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(Heavy Bomb (3)

“No! That’s not it, Yifeng! Listen to me! Please listen to me!”

“Listen to you? What else do you have to say about this? If I’m not wrong, the exposure of Xiaye’s expulsion was done by you, wasn’t it? Only you and know it the best. What more do you have to say for yourself?”

Han Yifeng grabbed the papers and flung them towards Xi Xinyi angrily. His eyes were burning with rage as he stared at her coldly. “So, you’ve been treating me like a toy and playing with me ever since? Using my trust and lying to me?”

The papers hit Xi Xinyi like a heavy hammer, thudding a heavy impact on her heart. She shed endless tears and felt remorseful as she held onto Han Yifeng. “I’m sorry, Yifeng! I really am… I’ll change. I’ll change all of my bad habits! I’m too in love with you. If I don’t fight for you, are you asking me to suffer in pain to death?”

“I’ve decided to give up everything and start anew. I want to be your good wife, so please, let the past stay in the past. We’ll start over again, okay? Please”

Xi Xinyi could not care less about the tears all over her face. She grabbed Han Yifeng’s arm tightly, refusing to let him leave.

“Let go of me! Married? This is the most ironic word in this world right now!”

Han Yifeng’s chest almost burst. If he did not control himself, he could be strangling this woman to death at that moment.

He had treated her preciously, was willing to take on the traitor’s role for her and hurt his fiance back then. However, what he got in return was a decade-long lie!

Was this karma?

After putting up with her selfish decisions, again and again, he struggled for a long time before accepting her again and was even willing to marry her and start their life anew for the child inside her.

But now?

How could she!?

If it was about the stabbing incident, he could still tolerate it and let it go because Han Yifeng himself liked Xi Xinyi before then as well. However, as more and more bits of truth were revealed to him, how could he believe that the woman he had been protecting was someone like this?

Most unfortunately, he just got married to her!

“No! No! Yifeng, please don’t be like this”

Xi Xinyi flung her arms around Han Yifeng’s waist, her loud wail making Yue Lingsi, Huang Ziyao, and the others return to their senses.

“Xinyi, I think we need some time apart. Let go of me!”

Exhausted, Han Yifeng pulled Xi Xinyi’s hands away coldly and was about to leave.

“No! Yifeng, don’t go! No”

“Stop right there! Stop!”

What happened next was unexpected. No one could react as they saw what unfolded before them, especially Huang Ziyao and the others!

Elder Yue yelled at them as he slammed the table once again, “What do you mean now? Do you still treat us as your elders with that attitude of yours?”

“Xinyi, you… Yifeng,don’t be rash. Everyone, let’s calm down. This is not solving anything!” Han Yu finally spoke up, glancing over at Elder Han’s darkened expression with his knitted brows. He looked at Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi. “What’s happening? About Xiaye”

“It’s all in the disc and those documents. Take a look at them yourself. I need some time alone. I’m sorry!”

Han Yifeng’s expression went cold as he pushed Xi Xinyi’s hands away once again, ignoring her pathetic cries he walked out of the villa.

His behavior infuriated Elder Yue!

Deng Wenwen looked terrible as well as Yue Lingsi stared blankly at Elder Yue. Xi Jiyang seemed calm while Elder Han’s eyes stayed wide.

Elder Han stood up angrily and hissed, “I don’t care. Since Yifeng is married to Xin Er now, he shouldn’t have acted that way. Xin Er still has the Han family’s baby in her womb. Don’t blame me for taking action if she’s saddened in any way! Damn it!”

Elder Yue could not stay there anymore with the drama that just happened. He huffed before leaving angrily.

“Xinyi, what’s happening? Did you really do that to Xiaye?” Huang Ziyao looked at Xi Xinyi in disbelief.

That was really cruel!

Did she not know that was basically ruining Xiaye’s life?

“Mother, Yifeng… Yifeng doesn’t want me anymore. He’s angry with me”

Xi Xinyi suddenly felt weak as she went limp and passed out. In shock, Huang Ziyao quickly held Xi Xinyi.

“Xinyi, what’s wrong?”


“Xin Er!”

Several voices echoed together as everybody rushed over.

In the end, Xi Xinyi was sent into Hospital T. Once again, the celebratory dinner had an unhappy conclusion.

Han Yifeng was driving around like a madman on an empty highway. The cold wind crept in from the window, slicing his face painfully. He could feel knives going through his heart. It was so painful that he almost fainted.

He was not sure if the agony was for Xi Xiaye who had been bearing these scars, or for Xi Xinyi whom he loved so much. When the truth was presented right before him, he did not have the courage to face it.

Unable to take it anymore, he parked his car and rested his head on the steering while panting heavily. What had he been working for all this while?

In Maple Residence, atthe Grand Waves Villa area.

Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye went home after dinner. While he was in a jovial mood, he was pretty tired after spending a whole day with Zhou Zimo and the others, so he went straight to bed after a shower. He was flipping through a book casually and from time to time, glanced at the woman who was tidying the wardrobe.


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