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(New Year’s Eve (8)

“President Li… that’s the wife of President Qin of GK…” The assistant was good at his job and therefore did some research beforehand.

Apparently, Mr. Li did research on various famous individuals when he decided to invest in C City.

Of all the companies, he was most interested in GK because of the company’s young leader.

Of course, Su Yu of Imperial Star was an outstanding man as well, but his company was only affiliated with the entertainment industry and was, therefore, a little singular for his taste.

All in all, Mr. Li was more interested in cooperating with Qin Chu. That was why they met up before the competition.

Their conversation ended very happily…

Mr. Li was more than sixty years old; he was one of the richest Asians in this world, so he had seen a lot of people in his life.

Qin Chu’s high IQ, EQ, and professionalism impressed Mr. Li.

Although he just lost the competition, Mr. Li wasn’t disappointed in him at all.

Upon hearing that it was President Qin’s wife who entered the final round, Mr. Li smiled. “This young couple sure is special.”

After walking onto the stage, Huo Mian no longer had the smile that she looked at Qin Chu with.

While Huo Siqian played, she diligently observed his tactics and skills.

He wasn’t that good to begin with, so after getting two balls in, he missed, since the third one was in a difficult position…

Huo Mian’s opportunity came…

“Tsk tsk… this girl will clear the table as soon as she gets a chance… I thought I was the most pathetic, but now it seems like Huo Siqian is even more so.” Jiang Ye smiled, reveling in Huo Siqian’s misfortunes.

Mo Xue’er, on the other hand, watched them with a calm expression on her face. She sneered, “He’s not pathetic at all, everything’s going according to his plans. He enjoys playing with and manipulating people… that’s why he doesn’t care if he wins or loses.”

She loved Huo Siqian; she also knew him very well…

He didn’t care about the results. All he cared about was his game of Tom and Jerry and the enjoyment and fulfillment he felt from it.

The way he smiled at Huo Mian just now made Mo Xue’er more depressed than ever.

Even when they were sleeping together, he never smiled so gently at her.

To him, she was no more than a tool… After using her, he wouldn’t even take an extra look at her.

Therefore, she was more pathetic than Huo Siqian.

“You want your f*ck buddy to win, don’t you?” Jiang Ye asked Mo Xue’er with a smile on his face.

“My f*ck buddy is better than your goddess, who won’t even let you touch her…” Mo Xue’er’s mockery sent Jiang Ye immediately speechless.

Mo Xue’er often called Huo Mian a ‘goddess’ because Jiang Ye wanted her so badly, but couldn’t get her.

Forget touching her; Huo Mian never even gave him any chances to talk to her.

For a person like Jiang Ye, Huo Mian was so far away and should be worshipped at an altar.

Even someone like Su Yu had to step aside obediently, let alone a tiny character like Jiang Ye.

He thought he was popular, but he was a nobody in Huo Mian’s world.

She could make him miserable in a matter of minutes…

The audience watched quietly as Huo Mian played calmly; she was neither conceited nor rash in her movements.

Soon, she sank four balls…

“The last round is so boring, there’s no anticipation at all… Huo Mian is making Huo Siqian’s life a living hell,” Tang Chuan said.

“Who knows… the fun will begin soon, I’m afraid Huo Siqian still has tricks up his sleeve. If he can make Qin Chu lose his cool with a couple of sentences, the same thing might happen to Huo Mian.”

Wei Liao was a smart man, so he quickly analyzed Huo Siqian’s tactics…

“We’ll have to see if he has the heart to do the same thing to Huo Mian,” he continued.

Su Yu, nervous by what he saw, picked up a bottle of water and took a giant sip. Then, he looked up and glanced over at Huo Mian, who was wearing a clean, crisp black suit.

When Huo Mian aimed at the fifth ball, Huo Siqian suddenly bent down and said something…

When this happened, Qin Chu’s expression changed; he was scared that Huo Siqian would deal with Huo Mian the same way he dealt with him.

But it still happened…

“I want to know what Huo Siqian said, Huo Mian’s face turned green…” A gossipy Tang Chuan stood up in excitement.


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