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(snooker celebrity night (1)

zhu lingling looked at huo mian with a serious face, “i told him that i didn’t want to get married yet. it’s not the right time. once mian gets pregnant, we’ll get married. wouldn’t that be double the happiness?”

as zhu lingling finished, they fell into silence…

jiang xiaowei also stopped smiling, turning her gaze towards huo mian…

huo mian remained silent…

after a while, she said, “are you stupid? why are you waiting for me to get pregnant? if i never get pregnant, are you never going to get married?”

“pft… that won’t happen! i give it a year. within one year, you will have a baby, and i will get married.”

zhu lingling was confident as could be…

“gao ran agreed?” jiang xiaowei asked cautiously.


“what a good man…” jiang xiaowei uttered.

huo mian, on the other hand, flicked zhu lingling’s forehead with her fingers. “no one is as stupid as you, but it’s not a bad thing. fortune favors fools, you’ll definitely have a lot of luck.”

“of course! i’m the fattest out of the three of us, but the fortune teller told me that fat people are luckier. so, i won’t be worse off compared to you two. haha,” zhu lingling laughed loudly.

huo mian was utterly moved…

she didn’t expect her baby troubles to affect her best friend as well.

zhu lingling was even betting her marriage on the day she gets pregnant. huo mian was truly moved.

friendships, when taken seriously, came second to none.

although love was supposed to last a lifetime, certain friendships could last just as long.

the best of friends may even begin in childhood and continue all the way to old age…

inspired, huo mian posted a status on her wechat friend circle.

“whether it’s friendship or romance, i hope they can last throughout the seasons, from the younger years to wrinkles and white hair.”

huo mian also uploaded the same thing to her weibo account…

refreshing his feed, su yu immediately saw huo mian’s new status.

after a long while…

he finally murmured, “i was never a part of your younger years, but i would like to accompany you for the rest of your life.”

“what do we have here? young master su, are you really not giving up?” tang chuan teased at the sound of su yu’s murmurs.

“no one will think you’re mute if you don’t talk.”

“hahaha… did i hit the nail? are you embarrassed?”

su yu decided it was best to just ignore tang chuan…

instead of working at his family’s company, tang chuan decided to run to imperial star this morning just to play cell phone games on the sofa in su yu’s office.

su yu was speechless…

most importantly, su yu even had to accompany him for lunch. even so, the jerk still refused to shut up, as he roasted su yu relentlessly.

“ehhh… seriously, young master su… it’s time to give up. i can’t even stand to look at you right now… you look so pitiful… really,” tang chuan said as he continued playing his games.

“it’s my own business. i know what i’m doing.”

“no, you don’t! you went to southern china with your grandpa for more than 20 days and you’re still the same… nothing has changed. you still get super excited when she updates her statuses, serious? why are you doing this to yourself? you can have any woman you want, why waste all your energy on huo mian? aren’t you exhausted?”

looking at data on his laptop, su yu uttered slowly, “if you like a person and discover that they don’t like you, does it make sense to just forget about them and like someone else? is that really love? how old are we? it’s not like we’re still in kindergarten. it’s not that simple! throughout history, the biggest challenge has always been love. so many heroes have fallen to their knees at the feet of beauties. who am i offending by liking huo mian? it’s not like i’m destroying her marriage, am i really that evil? i really don’t understand why everyone’s telling me to give up.”


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