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( Indication (3)

In the evening, the Bamboo Teahouse was rather quiet. Xi Xiaye sat down in a hidden corner and made a pot of tea before flipping through a magazine about flowers as she listened to the soothing traditional guzheng music.

Inspector Zhang arrived shortly after.

“Sorry for troubling you to make this trip.” Xi Xiaye pointed at the seat opposite her as she spoke to Inspector Zhang. “Please have a seat!”

Inspector Zhang put his jacket aside and sat down. “No worries. You’re good friends with Lao Lin, so you’re my friend too. Where is he? Not here today?”

Xi Xiaye smiled as she poured him some tea. “Professor Lin is on a break these few days. He highly recommended you to me back then. The military academy matter is all thanks to you.”

“You should be thankful for your lover. Without him, things wouldn’t have ended so quickly. By the way, what happened afterward?” Inspector Zhang drank the tea and asked.

“They apologized to me publicly and proved my innocence, so I let the matter go. Otherwise, I might get in trouble as well,” Xi Xiaye replied calmly as she sipped some tea.

Inspector Zhang smiled and nodded. “That’s great. I heard that things are kind of hectic with the Hans the and Xis. I guess that’s karma for them.”

“It’s alright. That’s all in the past now. I wanted to see you today for something else.” Xi Xiaye took a deep breath and stopped her hand movements as she looked at Inspector Zhang calmly.

Inspector Zhang’s expression turned serious as he gazed at her. “Sure, tell me what it’s about and I’ll see if I can help.”

Xi Xiaye nodded, taking another sip again before she continued, “Inspector Zhang, I want to know whether you know anything about Qi Kai and the Qi family?”

Inspector Zhang frowned the moment he heard Xi Xiaye’s inquiry. “Qi Kai… I don’t follow up on them a lot, but I can only tell you that their background is very deep. The Qi family is one of the most prestigious families in City Z. They are on nearly the same level as the Mu family. Is there some conflict between you guys?” Inspector Zhang’s tone sounded worried.

Xi Xiaye shook her head before putting the teacup down. “Not really. I’m just a little doubtful. Inspector Zhang, I want to know more about the Qi family, especially their past. At the same time, please keep an eye on Qi Lei.”

“You want me to help you to investigate the Qi family?” Inspector Zhang said quietly, his sharp eyes staring at Xi Xiaye.

Xi Xiaye looked into his eyes, full of determination, and nodded. “Yes, can you help me out on this, Inspector Zhang?”

Inspector Zhang took a deep breath as he peered downward at his cup of tea. His expression turned serious after some time. “Okay, I can try, but I hope this matter is only kept between you and me. I’ll send you the information anonymously. You aren’t really rushing to know about them, are you?”

Xi Xiaye understood what he meant. He was worried about getting into trouble, and she was grateful for his gesture. “Mmm, I understand. You can take your time. Thank you.”

“Sure, I’ll go back now. Wait for my news.” Inspector Zhang then stood up.

Xi Xiaye wanted to send him off, but he stopped her. Before he went off, he reminded, “It’s better if you don’t get involved with the Qi family. Otherwise, you’re going to be in trouble. The Qi family have a very dark background. They only cleared their name after some incident. You must be very careful with them.”

“Mmm, got it. Thank you!” Inspector Zhang then waved before leaving.

The sky turned dark when she left the Bamboo Teahouse. The night breeze was pretty strong and the trees around were swaying roughly. Xi Xiaye did not stay for long and she drove straight back to Maple Residence.

Mu Lingshi called and asked her to go to Imperial Sky Entertainment City today. However, Xi Xiaye did not want to bother them. It would have been okay if Mu Yuchen was there, but…

She switched the lights on as soon as she arrived back at Maple Residence. Warm lights filled up the whole house, yet the big villa was empty as it could be

Xi Xiaye did not make dinner since she had some snacks at the teahouse just now, so she was not really hungry. She went straight upstairs.

She left her briefcase aside as she entered her room. Exhausted, she lay down on the sofa and said reflexively, “Mr. Mu, please get me a glass of water…”

Before she finished her sentence, she was reminded of the fact that the man was not around.

After a huge sigh, she got up and poured herself a glass of water before heading into the bathroom.

Half an hour later, she came out of the shower. She wanted to play some games in the study room, but she suddenly lost her interest when she switched the computer on.

However, she was not used to sleeping early. She tried lying on the bed, but could not sleep. As she flipped through a book, her gaze kept getting distracted by the phone on the bedside table.

After some struggle, she grabbed the phone and dialed a number, but it was not to that person. She called Su Nan instead.

Su Nan and Ruan Heng were playing games together when the phone call went through.

Su Nan saw the incoming call on her phone. She left her joystick and grabbed her phone. “It’s a call from Xiaye. You play on your own!”

“Let’s finish this first. It’s a critical moment! Two minutes!” Ruan Heng exclaimed as he was still staring at the screen.

“I’m not playing anymore. You go on your own!” Su Nan left him alone and picked the call up.

“Xiaye? What’s up? Not having some fun with Master Mu at night? I’m surprised that you still have time to call me.” Su Nan’s voice came through the phone.

“He went outstation, so I’m calling you for a chat now. Am I bothering you?” Xi Xiaye laughed.

Su Nan then waved her hand. “It’s fine. We’re kind of bored as well. So, you only call me when your man goes outstation. I can see that you have the tendency to forget about your friends when your man is around.”

“Nannan, I just gave you a call several days ago.”

“Alright, alright. I wanted to talk to you about something too. The weather has been pretty good these few days. Ruan Heng and I are going to have a barbeque this weekend with just a few of us. Do you think Master Mu wants to join us?”

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