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(Bid Meeting (3)

The moment she heard this, Xi Xiaye could not help but be stumped. She gasped. “You’re so daring! The documents after that were data that everyone got from detailed analysis, but you changed it by yourself. Wouldn’t all our hard work from before be…?”

“Every choice we make is a gamble. I’m willing to go with my gut feeling, but naturally, all of your hard work won’t go to waste either,” Mu Yuchen responded mysteriously, his gaze subconsciously looking at Qi Lei. Xi Xiaye was startled as she followed his gaze and looked over too. Indeed, she saw Qi Lei’s handsome face that had darkened!

“You were guarding it against him?”

Xi Xiaye then came to a realization. She thought about the document from before. Indeed, if they had used that, then…

Because of the fact that he could be so calm with such high stakes, she could not help but admire him.

After the announcement of the bidders, there were soon congratulatory wishes. Even Xi Mushan smiled and nodded at them from up front.

Next up, there were several other project tenders that continued. Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye listened intensely, privately taking note of certain companies.

When the tender meeting ended, it was already close to noon, and it was time for a break.

Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye waited until almost everyone left before they got up to pack up. They still had to discuss the concrete matters in the afternoon, so the husband and wife decided to go straight to Imperial Sky Hotel which was not far away for lunch. It was easy to get to and it was in the city centre.

“Master, Missus, I’ve already gotten them to prepare the dishes. Miss Lingshi is at the Mu residence, not the club.”

Xi Xiaye was initially going to call Mu Lingshi along too.

Mu Yuchen nodded as he took over the documents in Xi Xiaye’s hand and handed it to Li Si to arrange. Then, he took Xi Xiaye’s hand and said softly, “Just let them send it straight to the room. Let’s go.”

Mu Yuchen had an exclusive suite for himself over there.

“Yes, Master!”

With this response, the husband and wife vanished out of the door.

However, just as they walked out of the meeting hall and turned at a corner on the way to the elevator, they bumped into Qi Lei who was waiting at the walkway!

Mu Yuchen slowed down as he glanced up slightly and indifferently at Qi Lei who was leaning against the wall. His still eyes were shifting with a mixed light. It looked vaguely sharp with a dim light.

Xi Xiaye could feel his fingers that were interlocked with hers tighten. When she looked up at him, she noticed that he seemed quiet. His eyes squinted and he was watching Qi Lei calmly. You could not tell if he felt anything else.

“Long time no see, Master Mu!”

Leaning against the wall, Qi Lei grinned with a demonic charm. He leisurely pulled up his sleeve a little and caressed the cufflinks on them before he flicked his fingers. “I was wondering how much longer were you planning on hiding. How is it? Have the nightmares been difficult to get rid of these past few years? Have you been dreaming of your life being commanded?”

When Qi Lei said this, Mu Yuchen’s handsome face turned frigid. A cold light flashed through his narrowed eyes. Moments after that, he chuckled calmly, “Second Master Qi? Long time no see. Don’t you know that I’ve never believed in the supernatural?”

Qi Lei instantly raised his brows, lifting a hand to brush his brows, yet his gaze that swept across Mu Yuchen was cold as ice. He could not help but laugh. “It looks like you have a clear conscience and no guilt at all. Your little sister… Oh no, it should be your cousin, whom I’ve met. With such a huge scar on her face, she’s considered ruined. Gee, how could you be this calm?”

“Why wouldn’t I be calm? Back then it was your brother, Qi Feng that provoked me first. I gave them a chance eight years ago, but they didn’t want it themselves. You knew very well what the Gu family was planning. They wanted to plot against me, Mu Yuchen, so I had to make them pay a price,” Mu Yuchen answered calmly. His still eyes were condensed with silence, making him unfathomable.

“How vicious of you, Mu Yuchen!” Qi Lei’s eyes flashed with a crisp light as his gaze fixated on Mu Yuchen’s handsome face.

Mu Yuchen did not object and smiled nonchalantly. “Vicious? If I had trampled on all of you, and you let me succeed, would you all be willing? I would never have provoked anyone. Years ago, for Lingtian’s sake, I was willing to let your brother, Qi Feng, be with Gu Lingsha. The Gu family had given up Gu Lingsha to collaborate with the Qi family. When the deed was done, you’d have disposed of me. Aren’t you guys the vicious ones?”

“Mu Yuchen, don’t forget that Shasha is…”

“Is what? Did you think that I would be a fool? Or did all of you overestimate Gu Lingsha?” Mu Yuchen smiled naturally, playing it down as he looked at Qi Lei. Then, he held Xi Xiaye’s hand and walked over.

“But if it weren’t for you, they would’ve been fine. Mu Lingtian wouldn’t have died, and Mu Lingshi wouldn’t have been disfigured all because you said that you’d look into it and not let go, Mu Yuchen!”

Seeing Mu Yuchen pass by, Qi Lei turned around and quickly ran up. His eyes were hidden with surging emotions, and his gaze bright as lightning!

“In fact, did you know that Shasha was already… All of these weren’t her real intentions!”

“Weren’t her real intentions? If I’d just ended you, and then said it wasn’t my real intention, how would you feel? Second Master Qi, I’m sure you aren’t someone that naive. You’ve been around in the business field for so many years now. Don’t you know that someone like me would only see the outcome and not care about the process?”

Qi Lei was stunned. He looked at Mu Yuchen gloomily and did not answer.

Mu Yuchen still confidently looked at him, then continued walking ahead with Xi Xiaye, ignoring him.

Xi Xiaye just let him pull her away, without saying anything at all. She was just confused.

Gu Lingsha?

This should be that woman he had mentioned before!

He pulled her into the elevator, feeling dazed. Downstairs, when they walked out of the office building, Xi Xiaye finally could not help but long to ask him about it. However, unexpectedly, she just looked up when she saw that the two leaders were chatting with Xi Mushan downstairs.

Xi Mushan quickly noticed Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye, so he said to the two people before him, “Let’s just do that first. If there are any issues, just call my office.” The two of them very quickly nodded and left.

“Xiaye, Ah Chen!” Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye had just walked down the stairs when Xi Mushan waved to them.

Xi Xiaye nodded, pulling herself free from Mu Yuchen’s hand, and walked two steps ahead. She calmly answered, “Father.”

Behind her, Mu Yuchen greeted as well, “Father.”



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