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( Lingshis Return (2)

Outside the airport, after they loaded the luggage, Xi Xiaye drove while the siblings sat in the back.

Xi Xiaye rolled steadily out of the carpark. The Mu residence had called to check if they had fetched her. Mu Lingshi answered the phone and spoke for a while before hanging up.

“Right, Bro, previously I told Bro Su Chen to get me a driving license. Has he done it? I heard that in the past two years, it’s been quite hard to get a driving license. The new rules have reduced in integrity, but I’m lazy to take the exams.”

Mu Lingshi saw Xi Xiaye drive skillfully up front and immediately remembered about her driving license.

Mu Yuchen who was browsing on his tablet then looked up at her. He thought about it and asked Xi Xiaye who was driving, “Where did I ask you to keep it the other day?”

“It’s in the second drawer on the left of your work desk. I’ve also helped you keep your cardholder. I’ll get it for you tomorrow, Ah Shi!” Xi Xiaye was quick to get used to the term of endearment.

Mu Lingshi nodded and slowly took the sunglasses off to reveal her face. Her scar looked even clearer in the dim space. When Xi Xiaye unexpectedly looked through the rearview mirror, her long eyelashes fluttered a little. Although she looked quite gentle, that scar…

It ruined her beauty…

“I’ll go over to Maple Residence tomorrow. You don’t have to send it around. Mmm… And about my work…” Mu Lingshi spoke as she turned to Mu Yuchen again.

“Let your sis-in-law arrange it. We still need someone for the entertainment club at Imperial Sky Entertainment City. Previously, it was Ah Mo handling it. I’m letting him handle the development of Movie City and you’ll be the perfect substitute. Rest for a few days first, then let your sis-in-law organize things for you. She’s more well-versed with matters there,” Mu Yuchen calmly answered, yet there was a light that shifted in his still eyes as he looked at Mu Lingshi.

Mu Lingshi’s gaze darkened in that instant too. She sighed and rubbed her temples. “Mmm, I’ll go along with your arrangements then. Just don’t let me idle around.”

The instant Mu Lingshi finished, Xi Xiaye smiled and answered her, “You probably won’t be free for long. The club’s just opened for a short while. A lot of things aren’t on track yet. I was going to get an experienced person to manage it for a while, and then let you handle it when everything’s on course. Your brother says you’re pretty adept at this, so the best person to handle this would be you.”

When she heard this, Mu Lingshi shrugged and shot a side glance at the expressionless Mu Yuchen. “Sufficiently and reasonably utilizing resources. That’s so like my brother. I’m used to it as well. I don’t need much rest. Arrange for me to go to work the day after tomorrow. I’ve rested for a few days earlier when I was there, so I’m not that tired. Just give me a day to adjust tomorrow. There isn’t much jetlag to get over anyway.”

Mu Lingshi was also a workaholic. She was a DJ. In fact, her work of handling the club turned her days and nights upside down, so the time difference here worked out well for her.

“As you wish. If you don’t want to stay in the old residence, I did leave you a villa on Ah Mo’s side. You can redecorate it according to the Mediterranean style that you like so much. Ah Mo will be overseeing it, so it can probably fit your fancy. Do you want to move over and see how it goes?” Mu Yuchen responded softly, his line of sight never leaving the tablet in front of him.

Once Mu Yuchen said that, Mu Lingshi instantly fell silent again. Her lowered gaze seemed complicated. Then, she suddenly turned to look out the window and did not answer.

The considerably harmonious atmosphere in the car instantly vanished, and gloominess hung in the narrow space, filling it with a suffocating stillness.

Xi Xiaye did not say anything either. She glanced at the two people behind from time to time through the rearview mirror. She saw that Mu Yuchen was expressionless as always while Mu Lingshi looked down. She seemed rather lonely, paired with that scar. She actually looked a little…

Xi Xiaye silently averted her gaze and continued to focus on driving. She wanted to say something, yet she did not know how she could break the ice.

After a pregnant pause, she suddenly heard Mu Lingshi sigh softly, her clear voice colored with a sorrow that she had endured, “Brother, I know you’re doing this for my own good, but I hope that you can stay out of whatever’s between him and I. Once some things have happened, they can never return to the way it was before. Why do you have to care about it so much?”

“Yes, we can’t return to how it was before, but I know very well what you’re really thinking. Ah Mo has never given up on you. You should know this better than anyone else.” Mu Lingshi had just finished when Mu Yuchen’s calm voice came through. His eyes that were deep as the ocean suddenly flashed with a cold light as he looked at Mu Lingshi.

Startled, the gleam in Mu Lingshi’s eyes twinkled. She could not help but put her hand to her forehead and sigh deeply. She then turned to look out the window again, without uttering another word.

“Go visit Lingtian and Aunty tomorrow. You’ve been abroad for the past few years. Every year, Ah Mo returns to mourn and offer prayers to them. Yesterday, I noticed that he was at Lingyuan Cemetery, but he didn’t go up. I think he wanted to wait for you,” said Mu Yuchen softly as he looked at her.

A mocking, bitter smile suddenly flashed at the corner of her lips. She put her sunglasses on again and muttered coldly, “What’s there to mourn about? If they’re dead, they’re dead…”


Upon Lingshi’s brash attitude, Mu Yuchen immediately frowned. His gaze held a gleam of sternness as he silently stared at her.

“I’m just laying the facts out.” Mu Lingshi lowered her voice now as she just replied with that single sentence.

Xi Xiaye could vaguely understand something. She thought that it should be about Lingtian. When she noticed the iciness between them, she spoke after some thought, “Ah Shi, is there anything you need? There’s a supermarket up front.”

Mu Lingshi then eased a little and looked at Xi Xiaye, shaking her head. “No, thanks. Everything should be prepared back home.”

The mood was still a little awkward, and the stifled air remained all the way until they reached the Mu residence. The joy of reuniting with the whole family flushed away the bitterness.

Inside the Mu residence, Wang Hui and Zhuang Shurong were pretty much done preparing dinner. When they saw Mu Lingshi, everyone’s faces shone with rare happiness.

Wang Hui pulled at Mu Lingshi and started to nag, her eyes filled with deep concern. “It’s marvelous that you’re back! Rest for a while and just let your brother arrange everything. What’s so great about a girl who keeps running abroad? You don’t even have anyone to take care of you when you’re sick. You are the one who ends up suffering.”



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