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(To Frame Or To Be Framed (1)

When they walked towards the door, Huang Ziyao and Han Yu were on their way out. The shock on their faces intensified when they saw Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye together.

“Chairman Mu! Xiaye!” Han Yu reacted after a brief moment and called out to them loudly. Huang Ziyao was still lost in the moment.

“CEO Han? Long time no see!” Mu Yuchen replied casually.

Huang Ziyao came back to her senses and asked, “Chairman Mu, you and Xiaye…”

“Mrs. Han, you know my wife too?”

He outrightly informed them about their relationship with that sentence. Without staying for long, Xi Xiaye pulled him away.

“What’s happening?” They traded glances with each other in doubt as the two of them walked past them. They were confused and turned their heads around when they heard the sound of footsteps from behind.

Deng Wenwen came inside with a cloudy expression while Yue Lingsi seemed angry. It was not hard to guess that they were pissed off.

“Grandmother, don’t be angry! Your health is going to get worse!” Xi Xinyi let go of Han Yifeng’s arm and held onto Deng Wenwen.

Han Yu and Huang Ziyao noticed that something was wrong, so they then asked, “What exactly happened? Xiaye and Chairman Mu…”

Deng Wenwen’s expression turned even colder and she did not answer. Instead, Yue Lingsi replied vindictively, “They’re doing this on purpose!”

“Mother, don’t put it that way!” Xi Xinyi tugged at Yue Lingsi’s sleeve.

“What now? Just what is that attitude of hers? Is that how Shen Wenna taught her daughter to behave?” Yue Lingsi was still furious about what Xi Mushan had said to her that morning. She was really frustrated!

However, only she herself knew that there was something else brewing aside from her anger!

She thought that after Xi Xinyi got together with Han Yifeng, and since she was Xi Mushan’s wife, she was a level above Shen Wenna no matter what. Every time she thought about Shen Wenna’s cold expression, she was really mad and she just wanted to best her in everything.

However, Xi Mushan could not forget Shen Wenna, and with Xi Xiaye involving herself with a legendary figure such as Mu Yuchen, how could she be not angry about this?

She was starting to blame God. Why was it even with such excellent traits, she still lost to Shen Wenna?

With just her background, she was leaps and bounds above Shen Wenna!

Speaking of appearances and talents, just what could a lecturer do? Moreover, Yue Lingsi had been one of the top beauties when she had still been in university!

As for their mannerisms, she was raised in a prestigious family since she was young. There was no way Shen Wenna could be better than her!

She never expected that their conflict would reach their daughters as well. She had gone through so much just to become Xi Mushan’s wife, and when she thought she could finally step on her…

Actually, she never really got anything. Aside from securing the title of the Mayor’s wife, Xi Mushan had never entered her room after their marriage, and he would never touch a single drop of alcohol at home. He prepared a single bed in his study room which was where he slept.

It was hard to believe, but it was the truth.

Others thought they were a model couple that respected each other, but only they themselves knew the truth. For more than twenty years, they treated each other coldly, and she clearly understood that Xi Mushan hated her.

It was very rare for someone like Xi Mushan to hate someone, but once he started resenting someone, it was nearly impossible to forgive. Yue Lingsi was a sound example.

Their relationship had been in the same horrible state for the past twenty years. The gap was getting wider and wider with the hatred growing more and more gradually.

Xi Xiaye pulled Mu Yuchen along the corridor as she led the way in.

Xi Jiyang’s room had been moved to a quiet corner. Xi Jiyang’s private doctor, Dr. Li, was on his way out with his medical box when they arrived in front of the room. The nurse behind him had a tray with three empty liquid vials: one large and two small.

“Mayor!” Dr. Li greeted respectfully when he saw Xi Mushan while the nurse behind him bowed courteously.

“Mmm, what’s the situation? Did he wake up?” Xi Mushan nodded and asked quietly.

Dr. Li nodded and replied, “He just woke up. You can ask your servants to prepare some porridge for him. He’s in a jolly mood today. If he keeps this up, it’s going to be helpful for his recovery.”

“Mmm, thank you.” Xi Mushan moved away to let Dr. Li pass.

Dr. Li smiled. “I’ll head back to the hospital now. Give me a call if you need anything. I’ll come over tomorrow morning and check up on him.”

“Okay, Ah Hui, send Dr. Li off.”

“Yes, Mayor!”

Dr. Li’s smile faded away. He was stunned for a moment when he walked past Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye. Before he could react, Xi Xiaye and Xi Mushan went inside the room.

“You guys are back!”

Xi Jiyang could hear Xi Mushan’s voice from inside the room as a rare smile appeared on his face when he saw Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye. Undeniably, he was in a good mood.

They went beside Xi Jiyang’s bed and called out to him, “Grandfather.”

Xi Jiyang struggled to get up. “Have a seat. Don’t just stand there. Have some tea and play chess with me.”

Xi Xiaye’s expression darkened slightly. Xi Jiyang was well aware of his own condition, yet he did not want them to worry. These happy moments were rare and precious to him now.

Xi Xiaye did not move an inch as Mu Yuchen bent over and helped Xi Jiyang to get up. Xi Mushan was getting the tea ready on the coffee table.

Seeing Mu Yuchen help Xi Jiyang walk slowly towards the sofa, it was difficult for Xi Xiaye to watch. She considered what to say before going over.

Mu Yuchen helped Xi Jiyang sit down. He put a pillow behind him as he asked quietly, “How do you feel lately?”

Xi Jiyang nodded with a smile. “Pretty good. I’m just a little tired, but I should be able to recover in a few days. You guys should sit down too.”

Mu Yuchen smiled and sat down opposite Xi Jiyang while Xi Xiaye sat down beside him.

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