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( Ran Out Of Fate (2)

Xi Xinyi was sitting on her bed, exhausted when Secretary Wang walked inside the room. She was on the phone with someone as she twirled the cord anxiously. At the moment, she was alone in the room.

She was calling Han Yifeng, but his phone was switched off and she could not get through at all.

“Miss Xinyi!” Secretary Wang knocked on the door before heading towards the bed.

“Secretary Wang! Why are you here? Where’s Yifeng? Is he here too?” Xi Xinyi turned around when she heard Secretary Wang’s voice. Her dull eyes brightened up when she saw him. As she wanted to lift her blanket up and get out of bed, a piercing pain shot through her hand and she cried out in agony!

It was the aftermath of the clash with Xi Xiaye the other day. Her shoulder had been dislocated and her muscles were injured. It had been pretty tough for her these past few days.

“Be careful, Miss Xinyi!” Secretary Wang went over and held her quickly.

“Where’s Yifeng? Is he here too? Secretary Wang, you must know where he is, don’t you? He’s switched his phone off and I can’t find him anywhere. I want to explain to him! I can’t lose him, Secretary Wang. Please tell me, please…” Xi Xinyi ignored the pain and dragged Secretary Wang’s clothes as she begged anxiously.

“Miss Xinyi, don’t get so worked up and please lie down first. CEO Han asked me to come. He went abroad, so he sent me over. He has something for you.”

Secretary Wang felt a little cruel when he saw the current state of Xi Xinyi, but he was not sure if this was her true personality. After all, he did witness what had happened at West Park the other day.

“What is this? I don’t want it! I want to see Yifeng!” Xi Xinyi was startled as she heard Secretary Wang. Sensing that something was not right, she struggled and pushed Secretary Wang aside.

“Miss Xinyi, you can save your effort. CEO Han will not see you. He doesn’t want to see anyone right now. He asked me to hand you this and he hopes that you can consider it. CEO Han… He feels terrible. He doesn’t suffer any lesser than you, so I hope that you can sign this and let go of CEO Han as well as give yourself another chance.”

Secretary Wang sighed and handed the document to her.

Xi Xinyi was stunned when she heard this revelation. She stared at him for a while before lowering her head and staring at the document he handed her. Her whole body trembled when she finally saw what was printed on the document. She lay back down on the bed, ignoring the document. Her expression went numb!

“No… This is impossible! Impossible! Yifeng wouldn’t do this. He wouldn’t, he wouldn’t!” Xi Xinyi looked at Secretary Wang in disbelief, her hoarse voice quivering.

“CEO Han has already signed it. He said he’s okay if you want to keep the child. You can also decide whether the child should be raised by you or him in the future. So as not to make things complicated, CEO Han said you can still act as Mrs. Han until the child is born. He’ll make sure to compensate you handsomely and will also continue to help out in Yueying until you can handle things alone.” Secretary Wang delivered Han Yifeng’s message dutifully.

“CEO Han has made compromises, Ms. Xinyi. He pities you, but the fate between the both of you has run out, so you might as well let go right now.”

Xi Xinyi covered her nose and mouth as she sobbed, “No, I’m not going to sign this! I want to talk to Yifeng. I won’t sign this. He can’t do this to me! He can’t! Please tell me, where’s Yifeng? Where is he? Where?”

“CEO Han went abroad, Miss Xinyi!” Secretary Wang insisted once again.

“Don’t lie to me! Do you think I don’t know he’s avoiding me on purpose? He’s doing it on purpose! Why doesn’t he believe me? Didn’t he say that he loved me and would always believe me? It’s Xi Xiaye! That witch Xi Xiaye framed me! Why doesn’t anyone believe me? She put on an act. She’s totally fine and she injured my hand. Why won’t anyone believe me!”

Xi Xinyi broke down into weeping, her hoarse voice sounding dry. She must have truly suffered these past few days.

“I don’t want a divorce! Go and tell Yifeng that we can’t be tricked by that witch Xi Xiaye! She did it so there would be a conflict between us. She’s a wicked woman. You guys have to believe me!”

Secretary Wang sighed when Xi Xinyi started crying even louder. “Miss Xinyi, I suggest you sign this. Wouldn’t it be great to give each other some space? CEO Han has been worried about you this whole time. If you really love him, why can’t you let him go and be free?”

“Let him be free? What about me? What should I do?” Tears fell down her cheeks as she stared at Secretary Wang. “What will happen to me and the child? Why can’t he be more considerate about us? I won’t sign this. Tell Han Yifeng to talk to me personally!”

Xi Xinyi grabbed the document from Secretary Wang. In the blink of an eye, she tore the document up into tiny pieces!

“Miss Xinyi!” Stunned, Secretary Wang’s eyes widened as the document turned into little shreds right before him.

“Go back and tell him that I won’t sign it no matter what. How dare he ask me of such a thing for the sake of Xi Xiaye? Can he really admit that he has nothing to do with Xi Xiaye at all? He’s betrayed me and the child! I’ve been silently protecting our relationship, and in the end, Xi Xiaye has ruined it. Back then, he was the one who said that he wanted to be together, and now it’s also him who’s asking for a divorce. Ha, who does he think I am? Has he ever really loved me at all?”

Every sentence from Xi Xinyi was filled with mourning and injustice. Toward the end, her anger was gradually revealed.

“Get out! Get out! Tell him what I’ve just said to you. Go!” She pointed towards the door and chased Secretary Wang out.

Secretary Wang’s expression froze. He sighed when he saw Xi Xinyi break down, and he looked sadly at the torn up pieces of paper on the ground before he left.

After she heard the door close, Xi Xinyi covered herself in the blanket and cried her heart out.

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