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(To Dote On (3)

Her genuine expression made him feel warm inside and his heart softened for her.

It was the first time someone said they would protect him, and this was coming from a frail little woman he had to constantly worry about.

He smiled, an odd light flashing in his eyes before he held her in his arms and said quietly, “Thank you, Xiaye. How I wish that I could have met you earlier. I wouldn’t have needed to waste so much time before…”

Stunned, she raised her eyebrows and looked at him as she stammered “Mr. Mu, judging from your words… Could it be… Am I… I’m that to you?”

“That?” He asked back.

“Am I… your… first love?” She looked at him carefully and asked with a quiet tone.

Mu Yuchen took a pause, his dark eyes shooting her a meaningful glance. Instead of answering her, he turned his head away and barked out several coughs.

“So, am I?” She was persistent in getting her answer this time. “Am I? Am I… Mmm!”

In the end, instead of replying her, he kissed her passionately. How would Xi Xiaye still remember her question at this point?

She drowned in his breathy kisses for a long time. He picked her up effortlessly and they went back into the bedroom to continue sleeping.

However, they were both not really sleepy. They started chatting on the bed instead, talking about all sorts of topics, mostly consisting of Xi Xiaye firing questions and Mr. Mu answering them. For example —

She asked, “Mr. Mu, what colors do you like?”

He replied, “Black and white.”

She ranted, “Mr. Mu, do you still remember the Deputy Head of Department Wei? I heard he’s the Deputy Headmaster now. He caught both me and Su Nan so many times in the past.”

He gave it some thought before replying, “That fatty with the glasses? The one handling student recruitment now?”

“Mmm, I saw him a few days ago at the New Era Plaza. I almost couldn’t recognize him. I’m sure you didn’t know his lover is our… Mu Yuchen? Are you asleep? Hello…?”

The next morning, it was nearly 10 a.m. when she woke up. After Xi Xiaye washed up and went downstairs, Mu Yuchen had already prepared breakfast.

They went to University A after a light breakfast. Shen Wenna called them beforehand and said she had bought the ingredients and wanted them to head over earlier.

Shen Wenna’s hostel in University A consisted of two rooms and a living room. While it was a decade-old house, it was decorated comfortably. She would usually stay there when work piled up.

When Xi Xiaye and Mu Yuchen arrived, several students were talking to Shen Wenna about their thesis, so the couple took on the job of preparing lunch.

When the students saw Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye, they addressed them as “Sis Xiaye” and “brother-in-law”. It was really music to Mu Yuchen ears, and he even invited them to stay for lunch before heading back, but the students were shy and quickly left after their discussion. They did not want to bother them.

“Mother, set your things aside. Lunch is going to be ready soon,” Xi Xiaye said to her mother as she was coming out of the kitchen with a dish in her hands. Shen Wenna was still busy working in her study room.

Shen Wenna nodded, quickly packing her things before walking out of the study room.

“I thought you were only guiding thesis students now. Why do you still have these big stacks of assignments?” Xi Xiaye put the dish on the table as she asked.

“Teacher Zhang in the department went overseas for a course on short notice, so I’m replacing him for a semester,” Shen Wenna replied indifferently. Before she could finish, Xi Xiaye’s phone started ringing in her shirt pocket. She looked at it and saw that it was her father, Xi Mushan!

Xi Xiaye unconsciously glanced over at Shen Wenna’s direction. Naturally, she saw her slightly darkened eyes. As she was hesitating whether to pick up the call or not, Shen Wenna spoke, “Pick it up. I’m going to take a look in the kitchen.” She swiftly disappeared into the kitchen.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath and her expression turned complicated. She only picked up the call after a while.

“Hello, Father?”

“Mmm, it’s me, Xiaye.” Xi Mushan’s deep voice reached her ears. “I know you’re at your mother’s place. Can you come down for a moment? Help me pass something to your mother. I’m right downstairs.”


Startled, Xi Xiaye walked over the the window and raised the curtain. She then saw Xi Mushan standing right under the tree opposite the house in his usual suit.

After staying quiet for a while, Xi Xiaye turned back to the kitchen. She could hear Shen Wenna and Mu Yuchen talking. Upon debating internally for some time, she grabbed the keys and went downstairs quietly.

As she walked down from the staircase, Xi Mushan was standing right there. He seemed much skinnier than before and the serious vibes around him were much weaker. He seemed quiet, dead quiet.

“Didn’t Mother ask you to not come?” Xi Xiaye stopped right beside him and looked at him with a complicated gaze.

It was the Peach Blossom Festival at University A tomorrow. Xi Mushan would send Shen Wenna gifts every year on this day. Xi Xiaye also knew that today was their wedding anniversary.

Xi Mushan did not reply to her. He just looked at Xi Xiaye in the eyes silently as he handed a bag to her. “Please hand it to her for me.”

After giving it some thought, Xi Xiaye did not take the bag. She looked at Xi Mushan and asked him a question instead, “Mother is just upstairs. Why don’t you give it to her yourself?”

Xi Mushan stayed quiet. After a while, he sighed before stuffing the bag into Xi Xiaye’s hands. He seemed defeated. “She doesn’t want to see me… I don’t want to ruin her mood either.”

“You can go back now. Help me pass her the items. I’ll be leaving now.”

Xi Mushan’s eyes darkened as he looked at Xi Xiaye. He did not want to say anything else, so he turned around and left.

Xi Xiaye wanted to call out to him. However, the words could not come out of her mouth.

She thought he might ask her about Xi Xinyi’s matter, yet he was just here to give her mother something.

At the same time, she had no idea how to phrase it well. Since a very long time ago, he had no more relationship with her mother. Apart from being connected by a daughter they conceived together, they did not seem to be related anymore.

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