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(Why is Getting Married so Hard? (9)

“Forgiving you is God’s job, and as for my job… My job is to send you to him.”

By the time Huo Siqian finished his sentence, Wang Shasha’s face became as pale as a ghost…

Then, she saw Huo Siqian squeeze her face with a cruel smile.

“Why are you so nervous? I was just kidding.”

Wang Shasha finally rested her worries upon hearing this…

Huo Siqian was in a great mood as he climbed onto the car with Wang Shasha and they sped off.

Some paparazzi captured a photo of them, and the day’s headlines were ‘President of the Huo Corporation Seems to be Cheating… Where Does Ms. Song’s Love Lie’.

Some other paparazzi disclosed a picture of Song Yishi leaving her home with an exhausted expression.

It made others believe that there was a fallout between them.

– Imperial Star Entertainment HQ –

When Su Yu exited the conference room, he saw Tang Chuan sitting on the sofa in his office.

“Big Boy Yu, your meeting’s over?”

“Mhm, why are you here so early? Don’t tell me you like some girl from our company,” Su Yu joked.

“No, I’ve been really tired lately, I’m going to rest for a while and lay off women.”

“Off women?” Su Yu clearly didn’t believe him.

“Mhm, it’s only temporary.” Tang Chuan stressed.

“I still don’t believe it. If you can stay off women, I can stay off food.”

Tang Chuan was speechless…

“God damn, Yu, how horny do you think I am?”

“Very. To me, you’re someone who can’t go three days without doing it.”

“Haha, you know me the best, you’re like a parasite in my stomach,” Tang Chuan exclaimed.

“Like father like son,” Su Yu artistically said.

Three seconds later, Tang Chuan finally realized that he got played by Su Yu…

Angrily, he threw a ball of paper at Su Yu’s head. “I don’t have a dad this young.”

“I don’t have a son this disobedient,” Su Yu continued joking, leaving Tang Chuan speechless…

“Are you upset about Huo Mian’s wedding? God damn, your mouth is more poisonous than nightshade.”

“You know how poisonous nightshade is? You’ve had it?” Su Yu refuted.

Tang Chuan: “…”

Seeing Tang Chuan out of words, Su Yu smiled as he organized documents…

“Yu, are you invited to Huo Mian’s wedding?” Tang Chuan tentatively asked.


“What does ‘mmm’ mean? Is it a yes or no?” Tang Chuan bravely asked.


“So, are you really going?”

Su Yu’s hands faltered from signing documents as he raised his head and calmly asked, “Why shouldn’t I?”

“God damn, how big is your heart? The girl you like is getting married, and you’re going? Doesn’t your heart hurt? Should I bring a defibrillator, because I don’t think you’re going to make it.”

“No, I can handle it. Actually, I think I’ll be happy seeing the woman I love marrying someone she loves.”

Su Yu finished speaking, lowered his head, and continued signing documents…

“Yu, you’re so admirable.”

“No, I’m just liking her my own way. I told her that it’s my business liking her, and nobody has the right to stop me, including her… So, even if she got married and told everybody that she’s Qin Chu’s woman, it’s her business. In my heart, she’ll always be the woman I like. It’s that simple.”

“My god, Yu, I thinking I’m falling in love with you.”


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