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(Heavy Bomb (1)


The sound of glasses tinkling marked the end of the toast.

“Since the both of you are married and Xinyi is bearing a Han descendant, stop being involved in scandals anymore. Us Han family, your maternal grandfather’s Yue family, as well as your Xi family, are close friends. I hope that there’ll be no more scandals in the future. Leave your current career, Xinyi. You can go back to Yueying, or even work in the Han Corporation after you’ve given birth.”

It was Elder Han who spoke up. While he was almost 80 years old, he still seemed energetic and had a pair of sharp eyes as if he could see through people. His outward appearance seemed rather stern and overbearing.

“Grandfather, I… I know. I will”

Xi Xinyi trembled a little when speaking to Elder Han. She grabbed onto Han Yifeng’s hand anxiously, gazing at Han Yifeng with her frail and gentle eyes when she replied Elder Han.

“Don’t worry, Elder Han. Xinyi has already decided to retire. She’ll be staying by Yifeng’s side in the future. Hopefully, she’ll be of help to Yifeng.”

Yue Lingsi helped Xi Xinyi out when she saw her anxious look.

“Okay, it’s fine then. Yifeng, Xin Er is the Yue family’s precious baby. You can’t make her sad, understood?”

Elder Yue loved Xi Xinyi very much, so he became a little protective when he saw Xi Xinyi being pressured.

“That’s enough, everyone. Yifeng and Xin Er are a perfect couple. I believe that Yifeng will take care of her well. Things wouldn’t have become like this if it weren’t for Xiaye and whatever happened on Yueying’s side… but now, Yueying is all fine thanks to Yifeng!” Deng Wenwen voiced out.

“True, things have been hectic recently. Xiaye really overdid it this time. I heard that she even”

The quiet Xi Jiyang finally spoke up,“Let’s not talk about someone else when it’s Yifeng and Xinyi’s big day. We’ll go on with our peaceful lives. Don’t bother the others.”

“It’s her that’s bothering us. Elder Xi, why do I feel a little irritated by your words? I heard that Xi Mushan is in a bit of a rut because of this. Is it true that the Discipline Inspection Department is launching an investigation?” Elder Yue mocked Xi Jiyang’s words.

Xi Jiyang and Elder Yue were never really friendly with each other. Because of what had happened back then with Xi Mushan and Yue Lingsi, the Xis and the Yues were never really happy with each other. This still held true even until today.

Deng Wenwen nudged Xi Jiyang with her elbow as she threw him a frown.

“I find it weird as well. Why isn’t Mushan here tonight? How can he, as Xinyi’s father, miss out on their big day?”

Elder Han started to question, “Is he really in trouble because of Xiaye?”

Yue Lingsi and Deng Wenwen started to look uneasy. The atmosphere around the dining table suddenly turned stiff as everyone went silent.

“I’m full. Please continue enjoying the meal.” Han Yifeng’s deep voice broke the silence as he put his bowl and chopsticks down as he stood up.

“Yifeng!” Xi Xinyi pulled on him, her eyes begging. “Eat a little more. You’ve hardly touched the food…”

She was feeling scared and worried inside. The whole time she was just focused on Han Yifeng, she could sense that things were strained between them. Although their marriage should be a happy event, he felt more distant than ever.

Han Yifeng took a deep breath to soothe the suffocation in his chest. “I’m not really hungry. I’ll have some tea over there.”

Before anyone could react, he went towards the sofa.

Elder Yue was really displeased with Han Yifeng’s attitude. He could not help but slam the table when he saw Han Yifeng sitting down on the sofa!

The first time, Han Yifeng did not sign the marriage contract and was absent from the dinner. Now, he still had the same attitude for the second time? How dare he?

“Grandfather! Yifeng’s been busy recently and I’m sure he’s tired. Let him be. Let’s continue. Here’s your favourite!”

Shocked, Xi Xinyi swiftly comforted Elder Yue. Huang Ziyao shot Han Yifeng a frowning glare. As she was about to say something, the sound of hurried footsteps came from outside.

“Master, someone gave you and Missus a gift. It’s said to be a wedding gift for you and Missus!” The servant brought Han Yifeng a gift box.

Everyone seemed doubtful. Not many people knew about Xi Xinyi staying here, so who could it be?

Han Yifeng’s eyes were alert. He hesitated for a moment before taking it.

It was a nicely wrapped gift. There was even a pretty card on it. When he opened the card, there was no signature on it, just a single sentence.


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