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( Danger (2)

Xi Xiaye did not expect to meet someone other than Manager Chen. It turned out to be Qi Lei instead.

Xi Xiaye was prepared to face some trouble when she entered his office. Unexpectedly, Qi Lei signed the document very quickly and handed her a proposal that he had just finished.

“If you’re suggesting any changes, please add your remarks in here. It’s getting pretty late now. You can add the remarks right now, then I’ll get my people to work on it tonight. I’ll make sure to send it over by tomorrow afternoon. We should be able to make the given deadline.”

Qi Lei coughed several times and seemed a little pale. His voice was also hoarse. It was obvious that he was having a pretty bad flu. Above all, his usual wickedness was nowhere to be seen as well.

Xi Xiaye hesitated briefly before she took it from him. She extended her hand towards Xiao Mei beside her who quickly handed a pen over.

She sat on the sofa and flipped through the document. She ticked the sections that needed correcting, taking the task very seriously.

The office was quiet and there was the faint scent of cologne in the air. From time to time, there was rustling of the curtains interspersed with Qi Lei’s coughing.

Xi Xiaye did not pay much attention to the distractions and just focused on the document while Xiao Mei helped her handle some data.

After some time, Xi Xiaye could feel her shoulder going numb when she finally went through the thick stack of documents. She massaged her shoulder and looked over at Xiao Mei who quickly reorganized the documents and starting picking the briefcase up.

“I’m done, Director. Oh, it’s already 6 p.m! That’s late!” Xiao Mei was shocked when she glanced at her watch.

Xi Xiaye pinched the space between her eyebrows. “My back is starting to hurt after sitting down for two hours. Pack up and we can go back now.” She stood up as she flipped through the documents again while walking towards Qi Lei’s table.

As she went near him, she noticed that his face was pale as he breathed heavily. He was grimacing deeply and seemed really uncomfortable.

Xi Xiaye frowned. After a brief moment of silence, she called out to him, “Vice President Qi, I’m done.”

He did not respond as his whole body tensed up and his lips were trembling slightly as if he was in the middle of a nightmare.

“I’ll leave it on the table. I hope you can deliver it back to Glory World by tomorrow afternoon. I’m going to submit it the morning after tomorrow.” As she was about to leave after placing the document on the table, a long arm reached out to her before she could even take a step further.

He grabbed onto her hand as his hoarse voice reached her. “Sha Sha! Sha Sha… Don’t go! Why… Why it isn’t me?”

His burning hand shocked Xi Xiaye, and she did not miss the name coming out of Qi Lei’s mouth.

Sha Sha?

Did he mean Gu Lingsha?

Qi Lei hugged her before she could react. His tall body was like a huge mountain and he almost pushed Xi Xiaye down as she quickly grabbed the table beside her. “Xiao Mei, come quickly!”

Xiao Mei swiftly rushed over and helped to hold Qi Lei up.

“Director, he seems to be having a fever! His skin is extremely hot! Gosh! No wonder he looked abnormal just now. His expression seemed so odd! We have to send him to the hospital now!” Xiao Mei exclaimed in horror.

Xi Xiaye frowned even deeper. After a moment of hesitation, she said, “Help him sit down. I’ll get someone from outside.”

She was trying to pull Qi Lei’s grip away from her wrist. He was holding her so tightly that Xi Xiaye thought her wrist was going to break.

“Let go…”

“Sha Sha… Sha Sha… Don’t go…”

“Director, you help him sit down. I’ll go get someone.”

Working hours were long over. The whole office was empty and no one was able to help out. Xiao Mei rushed downstairs and finally led a security guard up to help.

They needed to submit this proposal very soon. What should they do now? She did not want to come back here again.

Xi Xiaye was rather frustrated.

“Director Xi, the hospital is just nearby. Why don’t you send Vice President Qi over? Calling the ambulance now seems inefficient. We’re on the way anyway!” Xiao Mei felt sorry for the security guard piggybacking Qi Lei.

Xi Xiaye put a hand on her forehead. She still needed him to finish the proposal when he woke up. Otherwise, they would not have enough time!

The group hurried to the hospital.

The sky turned dark. There were not a lot of people in the hospital, so a doctor came shortly to attend to Qi Lei. He was put on drips.

The security guard and Xiao Mei went to work on the paperwork for his hospital admittance.

“Be careful the next time. You only sent him here after he got this serious. Are you really doing your job as a wife? His lungs are slightly infected. Don’t take these little bouts of flu and fevers lightly. Why can’t you youngsters take care of your own health? Look after him and give him the medicine after he wakes up. He should be on a light diet in the next few days.” The old female doctor stared at Xi Xiaye chidingly before she left.

Xi Xiaye glared back at him as she retaliated quietly, “He’s your husband! You’re his wife!”

She turned her head to Qi Lei on the bed after the doctor left. His face was slightly red from the fever, but he was not frowning anymore. Still, he seemed really frail right now.

Gu Lingsha?

Like what Mu Yuchen said, Qi Lei really loved Gu Lingsha.

She felt like there was a lot of mystery around this Gu Lingsha and she could not figure it out. It did not help that Mu Yuchen did not really explain the past much to her.

Her expression suddenly turned complicated. Taking a deep breath before looking away, she went over and adjusted his blanket after some thought. She took out the document and placed it beside his pillow.

“I hope you can give it to me by tomorrow. Love is a really complicated matter. Don’t be too caught up in it. I hope you’ll get better soon.”

She sighed as she switched the bright lights by the bed off and just left a tiny nightlamp on. Before she left, she poured him a glass of hot water.

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