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(Do Unto Others as You Would Have Others Do Unto You (4)

“Nothing, the conversation was just a little unpleasant.”

Qin Chu laughed and pinched her face lovingly. “Unpleasant is good, if you two were having a pleasant conversation, I wouldn’t be sitting here so pleasantly. I would’ve torn down the cafe long ago.”

Huo Mian broke her long face and laughed upon hearing Qin Chu’s remark…

She then sent Mrs. Su a message.

“Mrs. Su, I talked to him about it.”

“Okay, thank you so much, Child,” Mrs. Su replied immediately.

Huo Mian took in a deep breath, hugged Qin Chu’s shoulder, and said, “Honey, let’s go home and eat.”


Then, Qin Chu and Huo Mian went back to South Hill Manor…

Right as the two entered, their butler, Uncle Li, walked over and asked, “Young Master, Young Madam, what would you like for dinner? I’ll have it prepared immediately.”

“It’s fine, I’ll make it myself. You guys should take a break.”

Then, Qin Chu got changed, rolled up his sleeves, and began cooking in the kitchen.

When Huo Mian finished showering, she laid on the sofa in the living room and read through some documents from the hospital…

Before long, Qin Chu had spaghetti prepared.

He even made Huo Mian a vegetable fruit salad.

Huo Mian’s unpleasant mood disappeared in an instant…

The two sat opposite of each other…

“Sir, your wine.”

Uncle Li handed him a bottle of red wine.

“We had it delivered from France, it’s made with the freshest grapes. Even though it’s not finely aged yet, it tastes great. Try it.”

After speaking, Qin Chu poured Huo Mian half a glass…

Huo Mian nodded…

She took a bite of the spaghetti and felt her heart fill with happiness.

She looked at the man before her and felt like she had traveled back to her youth.

“Honey, thank you for being in my life.” Huo Mian was quite emotional.

She made a toast to Qin Chu…

Qin Chu answered with a smile…

Looking at the loving couple, Uncle Li silently exited.

The two were really busy and rarely had time for themselves to enjoy a good dinner.

They were wasting their time together…

On the other hand, Su Yu immediately started packing when he returned to the Su Mansion.

“Son, what’s wrong?”

“I’m moving out,” Su Yu indifferently answered.

“You were fine, why are you moving out all of a sudden?” Mrs. Su was used to her son eating and sleeping at home every day.

Her heart succumbed to chaos upon seeing Su Yu on the verge of moving out…

“Nothing, my mansion is done remodeling. It’s all clear of formaldehyde, and I’ve decided to move in. I like living alone anyways.”

After speaking, Su Yu put his personal items in his luggage and brought it downstairs.

“Wait… Yu, you didn’t even give us a heads up!”

Mrs. Su didn’t want her son to leave…

Su Yu immediately stopped and looked back at his mother. “Mom, why didn’t you give me a heads up when you started looking for a girlfriend for me on my behalf? A nationwide beauty competition? You might as well announce to the world that I’m single.”

“I did it for your own good…”

“I don’t need you to do it for me. I’ll listen to you when it comes to anything else, but I want to be in control of my love life. I don’t want to marry and face a woman I don’t like for the rest of my life. Oh and stop asking Huo Mian for favors. It’s me who likes her, don’t involve her in my business.”

“Yu, are you blaming me?” Mrs. Su was heartbroken.

“No, I’m just advising you… I hope that this is the first and last time something like this happens. Go ahead with the event and let me know when it’s done. I promised Huo Mian that I’ll cooperate, but this is the only time.”

After speaking, Su Yu went downstairs with his luggage.

He threw it into the trunk of his sports car and left right away.

Mrs. Su felt heartbroken…

Her son seemed angry at her for real this time…

She didn’t think that the girl, Huo Mian, had already affected her son so much.

It was another weekend.

Qin Chu went to work at GK in the morning, and Huo Mian slept in until she woke up naturally.

When she woke up, she realized that it was 9 AM already…

Right as she got dressed, she saw Mrs. Qin walk upstairs.

“Mian, get ready. I’m taking you somewhere today.” Qin Chu’s mom seemed pretty friendly towards Huo Mian lately as her attitude improved.


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