Huo Siqian said, “Sit in the back.”

He didn’t like it when others sat in his passenger’s seat. Huo Mian was the only one who could…

Wang Shasha didn’t dare say anything else. She quickly got onto the backseat and the car began to move.

“P-President Huo, you haven’t slept yet?” Wang Shasha was somewhat scared of Huo Siqian. Therefore, she always stuttered when she talked to him.

“No,” Huo Siqian coldly replied, and she didn’t dare say anything else.

Huo Siqian drove to his private condo.

Wang Shasha had been here a couple of times and spent the night here. Therefore, she was familiar with this place…

“Go shower…” Huo Siqian commanded and she nodded, heading straight for the bathroom.

After a while, she came out thinking that something might happen tonight.

However, Huo Siqian only embraced her from behind, like every other time… His movements were extremely gentle and tender.

Unwilling to give up, Wang Shasha felt like if they didn’t have sex, it meant he didn’t acknowledge her.

Therefore, she bravely turned around, gliding her hand seductively across Huo Siqian’s chest…

“President Huo…” she called him coyishly.

“Turn around…” Huo Siqian’s face darkened immediately as he looked at her angrily.

Horrified, Wang Shasha quickly turned her stiff body around. She fell silent, so scared that she even controlled the sound of her own breathing.

After a while, just when she thought she was about to fall asleep, she heard Huo Siqian mutter gently behind her, “Mian…”

Who was ‘Mian’? Wang Shasha didn’t pay attention to the high society, so she had no idea who Huo Siqian was talking about. She didn’t dare mention it to anyone else either.

To her, Huo Siqian was a scary person; she was afraid that if she blabbed about anything, something bad might happen to her.

The next morning…

The two of them got up and put on their clothes. Just when Huo Siqian was about to get onto his car and leave with Wang Shasha, he saw Song Yishi’s car park before him.

“Get in the car…” Huo Siqian ordered; Wang Shasha looked down, too scared to say anything, and headed straight for his car.

Song Yishi was just getting off her car, so she bumped right into Wang Shasha. When the latter passed by Song Yishi, she impolitely grabbed her chin and observed her face.

Terrified, Wang Shasha recognized that this woman was Huo Siqian’s wife, Mayor Song’s daughter.

As the third person in their relationship, would Song Yishi kill her?

“Haha… your looks are truly disappointing,” Song Yishi mocked.

Too scared to say anything, Wang Shasha shook Song Yishi’s hand off her face and quickly climbed into Huo Siqian’s car…

“Why are you here?” Huo Siqian frowned; seeing Song Yishi first thing in the morning certainly ruined his entire day…


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