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(Heavy Bomb (2)

A gift for Mr. Han and Ms. Xi!

Han Yifeng squinted as he glanced through the card. It did not look like anything special, so he put it aside before opening the box.

It was a VCD inside and there seemed to be something else underneath it.

Han Yifeng picked up the VCD curiously. He went towards the video player machine after a moment of hesitation. Then, he retreated to the sofa and grabbed the remote control and started playing the disc.

After some buffering, Xi Xinyi appeared on the screen. There was another man with her and they were in a corner of a coffee shop.

The video seemed pretty dated. Xi Xinyi was still in her teenage years while the graphic was a little blurry and the audio was weak. Xi Xinyi could be heard addressing that man as her cousin.

This person seemed a little familiar. Han Yifeng felt like he had seen him before!

His eyes stared right at the screen. He then saw that Xi Xinyi handed a cheque-like paper and a thick envelope to the man.

The audio was not exactly clear. However, Han Yifeng could only hear fragments of conversation.

“This is the cheque… and $ 30,000. After it’s done, I’ll make sure to reward you better.”

The man quickly took the package. Xi Xinyi seemed like she was hesitating. After some struggle, she grabbed a bag of pills from her bag and gave it to the man. “It’s up to you whether you want to use it or not… as long as… you can make her leave on her own”

“Don’t worry. It’s just one Xi Xiaye! I’ll make sure to get it done. Han Yifeng and the Han family will be yours when the time comes”

“Of course, I won’t forget about you. Wait for a few days before doing it.”

“Got it.”

The next scene showed Xi Xiaye’s conversation with Yang Jianfeng at the field the other day.

“If I’d known that you were so hard to manage, I should’ve used the drugs and kill you then and there! Let the sexy pictures of you splash across the headlines on all the media!”

“I just fancied your good looks. Ha! It’s not like you haven’t played around before, so why do you have to pretend? Han Yifeng’s heart isn’t with you. Given your little identity, are you even a match for my cousin? Even an idiot wouldn’t choose you. You’re just like your father back then, so stupid that he gave up an instant boost in his career!”

“So, you don’t plan to let go of this chance to help Xi Xinyi ruin me? Back then, Xi Xinyi successfully made Han Yifeng dislike me and look down on me. Why does she have to push me to the edge before she’s happy?”

“Ha, obviously, it’s to make sure you can never make a comeback! To make sure you’ll never be able to enter the Han family! That’s the only way I’ll be really assured. I’ve told my cousin that’s the only way you wouldn’t be a threat to her!”

Han Yifeng’s body tensed up. He stared at Yang Jianfeng who was blind in one eye. He was the reason why Xi Xiaye had been expelled back then in the first place!


Han Yifeng’s grip loosened on the glass. As a result, it fell and shattered into pieces on the floor. At that moment, Xi Xinyi and the others all turned around towards the screen when they heard the ferocious voice of Yang Jianfeng from the television.

Xi Xinyi was stunned upon watching the clip. Her expression changed drastically after a moment and she screamed before rushing over to Han Yifeng’s side frantically.

“Yifeng! Yifeng! That’s not true! It’s not true! Listen to me! Please listen to me!”

In her panic, Xi Xinyi grabbed Han Yifeng’s shirt as she was trying to explain herself. Han Yifeng shook her hands off before looking into the deeper layer of the gift box. He turned it upside down and poured everything out. It consisted of photos of Xi Xinyi meeting Yang Jianfeng as well as the transaction records between them.


Han Yifeng flipped through the photos and papers until he was absolutely flabbergasted.

“Yifeng… Yifeng,listen to me. These aren’t real”

Xi Xinyi’s face turned pale as she was defending herself frenetically, but she could not come up with a valid excuse. Her language and expression only amplified her helplessness.

Did she not arrange Yang Jianfeng to go abroad? Why was this video here?

Han Yifeng turned towards Xi Xinyi in disgust. He still could not believe it. His eyes were filled with shock, disappointment, anger, and even heartbreak.

All his emotions were mixed up as he fell into a gloomy dejection. He stared at Xi Xinyi straight for some time before closing his eyes as he took a deep breath. He opened his eyes again and looked at Xi Xinyi’s pale face, thrusting the photos and papers right in front of her. “What are these? Explain to me what the videos mean!”

“Yifeng… I… I”

Trembling, she looked at Han Yifeng in fear as she was tongue-tied.

Han Yifeng stared at her. After a while, he had on a cold, sad smile on his face. He took a deep breath before letting go of the photos and papers slowly. “Cruel… So cruel, Xinyi. To make sure she doesn’t make a comeback ever again? To make it impossible for her to get in the Han family? How could you?”

“No! That’s not it, Yifeng! I didn’t expect something like that would happen. I just wanted Sister to back off on her own. I just wanted to make her feel inadequate with you and hope that she’d leave. I never thought of hurting her ever! Yifeng, you have to believe me! You have to!” Xi Xinyi explained frantically as tears fell. She seemed exhausted but still held onto Han Yifeng’s sleeve tightly.

“Believe you?”

Han Yifeng laughed maniacally at himself before suddenly staring at her fragile little face. Her teary expression was really pitiful. “I trusted you too much and you threw it all away, lying to me again and again!”

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