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(Because Of Love? (1)

Xi Xiaye watched Shen Wenna who had fallen silent for a long time. Finally, she did not say anything anymore and turned to leave the study room.

Outside, Mu Yuchen had already kept all the dishes away and was watching the television on the sofa.

“Let’s go take a walk outside.”

Xi Xiaye handed him a cup of tea as she said, “It’s the weekend. The students have all gone out, so there aren’t many people around…”

He reached out to take the tea before lowering his head to sip it. Then, he nodded after seeing the sorrow that gathered between her brows. He set the cup aside and got up. “Go put on your windbreaker.”

Xi Xiaye responded, peering hesitantly at the study room. She lowered her gaze to think, then stood at the door to announce, “Mother, we want to take a walk around the school.”

After she said this, Shen Wenna did not answer either. Xi Xiaye stayed silent for a while, then whirled around to grab the windbreaker on the rack.

At this moment, Shen Wenna’s voice finally came from behind. “The car keys are on the shelf by the door.”


University A was huge and it would take almost an hour to walk from the south entrance to the north entrance. Apart from the Nissan downstairs, there were also the tram and bike. The tram was usually the best choice for going to classes. Shen Wenna had bought the bike, especially for Xi Xiaye. Whenever Xi Xiaye came over with Su Nan, the two of them used to roam around the university grounds on the bike.

Downstairs, Mu Yuchen stared at the car keys Xi Xiaye handed him, not taking it after a long time.

When she saw him not moving for a long while, Xi Xiaye suddenly raised her brows and looked at him in surprise. “Don’t tell me you don’t know how to ride a bike.”

Without a word, he just squinted and looked at her thoughtfully. Just as he was about to say something, Xi Xiaye had already taken the keys back and sighed as she volunteered, “Alright, so there’s finally something that you can’t do. I’ll drive you…”

Before she could finish, he had already taken the keys back and swiftly started the bike, he shot her a side glance, then she shrugged and walked over too.

“Later, I’ll ask them to prepare a mountain bike for you. Every weekend, in the evening, we’ll go around the villa. You still need more practice,” he said, then he quickly took control of the bike and turned to look at her.

“I don’t want to. I think I already have had tons of training.” Xi Xiaye frowned as she responded. After that, she got into the backseat, while she held onto his shirt by his waist.

The entire university was rather empty. The pathway that led to the third teaching building was covered in peach blossom petals. Once in a while, they could see young couples taking pictures underneath the peach blossom trees, or riding their bicycles under the trees like them. The tinkle of light, cheerful laughter could be heard from time to time.

Xi Xiaye watched them and suddenly felt a little envious. Involuntarily, she tightened her grip onto the man’s shirt and could not help but say, “Do you feel like, in this phase of theirs, it feels like love is really simple and really… There just isn’t that many restrictions and overthinking… Just two people together… All because they like each other…”

He hesitated for a long while, before saying, “It’s very simple and pure, but feelings like these will always lose to reality, so you don’t have to envy them. People like us are the best. How many people have actually built their happiness based on other people’s perceptions? So, Missus, you have to turn this envy into action. No one else can give us these things; we can only fight for it ourselves.”

She listened and understood what he meant. However, she did not answer. Instead, her hand that was curled around his waist tightened, and she fell silent for a while. Then, she suddenly remembered that a very, very long time ago she had heard of this one song. Somehow, she could not recall its name.

Everyone couldn’t find this despair and gave up, but you’d always arrive right when I’m in danger. I just don’t know much, but that justice is guided by you…

Of all times, apart from the role of a husband and lover, she felt like she related to him more like a teacher and a friend. She could not question every word he uttered to her. Even she did not know why when it came to him, she could be so willing to trust without rejecting at all.

The feeling was actually horrible if you thought about it because it would create a sense of reliance, and once this thing you were reliant on was lost, one would not be able to bear it.

Su Nan had said, “Xiaye, quickly bear a child for Mu Yuchen and tie him down. You won’t have to worry about him running off then. That way, his heart will settle down. If a woman is willing to bear children for that man, then she’s definitely planning to spend the rest of her life with him.”

She did not know whether this was right. She just suddenly remembered Shen Wenna and Xi Mushan. As their daughter, would she not be able to tie them to each other?

As she thought about this, she suddenly felt a sinking feeling in her heart. She could not help but ask him, “Mu Yuchen, if we have children in the future…”

As she said this, her voice gradually dropped as she looked down at the peach blossom petals that were scattered all over the floor and did not continue.

Mu Yuchen glanced down at her hand that was around his waist. He waited for a long while, yet she did not continue.

He could not stand her words that seemed to tease him, so he pleaded, “Finish what you were saying.”

“I said, if we have children in the future, you must treat them better just like how you’re treating me now. You have to be a loving father, and you must have a good reputation. Apart from a father and child bond, you have to be good friends and good buddies. You also have to be like their teacher…”

Mu Yuchen listened and was stunned for a while. Frozen, he thought about it, then chuckled. “It’s so hard to be your child’s father, but if the person I’m having a child with is you, I don’t mind working a little harder.”

As he said this, his still eyes brightened up a little. Unexpectedly, he felt excited for some reason.

“Did you think it’d be easy?” She just answered matter-of-factly.

The husband and wife naturally did not know that as they were passing under the peach blossom tree, Xi Mushan was taking everything in.

“Mayor, actually Master Mu and Miss Xiaye look pretty well-matched,” Secretary Ah Hui suddenly commented softly from the side. “In fact, Master Mu seems to treat Miss Xiaye well, so, Mayor, you don’t have to worry so much.”

As Xi Mushan listened to his secretary, he was stunned for a moment. Then, he nodded. Watching them, he suddenly remembered being with Shen Wenna back then. Years ago, they had also once…

Yet, he did stay on. At last, he just looked ahead at the figures that gradually moved away. All of a sudden, he closed his eyes, breathed in, and relaxed a little. Then, he opened his eyes before getting into the car.

“Let’s go. Let’s make a trip to Hospital T,” he declared, then leaned back to close his eyes and rest, feeling exhausted.

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