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( Pick Her Up From Work (1)

Yue Lingsi, Huang Ziyao and the rest had been attending to things at the villa since the afternoon. They remembered how everyone was so unhappy from the last time, so this time, they planned to make it grander. Firstly, to celebrate and secondly, to convey an apology.

The crowd seemed to be pretty delighted. Even Deng Wenwen who had been down for the past few days was exceptionally happy. She was chatting away with Xi Xinyi.

“Xin Er, I won’t look into all the things have passed anymore. Now that you’re married Yifeng, you’ve become the Head Lady of the Han Corporation. I feel assured to leave Yueying to you too. It’s all thanks to Yifeng for calming things down this time. Finally, the storm has passed. You should quit the showbiz too. All these years, the scandals have come and gone. Everyone’s been troubled by them too…”

Deng Wenwen sighed as she said this, studying Xi Xinyi for a quite while. “I know that you’ve always wanted to be a star since you were young, but you understand how it is now too, so you have to…”

“Grandmother, don’t worry. I’ve come round now. For Yifeng, I can give up on everything, including my dreams. I’ll definitely manage Yueying well, so, Grandmother, you must have confidence in me too!”

“You’re been smart since you were little. You pick up everything so quickly. Of course, I have confidence in you,” Deng Wenwen said with a smile.

“But, Grandmother, Sister… She’s at Yueying…”

When Xi Xiaye was mentioned, Deng Wenwen’s expression instantly changed. Naturally, she did not forget the things that Xi Xiaye had sent to West Park for her to look at. Her eyes narrowed at Xi Xinyi and she said coldly, “Xin Er, if all the things that Xiaye said were true, you have indeed let me down. I hope that you won’t do such things anymore. I hate being used by others. Understand?”

Deng Wenwen’s tone was rather severe as she looked at Xi Xinyi with an exceptionally incisive gaze that startled Xi Xinyi who nodded. “Grandmother, I know that I’m wrong now. I’ll change! I’ll change for the better! I just love Yifeng too much, so I…

“But all these years, I’ve been trying to make up for it, Grandmother. No, Ihavebeen making up for it. I’ve been feeling guilty, so I hoped to wait for her forgiveness, but not only did she not let me off, she even went against Yueying and spread those rumors. Could I have watched her destroy Yueying just like that? Now that she’s managed to ruin me, I just…”

Xi Xinyi’s words softened Deng Wenwen’s expression. “Okay, let’s not talk about these things anymore. Let’s not damage a healthy relationship. Now that things have come to this, we can only take things one step at a time. Your mother has been working hard for the company all these years. Initially, I was already planning to let her take over the company, but she insists on passing it to you. I hope you won’t let me down.”

When she heard Deng Wewen come to this gentle truce, Xi Xinyi’s tightened hands eased a little.“Grandmother, please don’t worry. I’ll definitely bring Yueying to greater heights.”

At this moment, Yue Lingsi’s voice suddenly came from behind.“Mother, Xinyi, what are you two talking about? It’s pretty cold outside. It’s best to go in and have a seat!”

The two of them instantly turned their heads and saw Yue Lingsi walking towards them.

Deng Wenwen looked at Yue Lingsi and suddenly asked,“Any news from Mushan’s end?”

Immediately, Yue Lingsi’s eyes darkened. After quite a while, she answered, “He said he has a dinner thing tonight, so he won’t be coming over.”

“Didn’t you tell him that Xin Er got married today?”

Deng Wenwen frowned. She looked a little disappointedly at Yue Lingsi. “It’s been so many years. You didn’t… Never mind. Forget it. I’ll call him.”

As Deng Wewen said this, she took out her phone to call Xi Mushan. Unfortunately, his number was engaged, so she could only just let it be.

“Isn’t Yifeng back yet?”

“Grandmother, Yifeng says he has to make a trip to the suburbs. He’ll be back later on. Let’s go sit in the living room first. I’ll give him a call to see what time he’ll be back…”

The sky gradually darkened and the end of the office hours had long passed. Still, Xi Xiaye was busy in the office. Since it was a rest day the next day, she might as well finish the work on hand first.

Earlier, she had called the Shen residence. Initially, she wanted to go home to visit, but then Shen Yue went outstation at the last minute while Shen Wenna was busy handling her students’ final thesis. After some thought, Xi Xiaye changed her plans.

It was already early in the evening outside. The neon lights flickered and interweaved, enveloping the entire City Z in a fascinating haziness.

A black Cayenne sped past the wide street and stopped in front of a florist.

Mu Yuchen had just stepped into the store when the lady bossvery enthusiastically greeted him, “Sir, would you like to buy some flowers?” Seeing such an outstandingly handsome man, she could not help but steal an extra glance.

Mu Yuchen’s gaze swept across the abundant fresh flowers. A while after that, his eyes stopped on a bunch of champagne roses. After a moment’s hesitation, he then pointed at them and smiled elegantly. “Give me a bouquet of these.”

He did not actuallyknow what these flowers meant. He just thought they looked gorgeous, so he decided to get them for her.

“Alright, please wait a moment, Sir!”

A while after that, the bouquet of beautiful bouquet roses was finally ready. When Mu Yuchen took it from the lady, he stared at the fully bloomed flowers with satisfaction and suddenly seemed to understand why women liked flowers.

He drove straight to Glory World Corporation.

“Hello, Chairman Mu!”

When the guard by the entrance saw Mu Yuchen enter the company with a huge bouquet of flowers, he was shocked. Naturally, he did not forget to greet him.

Mu Yuchen just nodded indifferently, not stopping for a moment, and went straight up to the 51st floor.

At this moment, in the planning director’s office.

Xi Xiaye was fully focused on her laptop, checking on the materials that the marketing department had just sent over as she opened her notebook to make notes.

There was suddenly a knock on the door.

Xi Xiaye did not look up at all. She simply replied with her eyes still focused on the laptop screen,“Come in!”

The door opened and Xi Xiaye vaguely heard the sound of footsteps. She reacted when a certain someone’s unique scent closed in. With that scent came a faint fragrance of flowers.


She subconsciously looked up. What greeted her sight was the man walking towards her with a huge bouquet.

“Why are you here?” She asked in shock while he handed her the bouquet.

She looked at it and raised her brows in puzzlement. “Why are you suddenly giving me flowers?” She questioned, yet she reached out to take them.


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