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( To Frame Or To Be Framed? (5)

Mu Yuchen held her as he looked around the floor and saw all the photos of Xi Xiaye and Han Yifeng. He remembered the day they bumped into Han Yifeng near the South River.

His quiet eyes darkened and he seemed hopeless.

He turned his head towards Xi Xinyi. His icy eyes freaked her out a little. She started trembling and even her voice trembled due to his powerful presence there.

“N-no… She framed me… She framed me. My hand… She did this to me and my child…”

Mu Yuchen averted his gaze away from her. He grabbed Xi Xiaye in his arms as he frowned and his voice sounded concerned. “It’s alright. Let’s head to the hospital now.”

Han Yifeng and the others arrived in time. They looked at Xi Xiaye in Mu Yuchen’s arms, then at Xi Xinyi, and finally at the photos on the floor.

“Yifeng, it hurts… She framed me! My hand… My child… My belly hurts very much! Xi Xiaye framed me! You guys have to believe me!” Xi Xinyi was shedding tears as she looked at Han Yifeng with her pair of pitiful eyes.

However, Xi Xinyi’s words were not convincing at all. The scratch marks on the back of Xi Xiaye’s hand were really obvious.

Mu Yuchen glanced at Han Yifeng, his eyes turning sharp when he looked at Xi Xinyi as if he could see right through her. His voice was so stern that even Han Yifeng could feel the pressure. “Please use your brain before trying to frame someone the next time. You’re a pregnant lady, but you’re wearing high heels over ten centimeters. Are you sure you care about your child? Or did you plan this from the start?”

“CEO Han, I hope you guys can give me an explanation about what happened today. I’ve already given her a chance about the military academy incident. If she continues to do this, I don’t mind letting her taste her own medicine. I believe the Han family wouldn’t want to see that as well. If anything happens to my wife…”

Mu Yuchen did not finish his sentence and just glared at everyone as he walked outside with Xi Xiaye in his arms.

Xi Xinyi struggled to get up before roaring at Mu Yuchen, “No! It’s not me! Master Mu, that witch Xi Xiaye framed me. Ouch! My hand! My hand! Master Mu, please listen to me! Xi Xiaye is a wicked woman! Don’t be tricked by her!”

“Xinyi! That’s enough! He’s already gone. What’s wrong with you?”

Xi Xinyi looked like she was about to break down any second. Both Han Yu and Huang Ziyao looked very upset while Yue Lingsi quickly went up to her and gave her eye signals.

After a while, Han Yu sucked a deep breath in as he looked at the photos on the floor before leaving. “Xinyi, I’m so disappointed in you!”

Huang Ziyao’s expression darkened. She thought about what Mu Yuchen said just now and glanced at Xi Xinyi. Soon, the accumulated frustration inside her exploded. “Xinyi, you didn’t listen to me at all! Can you stop causing more trouble when it’s already so chaotic? Will you only be happy when you drag everyone down with you? Are you trying to affect Yifeng by showing these photos to Mu Yuchen? I really… How do I tell the elder about this? Ugh, how annoying!”

Huang Ziyao was having a headache. Her eyes seemed impatient as she swiveled around and left.

“Ziyao! Han Yu! Listen to me, Ziyao! Ziyao!” Yue Lingsi was anxious as she wanted to catch up to them together with Xi Xinyi. However, they had already disappeared.

“Father! Mother!” Xi Xinyi panicked and looked at Han Yifeng beside her. At that moment, Han Yifeng’s eyes looked like they were dead as he kept quiet. Xi Xinyi felt like she was looking at a stranger and started to freak out, going towards him while ignoring the pain flaring from her hand.

“Yifeng, Yifeng, you have to listen to me! It’s not like what Xi Xiaye said. She framed me! She really did! She pushed me and was trying to kill our child! Yifeng, I beg you to please believe me. It’s her. She’s trying to hurt me…” She grabbed onto Han Yifeng’s sleeve and sobbed, seeming so pathetic right then.

Han Yifeng just let her be while he laughed pathetically at himself. He glanced at Xi Xinyi’s high heels before averting his gaze to one of the photos on the floor.

He went quiet for a moment before squatting down and picking a photo up. Studying it seriously, he put on a bitter smile. “Xinyi, what else do you think I can say? I believe that I hold some of the responsibility for what happened to you… I pampered you too much… I can’t do this anymore. I’m really tired. You can decide for yourself whether you want to keep the child or not. I’ll make sure to compensate you a huge amount of alimony.”

Xi Xinyi grabbed onto Han Yifeng tightly and explained, “No! No! Yifeng, don’t be like this. I’m just trying to scare her off, but I never thought of exposing this. I’m scaring her, hoping that she will practice some restraint. She wouldn’t let me take over Yueying so easily, Yifeng!”

“Chances? Again and again? There are no more chances, Xinyi. Let’s face it. I can’t give you the future that you want. Let’s not waste each other’s time anymore.”

“I don’t want this. I don’t want it. I’ll never agree with it. We just got married! How could you say that?”

Before she could finish, Han Yifeng pulled her hands away from his arm.

“Yifeng, don’t be rash. We can talk about it. Let’s just talk it out, alright? Think about what’s going to happen to both our family’s reputations? Just how many days have you guys been married? Do you think it’s just a little game?”

Yue Lingsi scowled and supported the pathetic-looking Xi Xinyi.

Han Yifeng ignored them and went towards the door, but not before leaving an order to Secretary Wang, “Secretary Wang, send her to the hospital.”

“Yifeng! Yifeng! Listen to me. Xi Xiaye really framed me! Why won’t you believe me? Why?!”

Xi Xinyi sat down in defeat with the double blow she just received. Wailing loudly, she covered her face with both hands.

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