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( Not Allowed To Be Sad (1)

Xi Xiaye was not sure how she even got to City B. Li Si just told her the hospital they were at when she called, and she quickly hopped into a taxi after hanging up.

The drizzle in City B turned into a heavy downpour. The large droplets were assaulting the car windows loudly, and the sound of the strong wind was audible even inside the car.

“Miss, where are you going?”

It was 2 a.m. but it was still pretty busy outside the airport. The driver looked at the wan Xi Xiaye from the rear-view mirror. Because she was shivering slightly, drenched from the rain, he kindly raised the temperature of the air-conditioning.

“Townsperson Hospital, please hurry!”

Xi Xiaye wiped the rain off her cheeks. She seemed battered with her drenched hair stuck to her face as she clenched her fists to the point that her nails turned white.

The driver could guess something had happened just by looking at her. “Miss, don’t worry and keep calm. It will be alright.”

“Thank you… Thank you…”

Xi Xiaye did not feel like talking and just wanted to head over as soon as possible. The sound of the droplets hitting against the car window scared her. Her entire body was shaking. The dim street lamps were barely visible under the rain, similar to how she was helpless at the moment.

She clenched her fists tighter and forced herself to not let the tears fall. Covering her cold face, she did not look up for a long time…

The heavy downpour continued when she arrived at the hospital. It was quiet inside during the wee hours while she walked past the empty corridors which felt neverending.

After what felt like an eternity to her, she arrived before the operation room. The light was still lit up and there was no one outside.

When she had just reached, the door opened from the inside and nurses came out swiftly. Right away, Xi Xiaye went up to one of them.

“How’s my husband?”

The nurse looked at her oddly. “Are you the patient’s family?”

Xi Xiaye nodded.

“So young!”

The nurse glanced over at Xi Xiaye and said, “The patient is in a critical state now. Be mentally prepared. We’ll also need B type blood!”

The nurse then rushed along the corridor.

Xi Xiaye felt a sharp pain sear in her heart as she finally broke down. Her body went limp and all her strength was sucked away while she leaned against the icy cold wall behind her and squatted down slowly. Her head hung downwards.

Her eyes could not hold in the tears anymore. Soon, the floor was wet with her tears, and her thin shoulders were trembling violently.

What about their happiness?


She was doused in fear like a huge wave was crashing over her, flooding her instantly.

She cried helplessly as her throat dried up and her eyes were blurry like the rainy season in autumn. Her long wet hair stuck to her back.

It was cold enough during May. Now, with the huge downpour, she was already numb to the cold, and her warm tears never stopped falling.

They had not taken their wedding photos. They had not had their wedding or their honeymoon, and she still had not given birth to their child…

She had not told him that she missed him. She had not told him that it was a struggle without him around.

What should she do if he left?

As she thought about life ahead without him, the pain in her chest started to suffocate her. How could the happiness she had been longing for vanish so quickly?

After an eternity—

“Alright, stop crying. The hospital is going to flood…”

As she was crying on the floor with her head on her knees, a gentle voice with a slight tone of helplessness reached her.

In shock, she instantly forgot about crying and quickly looked up. That man’s handsome face appeared right before her eyes.

He was wearing the clothes she had picked out for him. He slung a simple coat over his shoulder and wore a black shirt inside. There was a layer of bandages on his left shoulder as he looked at her with his gentle, dark eyes.

She thought she was mistaken and quickly wiped her tears away. After blinking several times and making sure the man was right in front of her, she stood up and jumped into his arms.

He embraced her softly, dragging his coat around and putting it over her shoulders. Meanwhile, she was weeping her heart out.

Her tears soon soaked his shirt, and the warmth was getting to his heart. While feeling distressed, he felt heartbroken to see her feeling so sad.

“Alright, stop crying now. Let me see…”

Master Mu felt helpless for the first time as he had never consoled anyone before. He lowered his head and noticed her eyes had reddened, so he quickly wiped the tears from her face.

She sniffed and looked at him while she sobbed, still unable to stop her tears from falling.

“I thought something happened to you. The nurse told me… to be mentally prepared…”

“Of course it wouldn’t be that bad. I, Mr. Mu, am a good person, and God takes care of good people, so stop crying. I’m not allowing you to be sad anymore. You’re so silly that you just rushed over without even hearing the full story on the phone call.”

While he was scolding her, he used a very gentle tone.

Xi Xiaye just let him wipe the tears on her face. “I was just too scared and worried… I drove past many red lights along the way, and some traffic police was following me too… but you’re okay, right?”

She widened her swollen eyes and glanced over at him, seeing some bandages on his left shoulder and no other visible injuries.

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