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(Danger (1)

Without realizing how long she had cried for, she could feel her eyes dry up as there were no more tears anymore. She raised her head with a sob, and her phone suddenly started vibrating.

She quickly grabbed it, thinking it was Han Yifeng. Instead, it was an unknown number.

Xi Xinyi wiped her tears away and picked up the call after a moment of hesitation.

“Hello?” Her hoarse voice was still trembling slightly.

“It’s me.” A cold and quiet voice came through the phone.

Xi Xinyi was startled when she heard that voice. Instantly, she sat up straight like a ramrod as a faint light flashed past her eyes. “It’s you! Why are you only contacting me now? My career is totally ruined by that witch Xi Xiaye, and Yifeng wants to divorce me now! What should I do? Everything is a mess!” She cried anxiously while holding her phone tightly as if she was desperately holding onto her very last sliver of a chance. “You have to find a way to make Yifeng not be angry at me. I don’t want to get a divorce!”

“What are you freaking out about?! I’ve heard about everything. I was busy some time ago and wasn’t able to take care of it. You can’t win against Mu Yuchen. He prepared those things. I got people to look into it. If I’m not mistaken, his target should be Yueying. You have to be careful.”

“How? You know how powerful Glory World is, and Xi Xiaye is holding onto a lot of Yueying’s shares right now. She has already declared war on me and Glory World is backing her up. I can’t do anything right now, and Yifeng’s going to divorce me! What should I do? What should I do? Tell me!” Xi Xinyi looked exhausted and uneasy. Her eyes were swollen as she talked into the phone anxiously. She covered her face as she sobbed.

“You can delay the Han family for now. Han Yifeng can’t do anything as long as you say no. What you need to do now is to get in control of Yueying as soon as possible. Don’t be reckless and follow my instructions. I’ll make sure Yueying will be yours completely. As for Xi Xiaye, you can do whatever you want with her by then.”

The firmness in that person’s voice had a mocking tone. “You have to find a way to get back up from the Yue family. They are the key here. From now on, you have to put yourself out there and take over Yueying before doing anything else.”

Xi Xinyi nodded, understanding what the man meant. “Okay, don’t worry. I will. You… When are you…?”

Before Xi Xinyi could finish her sentence, the call ended.

“CEO Han, Ms. Xinyi refused to sign the document and insisted on seeing you,” Secretary Wang went to Han Yifeng and reported carefully, “She tore the document into pieces. CEO Han, actually, the two of you have only been married for several days. If news gets out that the both of you are divorced now, it might cause another slump in our stocks again.”

“There are some things that can’t be avoided forever. We might as well be prepared to accept it.” Han Yifeng gazed at the warm sun in the sky with his lonesome eyes. “Let it be. Send her another one in a few days, but I’ve decided on this. If my parents ask, you just tell them that it’s my decision. Tell them not to interfere with my matters.” Han Yifeng left with those words before going into his car.

Secretary Wang could not find the right words to say. After a moment of hesitation, he sighed and got into the car as well.

The Xi family had not been peaceful recently. Yue Lingsi had another fight with Xi Mushan yesterday, and it was about Shen Wenna and Xi Xiaye.

Oddly enough, Deng Wenwen helped to cease their fight this time. Usually, Deng Wenwen would be on Yue Lingsi’s side whenever a fight broke out between them, so Yue Lingsi felt terrible.

“That’s enough, Lingsi. There’s nothing you can do by just complaining. We probably can’t convince the Han family right now. The videos already made them very unhappy the last time. With what has just happened, especially when the Mu family is involved, do you think it’s a small matter?”

“So, are we just going to let Xi Xiaye do whatever she wants? Xinyi is still in the hospital now!” Yue Lingsi said anxiously, “And Yifeng… I’m really worried. I don’t know what to do now!”

Deng Wenwen winced as she sat down on the sofa. “What good can worrying do?”

“Mother, you don’t know what’s happening. Mushan told me about a divorce yesterday. I know that he has never forgotten about Shen Wenna all these years. Some time ago, he sent that witch a hair ornament. What have I been doing for the past two decades?” The aggrieved Yue Lingsi sat down opposite Deng Wenwen, frustrated.

Deng Wenwen frowned and looked at her. “So, you’re blaming me now? Didn’t I promise to give you Yueying? You’ve put in so much to chase Shen Wenna away. If it weren’t for me, do you think you could become the Mayoress today? Do you think you can be above Shen Wenna now?”

Yue Lingsi’s expression changed after hearing Deng Wenwen’s reply. “I don’t mean it that way, Mother. I just feel that… Please don’t misunderstand!”

“Lingsi, you should know how I’ve been treating you and your daughter all these years. I really think of you as my own daughter. Moreover, I’m like a biological sister to your mother. Who else would I care for if not the both of you?” Deng Wenwen’s expression softened while her old voice was filled with sentiment.

“Mother, actually why don’t you have a child with Father? Maybe now…”

This question bothered Yue Lingsi for a very long time and she had never dared to ask Deng Wenwen. Carefully, she slipped the question in as she caught a glimpse of Deng Wenwen’s softened expression.

Deng Wenwen’s expression froze up the instant she popped the question. After a while, she replied quietly, “Before I married your father, I made a promise to his mother that I’d never have a child with him. She said she’ll give Yueying to me as compensation. My mother-in-law loves Mushan very much. She did so because she’s worried I might mistreat Mushan. Moreover, after being with your father for so many years, I’ve never touched his heart… but I got used to it. I still have Yueying after all.”

Yue Lingsi finally understood the importance of Yueying to Deng Wenwen. She could not have her own child and got Yueying in return, hence in a sense, Yueying was the equivalent of her child.

It seemed to be a very cruel punishment to a woman!

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