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( Pick Her Up From Work (2)

Mu Yuchen beamed, his dark eyes filled with glitter as he spoke in his deep voice, “Don’t worry. There isn’t any special meaning behind it. I’m just feeling great today.”

He pulled her up and sat down on her chair. Then, he slid his arms around her waist. She did not reject him and just sat down on his lap, holding onto the bouquet of flowers tightly.

“Did you close a big deal?” She was grinning happily as she gave the fresh flowers a deep sniff.

He gave her a secretive smile. Instead of answering, he took the flowers awayand held her tightly.

Of course, he would not tell her that Ah Mo had informed him about Han Yifeng signing on the marriage contract obediently and was now drinking alone in a quiet bar!

He had finally got rid of this risk. How could he not bepleased?

Xi Xiaye put her arms around his shoulder and asked,“How did you know that I was still in the office?”

“I called the Shen Residence. Your phone is on silent again, isn’t it?”

As if he knew every little thing about her, Xi Xiaye noticed that she had nothing to hide before him. However, he was like a deep ocean, and she could only reach his shallow pool.

Slightly troubled, she squinted at him as she thought to herself, ‘Is it time to finally get to know him better?’

“It’s an off day tomorrow. Shall we visit University A together? I heard the cherry blossoms are really beautiful there and I’ve been longing to go check them out. Back then, Mother actually disagreed with my admittance into the military school and wanted me to study at University A instead. She once thought of me becoming a lecturer with her in University A as well. Well, who knew?”

Suddenly, Xi Xiaye’s eyes turned skeptical.

“Why did you choose to attend the military academy back then?” He became curious, his eyes sparkling with interest and he seemed to look forward to her answer.

Xi Xiaye just shrugged and gave him an indifferent reply, “It was nothing very special actually. You know that my grandpa used to serve in the army. He’s still keeping some of the habits he got from serving the army, and I actually quite like the idea of arming myself on a battlefield. I have a dream to become a hero”

“A hero? You?” He raised his eyebrows and glanced at her teasingly.

Xi Xiaye straightened her back as she sensed the doubt in his eyes as if he was trying to prove something. “Yes, me! A hero!”

He laughed and did not say anything, but Xi Xiaye was annoyed at him. “What’s so funny? I’m serious!”


“Damn you!”

“Alright, pack your things and go. We’ll go to a restaurant tonight. It’s already pretty late.”

“Then, I want to have French.”


Mu Yuchen left a kiss on her forehead before helping her to pack up. After a while, the couple left the office together.

All the other staff had already gone home, so the building was empty. Mu Yuchen was holding her heavy black briefcase with one hand and had his other hand over Xi Xiaye’s shoulder as they walked together. At the same time, Xi Xiaye was cradling the bouquet of flowers in her arms.

It was a peaceful and beautiful moment, yet Xi Xiaye was not used to it. She struggled away from his arm when they passed the guard on the ground floor.

Mu Yuchen locked his grip onto her shoulder, not letting her go. He glanced over and saw her blushing face, but he decided to not say anything.

Unbeknownst to both of them, photos of them were being taken right then by cameras from outside the building, capturing each and every scene and expression of theirs.

“Let me drive.”

When they arrived atthe car, Xi Xiaye handed the flowers to him before grabbing the car keys from his shirt pocket.

Han Yifeng had drunk quite a fair bit, but he succumbed under the pressure of Elder Han after receiving a call from him, so he still went back to the villa in the end.

Things were already lively when he reached the villa. Everyone was chatting happily as they tucked into the meal on the dining table and watched the press conference regarding the public announcement of the marriage between the Han family and the Xi family.

Han Yifeng’s sudden decision to sign the marriage contract successfully suppressed the negative news about Xi Xinyi. Most news sites were talking about their marriage instead and some magazines even made up stories about a “10-year promise”.

Suddenly, they became everyone’s sweethearts. Han Yifeng’s actions of supporting Xi Xinyi was well-accepted by everyone. Naturally, he became the role model as an ideal man.

“Yifeng, you’re back!”

Xi Xinyi went up to Han Yifeng with a smile the moment he came into the villa. She took the jacket from his hand with a slight blush on her beautiful face. Her eyes brimmed with happiness.

“This is great, Yifeng! We’re finally married! I knew it. You’d never… You’d never really abandon me… I love you, Yifeng!”

Touched, she quickly wrapped her arms around Han Yifeng’s waist, hugging him with a frail, but overjoyed expression. “Thank you, Yifeng.”

Han Yifeng patted on her shoulder lightly and said, “Mmm, let’s eat.”

Xi Xinyi nodded and sat down happily beside him. Her blush deepened when she saw the grin on everyone’s face.

“Look how matching they are. Yifeng, Xinyi, the two of you are finally a married couple now. Xinyi’s been spoilt too much since she was little, so please be lenient with her. Elder Han, Ziyao, we’ll leave Xinyi in your care!”

Yue Lingsi could not help but feel a little blue even though she had a pleased expression on her face when she saw how happy Xi Xinyi was.

“Don’t worry. We’ve always thought of Xinyi like our own daughter and we’re very happy that she’s now married to Yifeng.”

Huang Ziyao smiled. “Now that they are married, we’re now officially in-laws. Here’s to peace between our families. Let’s toast to Yifeng and Xinyi living happily forever from now on!”

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  1. Please send them the Wedding Pressebt soon (court file ),I will be waiting for the picture of Xi xiaye and Mu Yuchen posted online so they can show everyone their certificate .😁



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