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(Do Unto Others as You Would Have Others Do Unto You (8)

“Not yet… I’m afraid that… if it’s not accurate, I would feel bad…” Huo Mian wasn’t completely convinced of the results. It would be embarrassing if the elder was wrong. Therefore, she chose to not tell Qin Chu.

However, Mrs. Qin couldn’t wait. “Don’t worry, that’s impossible! That elder is amazing. If he says you will have children, then you will!”

Before Huo Mian could respond, Mrs. Qin immediately called her son.

“Chu, I have great news… I brought Mian to a fortune teller today. Do you know what he said? Haha… the master said that she will have many children. Our family’s going to be busy!”

Mrs. Qin couldn’t hide the excitement in her eyes, bombarding Qin Chu with the predictions of the fortune teller.

Huo Mian lowered her head, feeling completely embarrassed. After all, she wasn’t even pregnant yet.

Qin Chu smiled on the other end. “That’s great news! You have to reward your daughter-in-law.”

“Of course! We’re having a feast as we speak! Australian lobster! Do you want to join us?” Mrs. Qin was quite proud of what she was doing.

“It’s alright, I still have a lot of things to take care of at the company. You guys enjoy.”

After she hung up the phone, Mrs. Qin looked at Huo Mian with a smile and said, “Chu sounded very happy over the phone. Oh, Mian, do you think you’re going to have boys or girls? Or twin girls? Or twin boys? Or both?”

“Mom… the gender of a child isn’t decided by a parent. In medicine, it is a matter of x and y chromosomes,” Huo Mian explained, chuckling.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying, but I think a boy and a girl would be best. It’s the most complete! Haha, but… two girls and one boy is great too! Ah… anyway, any combination is great. I would be happy even if they’re all girls…”

Huo Mian was appreciative of Mrs. Qin’s openness in this regard…

She wasn’t like the other rich mothers-in-law, who were only happy if their daughter-in-law gave them grandsons.

As far as Mrs. Qin was concerned, she was happy as long as Huo Mian had a child, and gender didn’t matter.

Therefore, Huo Mian didn’t feel so pressured…

After the feast, Huo Mian wanted to visit her mother at Sky Blessing Court.

Mrs. Qin was more than happy to ask the driver to send Huo Mian there.

However, she didn’t go in, as some unpleasant events did unfold between the two women in the past, so she wasn’t ready to face it all just yet. Before she left, Mrs. Qin reminded Huo Mian to take care of herself for a potential pregnancy.

Huo Mian nodded with a smile. Then, she walked into her mother’s house.

When Huo Mian entered, she was greeted by the sight of her mother eating alone.

Upon seeing Huo Mian, Yang Meirong looked delighted. “Mian, you’re right on time! I made corn noodles.”

“Mom, I’ve eaten. Keep eating, I’m simply here to see you.”

Huo Mian sat down on the sofa with a smile on her face. She turned on the television and began flipping through the channels.

Suddenly, a piece of paper on the coffee table caught her attention.

It was a money transfer receipt. On it was her mother’s name, Yang Meirong, listed as the sender, and Yang Xiuping as the receiver. It was dated today, and the total amount transferred was 10,000 yuan.

“Mom… did you go out today?” Huo Mian suddenly asked.

Yang Meirong was busy eating and wasn’t aware of her daughter’s discovery of the receipt.

She replied, “Yeah, I went to buy groceries. There wasn’t much left to eat in the fridge.”

“Mom… why did you transfer 10,000 yuan to Xiuping? Why did she suddenly ask you for so much money?” Huo Mian asked, looking puzzled.

Yang Meirong was startled by her daughter’s question. “How… did you know?”


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