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(Snooker Celebrity Night (9)

“I’m not, I have to go play snooker with my husband tonight.”

Qin Chu smiled, put his arm around Huo Mian’s shoulder, and walked out as the employees looked at them enviously.

“I didn’t use to think that the Young Madam was good enough for the president, but I love her demeanor. She’s not scared of anything, she can even back the president up when he needs her. Life sure is different when you have a high IQ.”

“Right, right, our Young Madam is pleasant to look at over time. She’s unlike the women who look good at first but become uglier the more you look at them. She seems quite average at first, but she gets prettier and prettier the more you look at her.”

“They’re so cute together!”

“Right, some netizens have been saying that President Qin should have married Miss Song, but… she is uncomfortable to look at, she looks fake… The young madam is much better. She’s not dramatic, she’s forgiving, and she doesn’t bud into company business. She’s an independent female.”

There’s a saying that time will reveal a person’s true nature. Indeed, it did.

When Huo Mian and Qin Chu’s marriage first got out, most people didn’t understand Qin Chu’s choice of partner, nor did they like Huo Mian.

However, after all this time, more and more people found themselves liking the low-key and capable woman.

– Outside the Kempinski Hotel –

When Huo Mian and Qin Chu arrived, the media took a million pictures of them… only then were they finally free to walk down the red carpet…

Huo Mian’s outfit also caused an uproar…

She actually picked it herself – the stylist wanted Huo Mian to wear an evening gown, as it was more graceful.

However, Huo Mian thought that if she got a chance to play pool like Qin Chu, it would be inconvenient for her to wear an evening gown because she wouldn’t be able to put her pool-playing skills into good use with the gown restraining her.

So, after some picking, she went with a suit, giving her a handsome charm.

She unknowingly became the trend-setter for the winter season.

During a live stream, a fashion channel’s host had the following conversation with a guest from the fashion industry.

The host said, “Miss Cai, out of all the female stars of tonight, whose outfit was the best?”

Miss Cai replied, “I didn’t really look at the female stars since their clothes were mostly sponsored by luxury brands. I’ve seen most of them at European fashion shows before. I can’t comment much, but the outfit of GK’s Young Madam was especially eye-catching for me.”

The host asked, “Oh? Are suits in style this year?”

Miss Cai answered, “No, it’s not. That’s precisely why I loved her choice of outfit. It made her stand out from everybody else tonight. Her outfit was simple, elegant, and stylish, amplifying her charm and hiding her weak spots. It was a smart and graceful decision. I believe that she caused heads to turn tonight.”

It was true, Huo Mian’s simple choice of outfit unintentionally made her the main character of the event.

All the attention actually embarrassed Huo Mian…

People frequently photographed her, forcing her to hide behind Qin Chu like a little girl. Qin Chu held her hand lovingly as she shyly hid behind him.

“President Qin, excuse me, can I take a picture with your madam?” An unnamed celebrity ran in front of them like a little fan and blocked their way.

Huo Mian awkwardly backed off. To be truthful, this wasn’t what she wanted.

All she wanted was to get in on the fun with her husband; she had no intention of becoming the center of the discussion.


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