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( Huo Mian, I Love You (16)

Su Yu’s expression was a little complicated, but he kept his cool. “It’s good, she’s smart.”

“Haha, that’s such a bad answer. Is it that hard to comment on Huo Mian?” Tang Chuan laughed.

“I also feel like Young Master Su’s shyer than he used to be…” Wei Liao looked at Su Yu in amusement.

Jiang Xiaowei, on the other hand, just laughed… it was funny to see the three of them together again. Their tongues were all incredibly vicious and it was interesting to see them be sarcastic or make fun of each other with every other sentence.

After all, they were best friends who had known each other ever since they were bare-butted babies.

Therefore, under most circumstances, Su Yu would never take Tang Chuan and Wei Liao’s jokes to heart, nor would he get angry at them… He had gotten so used their mockery and ridicule over the years.

“Shy? You threw me a hardball, for god’s sake. How am I supposed to comment on Huo Mian? To me, she’s perfect… but who knows what you guys think,” Su Yu told them what he thought without holding back.

“Hey… you think she’s perfect? Young Master Su, seriously? What kind of medicine did Huo Mian feed you? You’re beyond saving… I thought you would forget about the past and start over after coming back from the south. But now it seems like you went for nothing…” Tang Chuan continued making fun of him.

Su Yu, on the other hand, said innocently, “When did I say that I was going to forget about the past after coming back from the South Sea? You sure have imagination… And I was basically there to walk around with my grandpa, I didn’t take a sip of the water of forgetfulness at the bridge… What’s going on in that brain of yours?”

“Haha, okay, I’ll stop making fun of you… If you want to keep liking Huo Mian, you should. I think… life’s still a long road, Qin Chu shouldn’t be too arrogant. Maybe you’ll be the ultimate winner, right?”

Tang Chuan was so articulate that Jiang Xiaowei was at a loss for words…

“Forget it, stop daydreaming. Let’s drink…” Su Yu suggested; it wasn’t that he didn’t want to talk about Huo Mian, he just didn’t want others to bring her up to make conversation.

He decided to place Huo Mian deep in his heart. He couldn’t forget her, so he was going to stop trying; he liked her, so he was going to do just that… like a man.

Love was not a crime…

The crime was that he appeared in Huo Mian’s world too late – seven years later than Qin Chu, giving him no chance of even winning her over…

But it was okay, because Su Yu thought a lot of things through while he was down south.

To him, liking someone wasn’t about possessing her.

It was good enough that he could occasionally see her and hear about her from his friends.

He was happy for her when she received awards.

He would try his best to help her when she was in trouble.

He would worry with her upon hearing that she was in a bad mood.

No matter where he was and what he was doing, Huo Mian always pulled the strings on his heart.

Su Yu felt like ever since he met her, his life became more eventful and his future was filled with anticipation.

Su Yu came back after being away for more than twenty days, so he was in a great mood and drank a lot.

Tang Chuan had a high tolerance and rarely got drunk – his tolerance was a typical combination of talent and practice. Since Su Yu was back and it was a special occasion, Jiang Xiaowei let Wei Liao drink more than usual.

Therefore, the three of them enjoyed themselves and drank a bunch of beer; soon, a case was gone but Su Yu wanted more, so he asked the waiter to bring in another case.

Jiang Xiaowei, sitting beside them, sneaked a photo of her husband and his friends and uploaded it onto WeChat friend circle, along with the following caption, “Young Master Su is back, I’m enjoying this long-lost atmosphere… Those three are already drunk idiots, is there anyone who wants to adopt them?”


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