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( Do Unto Others as You Would Have Others Do Unto You (10)

Huo Mian giggled and gave a ruthless reply, “18 times.”

“18 times is too much… but I can probably manage 8…”

“Aren’t you afraid that you’ll become impotent?” Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu, amused.

“I’m doing this for my wife, so what if I suffer from impotence?”

Huo Mian gave Qin Chu a nudge. Mr. Qin was being a pervert again…

The two drove back to South Hill Manor, washed up, and went to bed early.

– The next morning –

Huo Mian went to work as usual. At lunch, Zhu Lingling started a conversation in their group chat.

Zhu Lingling: “Girls, are you free at night? I’m treating everyone to dinner.”

Jiang Xiaowei: “Did you find a lot of money?”

Huo Mian: “Did you win the lottery?”

Jiang Xiaowei: “Did you find yourself a rich man?”

Huo Mian: “Did your Captain Gao quit and go into business?”

Zhu Lingling: “…”

Zhu Lingling: “Geez, I just wanted to treat you guys to dinner. Although I’m not as rich as you ladies, I can still manage one dinner! Just choose somewhere cheap to eat, hehe.”

Jiang Xiaowei: “Okay! I’m dying of boredom at home. I really want to go out. We can eat anything, I don’t care.”

Huo Mian: “I don’t care either. You choose.”

Zhu Lingling: “Warning, we’re not bringing our husbands today! Every time we hang out, the men are always there. We can’t even tell each other secrets.”

Jiang Xiaowei: “Agreed! It’s better if we’re alone. It’s quieter because I don’t have to listen to Wei Liao drone on and on.”

Huo Mian: “Then I’ll take the taxi and leave Mr. Qin at home.”

Zhu Lingling: “Okay, then I’ll make reservations and send you guys the address afterward. Just get there on time.”

In the afternoon, Huo Mian was busy with meetings and taking notes. The hospital was very busy towards the end of the year.

There were many patients every day. If the neurology department wasn’t filled, Huo Mian would help out at the other departments.

It was truly a lot of work…

Although her mother-in-law told her not to wear herself out, she really wasn’t one to sit around.

Finally, it was time to get off work. Huo Mian sent Qin Chu a WeChat message telling him that she was going out for dinner.

Qin Chu replied ‘okay’ and went back to work.

Huo Mian took the taxi to the restaurant Zhu Lingling had reserved.

It was a renowned hot pot fish place in the city. All three of them liked to eat fish, so it was a perfect choice.

When Huo Mian arrived, Jiang Xiaowei and Zhu Lingling had already arrived.

The three of them sat down in an elegant room on the second floor.

In the middle of the room was a large iron pot, simmering with a large fish and various vegetables. It smelled delicious.

“Hm, our Mian’s getting chubbier. Look at her cheeks,” Jiang Xiaowei laughed.

“You’re right! I can see it too. What happened? Are you losing your metabolism?” Zhu Lingling smiled.

Huo Mian pinched her own cheeks subconsciously…

“I’m preparing for pregnancy, so I’m eating a lot.”

“Aren’t you afraid of becoming a pig? What if Mr. Qin leaves you?” Zhu Lingling asked jokingly.

“I’m not scared! I’ll just feed him into a pig too.”

“Geez, how disgustingly sweet. Mr. Qin’s not even here and you’re still flaunting your relationship?” Zhu Lingling teased.

Jiang Xiaowei burst into laughter upon hearing their conversation… The atmosphere was always very lively when the three of them were together.

“Hey, Ling, when are you getting married? You can’t keep living together without a marriage license.”

Jiang Xiaowei suddenly thought of the question…

“Actually, during our last get together, Gao Ran already proposed to me.”

Jiang Xiaowei: “Wow! Why didn’t you say anything?”

Huo Mian: “Deliberate concealment of information. Drag her out and strike her 30 times!”

Zhu Lingling: “I rejected him, so there’s nothing to tell.”

“You rejected him? Are you crazy?” Jiang Xiaowei’s jaw dropped.

“You shouldn’t joke about something so big. Why did you reject him?” Huo Mian was surprised.


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