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 (Curled Up Warmth 3)

Inside a coffee shop on the outskirts of City Z.

When Xi Xiaye arrived, Caitlyn was already waiting for her at a table. She quickly stood up when she saw Xi Xiaye.

“Director Xi!” Caitlyn called out to her and Xi Xiaye nodded as she glanced over at Caitlyn—

Dressed in a sporty gray outfit with a snapback on her head, she also wore a pair of sunglasses. She was sitting in a quiet corner of the coffee shop.

Xi Xiaye sat down as she gestured to her to order from the waiter who had turned up beside them. “Have a seat. I’ll have a mocha please, thank you.”

“Okay, please wait for a little while!” The waiter went away swiftly.

Caitlyn sat down as she put on a warm smile. “Thank you for coming.”

Xi Xiaye smiled back at her. “Of course I’d come since you invited me. Has it been busy for you working with Jewellery City?”

Caitlyn shook her head. Recently, she had risen to fame, mainly because of her contract with Glory World. She was really grateful for Glory World, especially Xi Xiaye because she clearly knew that compared to other more popular stars, she did not stand much of a chance.

“It’s alright. There’s a lot of time to rest as well, so I can still manage.”

Caitlyn took a sip of her coffee. After a moment, she raised her head and looked at Xi Xiaye. “About what you told me…”

The waiter served Xi Xiaye’s mocha on the table.

“Mmm? What do you think about it?” Xi Xiaye took a sip from her drink as her eyes met Caitlyn’s gaze. “I’ve thought through this. We need a top artiste of our own if Glory World wants to take a big step in the showbiz industry. Of course, we’ll consider you first since we’re collaborating now. Chairman Mu and I hope that Glory World can find its distinction within the industry… and it starts with you.”

Xi Xiaye’s attitude was genuine as her eyes were staring straight at her, and Caitlyn had this unknown favorable impression of her.

Unlike many high-ranking personnel in big companies who were always acting all high and mighty, she was really friendly and genuine. Her lack of airs just made her feel comfortable, and she did not have to put her guard up when talking.

Caitlyn was reminded of the incident back then as well as the rumors she heard in Glory World. Shyly, she looked at Xi Xiaye as she asked quietly, “Director Xi, this might come off as a little odd, but I wonder if you and Chairman Mu…”

Caitlyn’s expression was starting to look a little awkward, but she still finished her sentence, “There are rumors… that you and Chairman Mu… Ah, I’m sorry. Forget about what I’ve just said.”

Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment. Noticing Caitlyn’s awkward expression, she smiled mysteriously. “What about us? That I’m his secret lover?”

“Director Xi, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. I’m just a little curious about the both of you although I’m not sure why I’m such a busybody about this either.”

Caitlyn was relieved when Xi Xiaye did not seem offended.

“I know that’s what everyone guessing. Actually, we’re married. We were married last year.” It was the first time ever that Xi Xiaye was admitting her relationship with Mu Yuchen before someone else. She raised her hand slightly and showed Caitlyn the ring on her finger.

Caitlyn’s eyes widened as she covered her mouth with both hands. She gaped at Xi Xiaye for some time. “I was right!”

Xi Xiaye grinned without saying anything, then she tasted some of her mocha before getting back to the topic. “Could you tell me your answer right now?”

She looked at Caitlyn with her crystal-clear eyes. There was a strong sense of determination in them.

“If I say yes, then…” Caitlyn looked at Xi Xiaye hesitantly. “Yueying is pretty unhappy with me, and I heard that Xi Xinyi plans to take over Yueying soon. If that’s the case…”

“You don’t have to worry about that Ms. Caitlyn. Glory World is now the second largest stakeholder of Yueying. After putting in some effort, some other stakeholders are getting on our side. Your presence in Yueying will be taken care of on Glory World’s behalf. We have picked up several big titles this year and filming will start very soon. However, we haven’t confirmed the leads because we want to cultivate new stars to become the sharp edge in the future of the industry.”

“So, I believe that you, Ms. Caitlyn, are smart enough to understand the gist of it. I’ll won’t speak further now.” Xi Xiaye stopped there and let her ponder it.

Caitlyn still seemed hesitant for some time, but in the end, she nodded. “Alright then. I’ll take the gamble!”

“Thank you. I hope this will work out well for us. You can come over to Yueying in the next few days to discuss the contract details. Deputy Director Xu will be in charge there. Do contact me if there’s anything else.”

“Alright, noted.”

It was 5 p.m. when she arrived back at the office. The workday was ending, but Xi Xiaye was too lazy to go up, so she just sat down on the long bench in the little plaza beside the office building. She waited for Mu Yuchen while flipping through a magazine that she had grabbed from the car.

The golden sunset shrouded the whole of City Z in a radiant mist. It also dragged a long shadow from the slender figure sitting on the long bench.

The evening wind breezed through her hair as a figure closed in slowly and stood in between her and the sun.

As she could feel someone nearby, she raised her head and saw him standing right before her.

He had a hand inside his pocket as well as a rarely seen gentle expression on his handsome face. His eyes were deep and vast like the starry sky, and they were looking at her tenderly at the moment.

She thought that he was getting more and more comfortable to look at. Everyone else only saw the cool side of him, and no one knew how he acted at home.

Suddenly, the young Mrs. Mu’s heart softened, and a slight blush appeared across her smiling face.



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