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(Danger (3)

Xi Xiaye bumped into Xiao Mei as she walked out of the room.

“Director Xi, how’s Vice President Qi?” Xiao Mei asked out of concern.

“He’s okay now. Find a way to contact his family or assistant, but look after him for now. I’m giving you a day off tomorrow. Is that alright?” Xi Xiaye said.

Xiao Mei nodded. “Director, you can head back first if you’re busy. Xiao Qin should know how to contact his assistant. Plus, you seem pretty tired after a long day.”

“Mmm, please take care of things here.”

Xi Xiaye’s phone started ringing. It was a call from Mu Lingshi!

Back inside the room, Qi Lei opened his eyes the moment Xi Xiaye left the room. He looked sideways and saw the hot water that she had poured for him as a subtle warmth appeared on his pale face.

He slowly sat up and switched on the main lamp and the room brightened up. Grabbing the glass of water as well as the document she had left beside his pillow, he was soon slowly flipping through it.

Her writing was very fluid just like her. How elegant…

The sky was dark and colorful lights were lit up on the streets. Xi Xiaye was on her way to the Imperial Sky Entertainment Club.

Su Nan and Mu Lingshi were together and they had asked her to meet them.

In the faraway City B, Mu Yuchen walked past a street lamp as he was waiting for Ah Mo to drive the car over. As he halted in his steps, he took his phone out and dialed Mrs. Mu’s number.

Xi Xiaye was driving when he called, so she slipped her earphones on before answering the call.

“Missus…” His voice reached her, laced with his intense longing for her.

“Mmm, I’m meeting Ah Shi and Nan Nan in a bit. Have you had dinner? How’s your day?” As usual, Mrs. Mu started by requesting for a daily report.

“Went to Movie City with CEO Li and the others, then went to the Entertainment Business City in the afternoon. I bought some gifts for you and Mother, and I’ll be back in two days.” He coughed a little, his voice sounding hoarse.

“Did you catch a cold? It was so cold a few days ago and you still went swimming.” She frowned when she heard him coughing.

“It’s alright. It’s just a small matter. Mrs. Mu…”


“Do you miss someone?”


Xi Xiaye grinned and she asked back, “Who might this someone be?”

He smiled quietly at her cheekiness. He raised his head and noticed it was drizzling.

He did not call her to tell her anything specific. He just wanted to listen to her voice. Since he had been busy the past few days, they had very little time to talk to each other.

Without him noticing, there was a concern in his heart some time ago. Back then, he would not have worried much no matter where he went, but the other day, he stopped when he stepped outside of Maple Residence, reluctant to take another step forward.

“Missus, it’s raining in City B right now, but it’s just a drizzle. The first of May is coming soon. The weather should improve. We’ll wait for a nice evening and…”

Mu Yuchen looked at the reflection from the building on the opposite as a smile appeared on his face. However, before he could finish his sentence, a blinding light came right towards him!

Ah Mo’s shriek broke the peaceful vibe. “Master! Careful!”

“Master! Move away!”


Xi Xiaye heard a loud crash before the call ended abruptly.

What happened?

Did I just hear Ah Mo’s shriek?!

And Li Si!

An accident?!

This word instantly came up in her mind. She felt a sharp pain in her chest and she braked the car suddenly!


The loud screech broke the silence in the area. Her face turned pale as horrifying thoughts raced through her mind.

“Mu Yuchen…” She mumbled before calling back again. The line was busy.

Suffocating darkness overcame her while the pain in her chest was getting worse. Her eyes looked empty as she quickly turned the car around, ignoring all the angry honks and she headed straight towards the airport.

Did something happen to him?

She drove at top speed. The burning in her chest was not fading at all and she was shaking uncontrollably out of fear.

Please be alright!

Fear, nervousness, anxiety, heartbreak… All these emotions struggled and surged upon her all at once, almost suffocating her.

Mu Yuchen, please be alright! What do I do if something were to happen to you?

She tried to keep calm and strong, yet the anxiety from her throbbing heart made her eyes tear up.

She was so afraid that she almost could not breathe. Even after several deep breaths, she barely regained control of her trembling hands.

On the way to the airport, her memories of him in the past two months started replaying in her mind on a loop. After all the time they had spent together, she had to admit that she had gotten used to his care and concern. He was really precious to her.

What if… if…?

What should I do?

Our life has just begun…

The car sped all the way to the airport. The moment she parked, she swiftly left the car, her ear glued to the phone as she kept attempting to call while rushing in.



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