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(Crisis After Crisis (5)

Right before her lips touched Huo Siqian’s… he violently pushed her away.

His expression darkened. “Look at yourself! What are you wearing? Are you a lowly prostitute? She would never wear something like that…”

Wang Shasha was pushed to the ground; her knees and hands were in so much pain that she couldn’t even get up.

Huo Siqian just stood there, with no intention of helping her up. Frustrated, Wang Shasha felt furious, and she screamed at him, “Who is she? If you like her, chase after her! What’s the point of using me as a substitute, are you enjoying yourself? I’m just a counterfeit, I’ll never be like her! You’re a man with status, why do you keep lying to yourself?”

Upon hearing this, Huo Siqian’s face fell completely; he slowly walked up to Wang Shasha… scaring her so much that she tried to climb away.

Truth be told, she was horrified of this man…

Huo Siqian grabbed her by the collar and stared into her eyes. “You don’t have to know too much… All you have to know is that right now, you’re in heaven, and I gave you everything. But I can also take everything back and send you to hell anytime I want…”

“I… didn’t say any of that on purpose, I just… really wanted to be with you…”

Huo Siqian’s actions shocked her; she realized that she was indeed a little impulsive just now and therefore felt guilty.

“Go change… don’t wear clothes like that anymore.”

Huo Siqian liked Huo Mian not because of her beauty or body. He liked her because of her natural temperament and her domineering personality.

Sure, Wang Shasha looked like her, but her personality was completely different from Huo Mian’s…

Huo Siqian, however, didn’t mind lying to himself for the time being. At least until Huo Mian was his.

Terrified, Wang Shasha immediately changed out of her lingerie and into cute pajamas that had Mickey Mouse patterns on them…

The pajamas were cute and pink, but they weren’t sexy at all.

However, upon seeing what she wore, Huo Siqian was surprisingly in a great mood. “Come here,” he ordered.

Wang Shasha slowly walked up to Huo Siqian, who held her up and placed her on his legs. Their faces almost touched…

“She likes Disney, you should dress like this in the future.”

Not a lot of people knew that Huo Mian was a fan of Disney, but those who paid attention would notice that Huo Mian often wore clothes with Mickey or Minnie Mouse on them when she attended casual events.

No matter how mature and prudent Huo Mian seemed, she was still a girl who had princess fantasies. Therefore, her pajamas and small items at home were all Disney-related.

She had a keychain of Elsa from Frozen and a throw pillow of Nick and Judy from Zootopia.

Huo Siqian was someone who paid attention to details; moreover, he had been collecting Huo Mian’s hobbies for years – that was why there were so many cute cartoon pajamas in his condo.

After they showered, they lied down like they always did.

Huo Siqian hugged Wang Shasha from behind, but she knew that he was just looking at another woman through her…

The truth was, she was terrified. She didn’t know how much longer she had to live like this.

Huo Siqian had crazy mood swings… Many times, he almost choked her to death because of something she said. She often wondered if he was mentally ill…

Around midnight, Wang Shasha woke up in a daze from thirst.

She almost shrieked upon opening her eyes, because Huo Siqian was staring intently at her face…

She had never seen him look at her like that… she couldn’t tell what he was thinking, but she knew that she was scared… His stare sent goosebumps all over her body. “W-why aren’t you asleep yet?” Wang Shasha asked, her face pale from fright.


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