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( Qin Chu Has a Good Wife (10)

– T City –

Qin Chu was the prime suspect, so he couldn’t leave T City.

– Inside Marriott Hotel –

Rick called Qin Chu to apologize, “Qin Chu, I’m sorry… I didn’t think Huo Siqian would lure us away from our base. I kept following him and forgot about T City because I thought he was going to plan something big in C City, I didn’t think he would be so quick to kill.”

“It’s not your fault. If we could predict his next steps, then he wouldn’t be Huo Siqian.” Qin Chu never underestimated Huo Siqian and always knew that he was an extremely meticulous and ruthless individual.

Therefore, he wasn’t surprised about Jiang Linyue’s death. However, he wondered if Jiang Linyue’s text was really directed to him, or if it was just a show that Huo Siqian’s people put on.

“I saw Huo Mian last night.” Rick suddenly changed the topic; upon mentioning Huo Mian, Qin Chu’s voice softened. “My wife was with clients on my behalf.”

“Mhm, she drank quite a lot…”

Qin Chu fell silent; Huo Mian didn’t mention this to him.

“You really do have a good wife…” Rick added, and Qin Chu replied arrogantly, “You don’t have to tell me that, the entire world knows about it.”

He really wanted to announce to the world that he had a good wife named Huo Mian…

“So, you have to keep a close eye on her, Su Yu and Huo Siqian are ready to pounce,” Rick added, sending Qin Chu into depression.

What Rick said was the truth…

Su Yu’s never said anything to Huo Mian, but it seemed like she was more than just a crush to him. He loved her very deeply.

Back then, after he woke up from his surgery, he had dinner and drinks with Gao Ran.

Gao Ran said, “Huo Mian loves you enough to die for you, but I feel like Su Yu was also ready to die for Huo Mian.”

He and Huo Mian had been in love for years and were the apple of each other’s eyes.

However, that didn’t mean Su Yu loved her any less than he did…

Same went for Huo Siqian. He appeared in Huo Mian’s life when they were children.

Although Huo Mian never treated him nicely, he still enjoyed himself.

After years of observation, Qin Chu came to the realization that Huo Siqian was a head-to-toe psycho who was capable of hurting anyone on this earth except for Huo Mian.

His love was extreme; perhaps Huo Mian didn’t understand that Huo Siqian’s feelings toward her were completely mutated.

If she did, she wouldn’t feel troubled like she did with Su Yu. Rather, she would be terrified.

Huo Siqian’s love was indeed terrifying…

Therefore, Qin Chu forced himself to become stronger, just so he could deal with everything and protect her as much as he could. He didn’t want her to get hurt, not even a little bit.

However, he either overestimated himself or underestimated Huo Siqian. The latter planned for so many years and therefore, each of his strikes was deadly.

Compared to him, Qin Chu wasn’t ruthless enough…

Huo Siqian could guiltlessly use human lives as his stepping stones to success, but he couldn’t. Qin Chu knew he wasn’t capable of doing anything immoral or against his conscience.

His principles had put him at a disadvantage…

“I know, I won’t let Mian get hurt, not even if I die.”

Qin Chu wasn’t a man who liked expressing himself and only made decisions in his head.

“Let’s keep in touch.”


After hanging up, Gao Ran called, “Bro, what’s going on? I can ask my dad to call the bureau director over in T City, or else you’re going to ruin your reputation… Those who don’t know you all think you’re the murderer, f*ck… it’s so infuriating.”

Gao Ran obviously lost his cool…

“It’s okay, aside from cooperating with the police, there is some other stuff I’m investigating.”

“I see, that’s why you sound so calm.”


“Are you really okay?”

“I am.”

“Let me know if you need me… After all, I wear a police uniform as well,” Gao Ran promised, and Qin Chu nodded. “I know.”

“Let’s get a drink when you’re back.”

“Mhm.” Qin Chu nodded again before hanging up…

– At a five-star-hotel under GK –

More than 30 reporters stood inside the hall, waiting for Huo Mian to attend the press conference in lieu of Qin Chu.

They all prepared curveball questions, in hopes that their probing would provide the general public with more eyeball-grabbing information.

“Hey, look there, Mrs. Qin is here!” a reporter shouted, and everyone’s gaze shot towards the entrance.


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