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( Wedding (1)

Xi Mushan nodded while Li Si and the others behind Mu Yuchen greeted him as well.

“How is it? You guys got the project! Everyone’s very satisfied with the capability of your company. Don’t let us down,” Mu Yuchen said quietly.

“Don’t worry. We’ll do our best since we got it,” Xi Xiaye answered.

“It was a close win against Qi Kai this time, but well, you guys got it in the end.” There was a slight softness in Xi Mushan’s words as his usually serious expression relaxed and there was an unexplainable emotion in his eyes. No one could tell whether it was kindness or concern.

Mu Yuchen looked at the sky. The sun was dazzling as he said quietly, “It’s lunch. We’ve made preparations at Imperial Sky Hotel. Father should go over with us as well.”

Xi Mushan waved his hand and smiled. “I won’t go with you guys then. I promised to visit the South River with a few others. They’re probably waiting for me now. You guys can go ahead without me.”

Xi Mushan turned away slightly and waved at his secretary Ah Hui, who quickly drove the car over.

Xi Xiaye then nodded. “Okay then, take care, Father.”

“If you’re free, come home sometime. Your grandfather hasn’t been feeling well the past few days. He was put on drips yesterday. You can give me a call first before going back. Alright, I’ll be leaving now!”

Xi Mushan then went into his car.


The door closed and the car swiftly went away.

“Get into the car!” Mu Yuchen said gently after a while. Xi Xiaye came back to her senses. Li Si and the others were already there with the car.

It was not that far away between the building and Imperial Sky Hotel; it was just about ten minutes away.

When they arrived at the room, the hotel manager had the dishes ready, after they had lunch, Xi Xiaye laid down on the sofa to watch television, while Mu Yuchen spoke to Vice President Zhang Lan on the phone.

“We’ll head back to the Mu Residence tonight. We have to tell them about the wedding. You need to get some rest in the next few days. Think about where you’d like to take our wedding photos. Li Si has already found a photographer for us.”

He went to her after hanging up on the phone call. Sitting beside her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and made her lie down on his lap.

“So quickly? I haven’t even picked a wedding dress…”

She averted her gaze away from the television screen towards him. At the same time, she picked a grape and put it into his mouth.

He was startled for a moment as he raised his eyebrows. Then, he looked downward at her and opened his mouth. “I don’t want it anymore.”

After eating a grape, he grabbed the handkerchief on the table and wiped his mouth. “The designer will come and get our sizes soon. We’ll just make several sets. For now, let’s just make the outfits for our wedding day.”

“It’s just a few days of vacation. I don’t want to go very far. Actually, we could just take the wedding photos at home. The sceneries at Maple Residence are pretty beautiful. We’ll go to the other places during our honeymoon. What do you think? We can always retake another set in the future if we want to.”

She gave it some thought before voicing out her opinion because she did not want to make things troublesome.

“We can enjoy a few days of extra holiday by then.” He smiled as he ran his fingers through her long hair, a pleasant scent lingering around his nose. Her scent was absolutely mesmerizing.

“I don’t want to. I’ve decided that we’ll take the photos around the Grand Waves Villa area. The scenery there is pretty, and getting our photos near our home feels quite intimate. Mmm… We’ll pick a day with glorious weather, and get a set of sunset-themed wedding photos.”

It was still about time. He had been pretty busy lately and he should be relaxing at home during the holidays. They still had plenty of chances to travel anyway.

He saw her determined face and just nodded. “Up to you then. We’ll get some extra sets done when we’re on our honeymoon.”

She nodded as she grabbed her phone. “Then, I’ll call Grandmother now. We can get off work earlier today. Shall we go back earlier and make everyone dinner?” Her eyes brightened up as she gazed at him for permission. Her eyes were like the stars in the sky.

He laughed. “Are you sure we’re going to make dinner, and not just me?”

Glaring at him, Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes at him. “I can at least help out, right? And I’m doing this for your sake. Your grandparents and parents care about us so much. What’s wrong with us doing something for them? Shouldn’t we be grateful for what they do for us?”

“Yes, Missus!” Mu Yuchen chuckled again. He could feel her gentleness and sensitivity. She always protected these things so carefully, and she cared a lot about relationship with family.

As she suddenly remembered something, she looked at him with complexity in her eyes. “Right, I also…”

“Do you want to go back to visit your grandfather?” He could guess what she thought just by looking at her. It felt like he could always see right through her.

Xi Xiaye turned her head over and looked back at the television screen. “I’m a little uneasy. Either way, I should head back and take a look.”

She had actually listened to what Xi Mushan said just now. “Can you come with me? I don’t want to be alone…”

She would surely bump into Deng Wenwen and the others if she went back. She did not want to see their faces and just want to meet Xi Jiyang and Xi Jishan only. Now, since they were having their wedding soon, she should not make Mu Yuchen feel like a secret lover.

She looked at him and said quietly, “I’ll get Li Si to prepare some gifts in a few days. We’ll visit them this weekend. At the same time, we’ll inform Father of our wedding, okay?”

A beautiful smile appeared on her face and she nodded before calling the Mu Residence.

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