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(Curled Up Warmth (1)

As Xi Xinyi spoke, she clung onto him and hugged Han Yifeng tightly. Her little face stuck to his broad back as she breathed in and said in a raspy voice, “No matter what, I won’t let go, Yifeng. I know you’re still angry. This is all my fault, so I don’t blame you. You can do whatever you want, but you can’t deter my determination to follow you!”

Xi Xinyi spoke with deep loving whilst her eyes glistened with tears. Her arms were wrapped around Han Yifeng’s waist and her body moved carefully until it was in front of him. She looked at him tearfully and said lovingly, “You’ve always tolerated me in the past. Next time, just let me accommodate you. Let me follow you to the ends of the earth. I’ll definitely be with you till the end. I just hope that you don’t give up on all that we have between us. I love you more than anything, Yifeng…”

Han Yifeng did not say anything throughout her monologue. He just watched Xi Xinyi say everything that was on her mind. When she reached the last few sentences, the hidden light in his eyes became enigmatic.

At this moment, he was unexpectedly still hesitant. Was Xi Xinyi telling the truth right then, or did he think he was the male lead in a show?

He could not see through Xi Xinyi. He already could not differentiate which side of her was truly her.

However, Xi Xinyi did not let him think further. When she saw that his expression had eased a little, she tiptoed and kissed on his thin lips. Her hands had let go of his waist and made their way up to his neck. Using her soft lips, she daringly pried open his gently shut cold lips…

“Yifeng, don’t push me away… Don’t push me away… I really need you. Don’t abandon me. Let everything stay in the past and we’ll get better.”

As Xi Xinyi said while choking on her sobs, her weak voice contained sadness. She leaned into him as hard as she could to take in all of his warmth. When she kissed him, her hands restlessly moved toward his shirt. In a few movements, she had unbuttoned his shirts, revealing his strong chest.

Han Yifeng stood silently, not moving. He just let Xi Xinyi tease him as his hands that fell to his sides tightened slightly. He was not sure how much strength he mustered before he slowly lifted them up, and gently put them around her slender waist.

When Xi Xinyi saw this, her hand shifted to his waist too. Just as she was about to remove his belt, he stopped her movements stopped in time.


Startled, she looked at him, her eyes mixed with indescribable suffering that she had repressed.

Han Yifeng breathed in deeply and said in a lowered voice, “It’s not suitable with your current situation. Rest earlier. I’m going to take a bath.”

Xi Xinyi then bit on her plump and pink lips as she looked at him. Quite a while after that, she sighed and said, “I’m sorry. I just missed you too much. Go upstairs and take your bath then while I prepare some food for you. You look quite tired.”

Han Yifeng nodded, not bothering to reject anymore. “Don’t exhaust yourself. Watch your health,” he said, then walked upstairs.

When she heard this, Xi Xinyi smiled a little. Her gloomy heart was finally brightening a little.

He still knew how to care for her. He still cared for her! Earlier, he had a slight reaction, did he not?

As she watched his figure gradually vanish before her eyes, Xi Xinyi inhaled, then turned to the kitchen.

Han Yifeng took off all his clothes the moment he was upstairs. He took a set of clean pajamas and walked straight to the bathroom. After filling the bath with water, he submerged his whole self in.

The water was cold.

It had been quite a few days, but it was only at this moment that he felt clear-headed and empty. He was relaxed.

We cannot return to the past…

Cannot return to how it was…

Whether it was him and Xiaye, or him and Xi Xinyi right now, once the cracks showed, the gaps could not be filled again. The funny thing was that between him and Xi aye…

She did not seem to give him a chance to grieve, and she had already turned to leave, free and at ease.

Maybe that was how relationships were. No matter how much someone loved deeply, that person would not stay waiting for you at the same spot forever, whether it was to wait for you to turn around, for your regret, or for your apology!

Han Yifeng suddenly felt depressed. He did not know why he was like this all the time recently. Whenever he recalled this past, he would feel terrible, so terrible that it felt like he was suffocating.

What else could he say? What should he do?

He did not have the answers.

He kept telling himself in his heart to stay strong.

Han Yifeng, the past can only stay in the past. You should let go of everything and be forgiving once again. After all, you’ve married Xinyi, and she has your child… In fact, Xiaye’s already married to Mu Yuchen. They’re doing very well, and are very loving. Between the two of them, they can only be like two parallel lines that never intersect forever.

However, every time he himself this, his chest would tighten. His heart felt so tightened with sorrow that it suffocated him, and it was extremely hard to bear.

Happiness. These words were simple and easy to write. He had been hoping to fight for it with his hard work. He told himself many times that he loved Xi Xinyi, so no matter how she was, he should tolerate and be understanding toward her. They were married and were going to have a child, so he should be really delighted.

Still, now, everything had changed. Even he did not know how the way things were, and all the scenes from the past had become so meaningless.

How far was happiness?

No one knew, but definitely not too far!

Mu Yuchen believed that firmly!

The two of them curled up against each other and created warmth. He was reluctant to let go of her warmth. Upon letting go slightly, he immediately felt some emptiness.

There were many things that could get someone addicted. To him, her aura and her temperature might be two of the things. Every day that they got closer and more familiar with each other was another day she infiltrated deeper into his heart. He had to admit that her influence on him was far beyond his imagination.

He turned to his side and borrowed the warm rays of twilight to silently watch her sleep. A long while after that, he lifted a hand to lovingly caress her head, mumbling softly, “Goodnight, my witch!”

He then gently pulled open the blanket and got down from the bed slowly. He picked up the pajamas on the ground and put them on. Then, he carefully patted the blanket before he left for the study room.

There were some news that Ah Mo had delivered from City B which required him to settle as soon as possible. He soon noticed that if he did not sleep, she would accompany him. Sometimes, she would sit on the sofa and stare at that same page for half an hour while dozing off, yet she was stubborn on persevering. On the other hand, he was the kind of person who was used to sleeping late. Before he met her, working till two or three in the morning was a common occurence, but ever since he married her, he rarely stayed up late.

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