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( New Year’s Eve (4)

Qin Chu’s hands shook, causing his cue to deviate from its proper course…

The ball rolled and stopped just before the hole, failing to enter.

“Ah… Qin Chu missed!” gasped the audience.

They all had thought for sure that Qin Chu would defeat Huo Siqian without any problems at all.

“Holy sh*t, what just happened? Qin Chu failed at his sixth ball?” In the resting area, Tang Chuan was clearly disappointed by what he had just saw.

“Something probably happened,” Wei Liao analyzed.

Su Yu turned his head to look at the play-back on the big screen…

He then uttered slowly, “Huo Siqian said something to Qin Chu and made him lose focus.”

“Uh… something that could divert the attention of someone as indifferent as Qin Chu? It’s probably something really important.” Tang Chuan took a guess.

“Do you think he said something about Huo Mian?” Wei Liao added.

Su Yu didn’t say a word, but the answer was as clear as day in his mind.

Recently, he had learned to appreciate Qin Chu as a powerful opponent.

There was only one thing on the man’s mind. Qin Chu only cared about things that had to do with Huo Mian.

Nothing else even came close…

Although he didn’t know what Huo Siqian said to Qin Chu that made him lose focus, Su Yu was sure that it was something about Huo Mian.

Otherwise, it would be almost impossible to make someone as calm and collected as Qin Chu lose focus.

Just as Huo Mian was getting into the game, she heard a mass sigh from the audience, and she couldn’t help but look up at the big screen.

At the sight of Mrs. Qin’s mistake, Huo Mian exclaimed in surprise, “How is that possible?”

She was familiar with Mr. Qin’s skills…

Back when they were dating in high school, they would sometimes skip class to go out and play.

Sometimes, they would go to a billiard hall to play pool, drawing in a large crowd due to their incredible skills.

When they were young, they couldn’t help but show off their tricks.

Everyone would stare at them with big eyes and wide-open mouths.

Qin Chu would always clear the table whenever he was given the chance to break, no questions asked.

So how did he make a mistake?

With the sudden distraction, Huo Mian made a mistake as well.

The ball didn’t enter the hole…

Jiang Ye finally caught a break.

“Wow, you’ve made a mistake!” Jiang Ye laughed arrogantly.

Huo Mian turned around and glanced at his face. “Even if I make a mistake, you’re still going to lose.”

“You’re that confident?” Jiang Ye stared at Huo Mian, completely amused.

“Because you don’t have the skills to clear the table,” Huo Mian snickered in disdain.

Huo Mian’s attitude completely piqued Jiang Ye’s rage; she had insulted the man’s self-esteem.

He was older than Huo Mian by a dozen years and was one of the biggest celebrities in his generation.

Even someone like Mo Xue’er treated him with the utmost respect.

Now? He was being laughed at by a little girl.

Infuriated, Jiang Ye lifted up his cue and adjusted it in a few directions before giving it a push.

The result was disappointing, however, as the ball failed to reach its target.

Huo Mian expected this result. She was a neurologist and was used to dealing with patients with neurological issues.

Similar to Jiang Xiaowei, she was skilled at reading one’s emotions.

Her previous display of disdain was purposely trying to elicit a fit of rage from Jiang Ye, causing him to lose his cool and therefore throwing him off his game.

It was definitely a psychological tactic, but it was nothing like what Huo Siqian had done.

Huo Siqian’s actions were as despicable as could be.

He knew that Qin Chu cared the most about Huo Mian’s past and used it against him at a critical moment.

“There’s no dispute in Jiang Ye and Huo Mian’s match. Huo Mian’s kicking his ass,” Tang Chuan analyzed after a sip of water.

Wei Liao looked towards another direction and laughed. “Ni Yang’s also kicking Song Yishi’s ass.”

When it came to Su Yu’s turn to comment, he said in a serious tone, “Qin Chu will lose. Huo Siqian’s definitely winning the match.”

“Are you serious?” Both Wei Liao and Tang Chuan were in disbelief.


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