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( Snooker Celebrity Night (2)

“You’re wrong. It’s not that you’re evil, it’s that your unrequited love is pitiful,” Tang Chuan argued.

Su Yu raised his eyebrows. “Pitiful? I don’t think so. Actually, if Huo Mian dumped Qin Chu and ran into my arms right now, that would be pitiful. If she can betray Qin Chu for me, she will betray me for another man in the future. If she was that easy, I wouldn’t even give her a second thought… I’m sinking deeper and deeper because I’ve gotten to know her better. When she was young, she made a promise to Qin Chu to never leave his side… She’s even willing to die with him. Huo Mian is an amazing woman, and I am willing to do anything for a woman like her.”

Tang Chuan: “…”

“Fine, you win, Young Master Su, you’re always right.” Finally, Tang Chuan decided it was best not to argue with Su Yu.

When it came to Huo Mian, not only Tang Chuan and Wei Liao felt helpless, even Grandpa and Mrs. Su couldn’t do anything to change his mind.

He was already on the path of unrequited love and there was simply no return.

At this point, even Huo Mian’s smile was a God-given gift to him.

“President Su… the auditions are over. Mrs. Su is inviting the winner, and the runner-ups to dinner tonight. It will take place at the White Jade Restaurant, at 8 PM. Please remember to arrive promptly,” Assistant An delivered the information carefully…

“I got it…” Su Yu nodded and continued to work.

Tang Chuan was excited by the news. He immediately got up, put away his phone, and walked up to Su Yu. “Hey, Auntie Su’s good. Although she didn’t make the girlfriend-choosing thing a big event, she still managed to select a top three from 20,000 girls. I heard that the top three girls are gorgeous, how about…”

Before he could finish, Su Yu looked up at him and gave him a look of understanding.

“You can come tonight too.”



“Will Auntie kill me?” Tang Chuan hesitated.

“I seem to recall that you’re willing to do anything for a chance of getting with a beautiful girl.”

“Haha… that’s right! Okay, then I’m waiting for you all the way until the evening. Haha… you pick first… I’ll take the ones you don’t want.” Tang Chuan looked very happy.

“Are you still drinking traditional Chinese medicine?” Su Yu suddenly asked.

“Yeah, why?” Tang Chuan was confused.

“That’s good. Keep improving your kidneys.” (TL Note: common joke associating people with weak kidneys with poor sex life abilities)

Tang Chuan felt speechless; Who said Su Yu wasn’t evil? When he felt like it, his words were capable of making someone turn over in their grave.

Su Yu was truly against the wife-picking event because he thought it was completely childish.

He originally wanted to stop it, but his mother had recruited the help of Huo Mian, leaving him completely helpless.

He even told Huo Mian that he would do his best to cooperate…

So, he couldn’t run away from the feast tonight…

– 8 PM –

Su Yu and Tang Chuan arrived promptly at the top floor private room of the White Jade Restaurant.

There were bodyguards guarding the door, courtesy of Mrs. Su’s impeccable anti-paparazzi skills.

As Su Yu entered the room, he was greeted by a sight of his mom and three women.

“Yu, you’re here!” Mrs. Su was delighted at the sight of her son.

The three young women all looked over to Su Yu…

After taking a closer look at the three girls, Tang Chuan was surprised.

The three girls chosen from the 20,000 were far from gorgeous. They couldn’t even be considered as beauties.

“Young Master Su…” the three girls called out in unison.

Su Yu nodded and walked over to them…

“Chuan’s here too?” Mrs. Su smiled.

“Hello, Auntie. Um, I was out with him. I haven’t eaten yet so I came along.”

“No problem! Have a seat.” Mrs. Su was extremely generous.

After Su Yu and Tang Chuan sat down, Mrs. Su immediately began to introduce the girls, “This is the second runner-up, Yao Tingting. This is the runner-up, Zhang Junya. This is our winner, Bai Jingjing.”

“Bai Jingjing? Haha… isn’t that the name of the White Bone Spirit from the Journey to the West?” Tang Chuan’s unobstructed mouth made the young woman feel awkward…

“Yu, what do you think?” Mrs. Su was very straightforward. She wanted her son to pick someone amongst the three.


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