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(Huo Mian, I Love You (19)

“What’s so surprising?”

Su Yu was someone who was never afraid of anything, so there was nothing that could make him think that the sky was falling.

Nothing except for everything that was related to Huo Mian…

“Your mom came a few days ago and ordered our company to host an event called “Prettiest Girl in C City” to find beautiful girls. The initial auditions are done. There were 20,000 girls that participated nationwide and now only 32 are left. Your mom decided to go stage by stage to eventually find a champion.”

Su Yu still didn’t seem to care. “As an entertainment company, don’t we always host these kinds of talent shows to find future stars?”

“But this time it’s different.” An found it hard to explain.

Su Yu couldn’t care, not even a little bit. He went up to his desk and turned on his laptop.

“What’s different?”

“This time the beauties are not only judged by appearance but also on education, intelligence, culture, family background…”

“So?” Su Yu looked up at An with a puzzled expression on his face.

“So… this time your mom is not choosing stars, she’s obviously choosing a wife for you…”

Su Yu almost coughed up blood…

Choosing a wife for him? Since when was his mom willing to do such stupid things?

“Who told you that?” Su Yu looked at An.

“Your mom didn’t say it outright, but we can all tell. Usually, if our company is hosting talent shows, we will put a lot of advertisements on mass media. But this competition was really low-profile. Your mom said that we need to select the champion in a subtle fashion. So… I think the champion would be her ideal daughter-in-law”.

Su Yu was at a loss for words and fell completely silent upon hearing what An said.

Su Yu really loved his mom because Mrs. Su was very understanding and always gave him warmth and love.

She would never force her child to do something he didn’t like.

It never occurred to him that his mom would show up at his company while he was traveling down south. He also never thought that she could stir up so much drama.

Massive auditions for the most beautiful girls?

Narrowing 20,000 down to 32? Such motivation…

“Okay, I got it.”

“So are we going to continue this event?” Even An thought the competition was ridiculous.

“Hold off for now, let me talk to my mom first before I decide.”

Su Yu was drunk last night and came home late, so he didn’t get to call his mom.

He didn’t expect her to cause such drama…

Su Yu found himself getting a headache just thinking about the beauty contest. If all he really cared about was beauty, every single one of Imperial Star’s artists would qualify since they were all extremely beautiful…

Huo Mian was not drop-dead gorgeous, it was her temperament that mattered… Temperament, temperament…

Most important things always needed to be repeated three times.

In Su Yu’s opinion, it was hard to find someone in the world who had a similar personality and strong presence like Huo Mian did.

If Huo Mian were a man, she would be extremely successful and would have a very accomplished career.

Mostly because no matter what she learned, she would pick it up extremely quickly, so fast that people who studied and practiced hard would want to bang their heads against the wall.

Where did she get her crazy genes from?

Was it really from the Huo Family?

It didn’t seem likely…

Huo Zhenghai was a treacherous businessman, but his IQ and EQ were only average.

The only person that could make the Huo Family proud was Huo Siqian, who was not even Huo Zhenghai’s biological son.

So why was there such a huge genetic difference when it came to Huo Mian?

Su Yu had been thinking about this issue but couldn’t figure it out.

He still didn’t know that Huo Mian was not even Huo Zhenghai’s biological daughter.

Later on, after Huo Mian’s actual identity was revealed, Su Yu got to meet Huo Mian’s real family.

It was then that Su Yu finally realized that the genes in her family were outrageously elite and that everyone was extraordinarily smart.

– South Side Recuperation Center –

As Huo Mian headed towards the cafeteria for her lunch break after a busy morning of work, she saw a rich lady that looked familiar.

“Ah, Auntie Su, what brings you here?” asked Huo Mian with surprise, as Mrs. Su always appeared mysteriously. But Mrs. Su never came without a reason — she definitely wanted to talk about something with Huo Mian.

“Mian, do you have time to have lunch with me?” asked Mrs. Su with an elegant smile.


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