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(Heavy Bomb (5)

In contrast to the harmonious vibe at Maple Residence, things were hectic at the emergency ward in Hospital T.

Deng Wenwen’s eyes flew wide open as she stared at her darkened phone screen. Her eyes stared at it still as her body froze as if she had lost all her senses. Yue Lingsi was worried.

“Mother, what’s wrong? Mother!”

Deng Wenwen did not react even after calling out to her several times. Shaking her head a little, Yue Lingsi nudged her back to her senses. She stared at Yue Lingsi blankly and murmured, “Wife? Mu Yuchen… Lingsi, what’s happening? Mu Yuchen… Master Mu sent those things… and did he say ‘wife’? He said Xi Xiaye is his wife. What’s happening?”

Deng Wenwen still had not recovered from the shock of the call moments ago. She could only remember a man snatching the phone away from Xi Xiaye and saying that he was Mu Yuchen. He also mentioned Xi Xiaye being his wife. She must not have heard him wrong, did she?

Mu Yuchen?

It should not be anyone else except the President of Glory World Corporation, Mu Yuchen, should it?

Earlier on, she could already sense that his relationship with Xi Xiaye was not ordinary. Could Xi Xiaye have gotten together with him? Did she become his lover or something?

“Mother, what are you talking about? What about Master Mu and his wife?”

Yue Lingsi had no idea what Deng Wenwen was talking about. “Mother, did that witch Xi Xiaye do it? This is absurd! I guessed it must have been her! No matter what, she should’ve considered the occasion today. Now, my father… and Xinyi… What should we do? She’s just trying to give us a hard time! Xiaye is so arrogant! Can’t we talk it out? All those happened in the past. No matter what, she shouldn’t have done it on a day like this! I’m just terribly frustrated! And now we don’t know how Xinyi is! If something bad happens to her baby, I’m going to make Xiaye take responsibility for it!”

Yue Lingsi could not hold her feelings in and started exclaiming, “We’ve waited for so long, and now she’s become like this. Yifeng”

“Okay, Xiao Ling, calm down and let’s just wait and see how Xinyi is doing,” Huang Ziyao comforted her with a frown. She was not pleased. Of course, she did not forget how angry Elder Hanwas before they left!

Not forgetting Elder Yue’s reaction from before and Han Yifeng’s absence right now!

Huang Ziyao was having a headache just thinking about it. Xi Xinyi’s condition was still unknown and things had become chaotic once again!

Today was supposed to be a happy day since the young couple got married, but it turned out like this!

What Huang Ziyao could not accept was that she could not believe Xi Xinyi whom she had been looking after ever since she was a little child would do something like that. In her impression, Xi Xinyi had always been a nice and kind girl.

Could it be that she really loved Yifeng too much that she resorted to those tricks?

“How can I calm down now? How can I? Xinyi is really exhausted, and now… I really don’t know what to say”

Yue Lingsi’s eyes turned downcast. She had seen the video content as well. Of course, she was shocked and could not believe Xi Xinyi would did those things as well, but as she thought about how Xi Xinyi felt towards Han Yifeng, she understood it very well. In fact, no one could understand it better than her!

Back then, in order to get Xi Mushan, she too had

When she saw Xi Xinyi now, she could feel her heart aching. Seeing Xi Xinyi reminded her of her past self her wicked and pathetic self!

Fortunately, Han Yifeng loved her in the end!

Things had turned out better for her, unlike for herself.

“Okay, we’ll wait for the doctor’s report later. Don’t worry about it for now.”

Huang Ziyao did not know what else to say. She felt as if something was stuck in her throat and she could not swallow or spit it out, much to her irritation!

“Ziyao, I’m sorry. As for my father, he just loves Xinyi too much. I”

There were tears in Yue Lingsi’s eyes and she seemed worried. “Yifeng”

“Let him be alone for some time. This must be a huge impact on him. Sigh!”Huang Ziyao could only lament.

“Mother, what should we do now? Father went back quietly just now. Should we just let this be?” Yue Lingsi turned to face Deng Wenwen and asked.

Deng Wenwen took a deep breath. Although she had finally recovered fully, there were some doubts in her eyes. After a while, she looked at Yue Lingsi and replied, “Your father’s health isn’t great. Let’s not bother him about it.”

Ever since the incident of forcing Xi Xiaye signing the contract the last time, Xi Jiyang had explicitly warned that he would not be involved in their matters again. He could not take it by standing in between them especially since he understood Deng Wenwen’s personality very well. If he acted kindly towards Xiaye, she would just suffer more.

Deng Wenwen kept quiet, a sharp light glimmering in her eyes.

“Lingsi, don’t you know a lot of people? Get people to investigate Master Mu from Glory World Corporation, Mu Yuchen, and his relationship with Xi Xiaye. Mu Yuchen said he sent those stuff over tonight!” Deng Wenwen told Yue Lingsi.

Yue Lingsi and Huang Ziyao were both shocked!

“What? That video was sent by Mu Yuchen? Master Mu from Glory World?”

Huang Ziyao’s eyes almost popped out as she turned to Yue Lingsi in disbelief.

Yue Lingsi was stunned, but she realized something when she heard Deng Wenwen’s words!

Master Mu had defended Xi Xiaye several times before, and it was him again this time. Was his this determined to protect Xi Xiaye?


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