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(Heavy Bomb (4)

“By the way, the court called me today and told me that they took the case on. Are we going to get the results soon?” Xi Xiaye suddenly remembered when she was tidying up the wardrobe.

Mu Yuchen looked up from the book and focused on her. He replied her after some thought, “With enough evidence, the results will come quickly.”

Xi Xiaye nodded. “I really hope we can get the results as soon as possible. Father”

Before Xi Xiaye could finish her sentence, her phone by the bedside started ringing. She took a deep breath and went over slowly to pick the call up. It was an unknown number.


“Xi Xiaye, I just want to ask you. Did you do it? No matter how Xinyi is, don’t you know that today’s her big day with Yifeng? Did you send those stuff to ruin them? Just what were you thinking? Can’t we talk about it at a later date? How dare you?!”

Deng Wenwen’s stern, aged voice reached her with a questioning tone. “Do you know that Xin Er is now in the emergency ward!? I don’t care what happened between you two, but if you’re going to create chaos for the Xi family and Yueying, I’m going to disagree with that!”

Deng Wenwen’s berating confused Xi Xiaye.

What was that about?

Xi Xinyi was in the hospital?

What did she mean?

She remembered that Su Nan had called her today and told her that Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi were married today, so they should be having a celebratory dinner at home.

But how was this related to her? Deng Wenwen’s unreasonable criticism made Xi Xiaye upset and her voice turned cold. “Elder Madam Xi, I’m sorry. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t act innocent! Didn’t you send those videos over? You still aren’t admitting it? You’re just trying to belittle us in front of the two families! Are you trying to destroy Yueying?”

Deng Wenwen sounded furious. Even on the other end of the phone, Xi Xiaye could imagine how she was yelling into the phone. As she was about to reply, the man beside her closed his book and grabbed the phone away from her.

Deng Wenwen still went on with her angry rant, her fiery tone making Mu Yuchen frown. He glanced at Xi Xiaye. What a difference in treatment! Just how did she survive in the Xi family?

The truth had been exposed, yet they could still be so protective of Xi Xinyi. So, they still thought of Xi Xinyi as one of their own. What about Xi Xiayethen?

After listening to her irritating voice, it was the first time in Mu Yuchen’s life that he had the urge to punch someone. Aside from feeling sorry for her, he felt disgusted by these people.

“Elder Madam Xi, I, Mu Yuchen got someone to send the stuff over. It has nothing to do with my wife. If you have a problem with that, you can look for me. Xi Xinyi was really rude to my wife during the wedding dinner. Do you think I’d just let her go easily?”

Mu Yuchen grinned coldly. On the other end of the phone, Deng Wenwen still could not react. He hung up and switched the phone offbefore handing it back to the confused Xi Xiaye.

“What did you do? I heard her mention about some video, and that Xi Xinyi is hospitalized?” Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows in surprise as she took her phone back from him.

Mu Yuchen’s angry eyes softened when he heard her voice. He grabbed the blanket and lay down on the bed. He took the book back up and continued reading again. “It’s just a unique little gift. They just have a low tolerance.”

His tone held a hint of humor.

“What kind of unique little gift?” She asked doubtfully as she stared at him.

He did not reply. After a while, he raised his head and saw her still staring at him. “It’s something that proves your innocence about the military academy matter. I just wanted Xi Xinyi to enjoy the feeling tonight when their family gathered around. Who did I do this for? What kind of eyes are you looking at me with?”

“I never knew that you were the big bad wolf all along.” Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes at him, but of course, her heart was touched. She held onto her phone tightly as she looked at him.

He lay down on his side and rest his head on his hand, shaking with laughter quietly. “If my enemy respects me, I’ll respect him. If my enemy hurts me, I’ll do the same.”

“You’re speaking as if you’re an assassin from the ancient times.”

She left her phone on the table and then sat down on the bed, her eyes meeting his. She wanted to say something but she could not find the right words. She did not want to say any more words of gratitude, but the way he treated her

After a long while, she sighed, “Sometimes, I feel like I become much weaker when I’m with you. I’ve totally changed roles from being a protector all along.”

“Protector? Who did you protect? Mother?”

He chuckled when he saw her downcast expression. Patting her head, she sighed, “Missus, have I ever told you that you’re the silliest woman I’ve ever met?”

Silly. So silly of her to always try to protect others when she could not even protect herself. She always seemed strong and cold on the outside but was extremely soft on the inside.

“I’m just tired of these, alright? I already have to deal with tricks in the world of business. It’d be really exhausting if I have to be wary in my daily life too. Don’t you think so?” She defended herself.

His patting hand stopped suddenly as he gave her a meaningful glance, “Do you think God sent you to the world just to enjoy?”

“A certain someone told me some time ago that life should be enjoyed and asked me to visit the spa centers more often. I wonder who it was!” Xi Xiaye glared at him as she spoke.

He raised his eyebrows. “Who said that? Did I say that? My dear, you’re a natural beauty. You’re always gorgeous without even needing any beauty services”

Before he could finish, Mrs. Mu threw a pillow at him. “Trying to fake amnesia? I’m talking about you. Don’t move!”

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  1. Am so so happy right now just as if am mr and mrs mu ,God I can't imagine the shock madam deng would have receive cos she can't even comprehend that xiaye is married.



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