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(Ran Out Of Fate (1)

As Mu Yuchen listened, he looked at her in amusement. “You’re already mine. Why should I be proposing for? We’re married anyway.”

Scowling, she could not help but pull at his tie. “Why aren’t you romantic at all!?”

“I’ve already given you flowers. Isn’t that romantic enough?”

Recently, he had been sending her a huge bouquet of flowers almost every day. It would usually be blue enchantress hydrangeas or champagne roses. When he thought about how her face brimmed with a huge smile when she received them, even he was infected.

He was just like a little girl!

Did all women like it when men gave them flowers?

Mr. Mu did not know either, but as long she was happy and liked it, he would continue sending them.

When he challenged her to answer, Xi Xiaye was rendered speechless. She had nothing to refute!

Alright, in terms of being romantic, she admitted that she had exceedingly high hopes of him.

When they reached the hotel, it was just in time for the banquet for all those who participated in the South River project.

Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye did not continue avoiding any taboos. They publicly appeared before everyone holding hands, deliberately not keeping their relationship a secret anymore.

This news was like a nuclear bomb that exploded, especially when it was time for a toast and everyone saw the same wedding ring design glinting on their fingers…

The couple ignored all sorts of guesses and peculiar gazes from everyone. They went around the place before they went home.

They both did not like bustling scenes. Mr. Mu thought that instead of socializing, he might as well go home and accompany his wife to read some books or watch some movies.

In the next few days, Mu Yuchen stayed at home and did not go to the office. Instead, it was Xi Xiaye who continued to leave early and return late every day.

One early morning a few days later, Mu Yuchen went to City B while Xi Xiaye went to the office as usual.

The South River project proposal had been approved and the general work had also been delegated. Earlier, there were lots of preparation work, so Xi Xiaye was very busy.

Knock knock!

Inside the office, Xi Xiaye was focused on reading the document in hand when there was a sudden knock on her door.

“Come in,” she answered simply, her eyes never leaving the document in her hand.

“Director Xi, these are the documents you need.” Assistant Xiao Mei delivered a stack of thick documents.

Xi Xiaye looked up from the document and said plainly, “Put it aside. Help me make an appointment with Manager Chen from Qi Kai. I’ll make a trip over there in the afternoon. Ask them to prepare the materials I need.”

“Okay, Director Xi! Qi Kai is terribly arrogant. It’s already been a few days, yet they’ve been delaying handing over their proposal. Everyone’s saying that they’re doing this on purpose,” Xiao Mei responded. With all the tension in the workplace, she could not help but grumble.

When she heard her comment, Xi Xiaye frowned too. She could not deny that there was a slight possibility in what Xiao Mei said, but she did quite admire Qi Kai’s capabilities herself. Of course, the government’s judgment was vicious. If they set aside their personal grudges and collaborated well, they should be able to achieve a win-win situation.

“The proposal still needs more time to be made perfect. You can go out first. Just inform the other side, hmm, 3 p.m. in the afternoon.”

“Okay, Director Xi!”

In the afternoon, the sun was still glorious. It was almost May and the weather was becoming increasingly warmer. Many people came out to enjoy the sun in the afternoon.

Standing at the entrance of Hospital T and watching from afar, Han Yifeng could see quite a few patients sitting on the long benches on both sides, sunbathing.

He walked over and sat down on one end of a bench and looked up at Secretary Wang. “Give me the document.”

“CEO Han, have you considered it thoroughly?” Secretary Wang looked hesitantly at Han Yifeng as he held the document in his hand tightly. “Miss Xinyi isn’t emotionally stable right now. The doctor says she can’t be provoked. Otherwise, the child…”

Han Yifeng did not wait for Secretary Wang to finish. He already got up and pulled the document away himself before he sat back down and flipped it open. It was the divorce papers.

“CEO Han…” Secretary Wang carefully called out to him, still appearing uncertain.

Han Yifeng’s gaze was as still as a deep lake. His handsome face could not conceal his disappointment and mix of emotions. After a while, he took out a pen from his pocket and when he pulled the pen cover off, he seemed to have a hint of hesitation, yet it was in that precise moment that he still signed it.

“Some things are best to be resolved as quickly as possible. I don’t want to drag it on anymore.” Han Yifeng put his pen away and looked at the document again. Then, he handed it back to Secretary Wang while looking a little heartbroken. His voice was detached and hoarse. “Bring it in. Let her sign it. I’ll do my best to compensate whatever I should. We’ve both loved each other once, so we should part on good terms.”

Looking at Han Yifeng’s expression, Secretary Wang felt suffocated.

He actually understood Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi’s journey well. He had to admit that many times, it was Han Yifeng who was forgiving and tolerating. Apart from taking a lot from him, Xi Xinyi seemed to rarely genuinely be understanding toward him.

When he thought about this, Secretary Wang started to sigh with sorrow to himself. Now, they had unexpectedly reached this stage. They did love each other very much back then and had even said that they would last forever.

Yes, forever.

Xi Xinyi had said, “Yifeng, I’ll definitely cherish you forever, be with you forever, be your good wife for a lifetime.”

How long does forever last?

If you can’t know what the future holds, how can you believe the pledge of undying love?

Han Yifeng suddenly felt his heart clench in pain. He had to squeeze his eyes shut and take a few deep breaths before he managed to calm the indescribable sorrow and heaviness in his heart.

When he thought about Xinyi, he felt pained and disappointed, yet when he thought of Xi Xiaye, he felt sad too. Now, he felt empty.

Secretary Wang took the document from Han Yifeng, his expression downcast too. He looked down for a while and saw that Han Yifeng’s expression suddenly looked lonely. His eyes filled with a determination as he thought about it and then nodded. “Okay then, I’ll bring it in for Miss Xinyi right now!”

“Just let her sign it. If she’s not happy with any of the conditions, she can let me know,” Han Yifeng said.

Secretary Wang looked at him for a moment then said, “But, CEO Han, do we have to discuss this with Madam and the rest first? After all, this seems a little sudden. If word gets out, I’m afraid it won’t look good for the Han Corporation. In fact, Miss Xinyi is about to takeover Yueying soon. If we do this right now…”

“After we’re divorced, she can choose to still keep the title of Mrs. Han until the child is born,” Han Yifeng plainly explained.

Secretary Wang sighed, then nodded. “Okay then, CEO Han, I’ll go right away!” He then walked into the hospital.

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