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(Memories 1)

“I’ve been pretty bored staying at home all day recently. I’m almost getting depressed! I used to wonder where prenatal and post-partum depression come from. It sounded so ridiculous back then, yet now I’m experiencing it first-hand! I want to go out. I want to have fun…”

Xi Xiaye laughed when she heard Su Nan. “You can visit University A. You’re not really far from there anyway. Pay my mother a visit. Mu Yuchen went abroad and will only be back after a few days, so he won’t be going.”

Worried, Ruan Heng asked Su Nan to stop going to work and just stay at home for the baby’s sake.

When women gathered, their topics mostly revolved around clothes and body figures, that included Su Nan as well. Xi Xiaye was supposed to initiate the conversation, but once Su Nan started talking, she could not stop anymore.

“Xi Xiaye, I’ve gained weight! My waist now looks like a lifebuoy. You have to be careful in the future. Don’t eat too much like me…”

After about an hour, Su Nan finally ended the call. Xi Xiaye was starting to get sleepy, so she switched her phone off and left it on the table.

Xi Xiaye stayed at the Shen Residence for the next few days. Coincidentally, Shen Yue was taking a break for several days as well. She wanted to spend some time with him.

Shen Yue had obviously gotten older in the past two years, he was past seventy and should be retired already, and yet he was still working on the frontline.

Several years ago, he suggested that Shen Wenna join Fuhua so that he could hand it down to her. Unfortunately, Shen Wenna was not interested because she wanted to focus on her education career, so Shen Yue had to continue working until today.

In the afternoon, the sun lit up the vast sky.

Inside Shen Yue’s study room, a beautiful tune was playing. Xi Xiaye was holding a bowl of snow fungus porridge on a tray as she passed along the corridor. She could hear the tune clearly when she was getting closer.

Shen Yue should be playing the accordion again…

As she went into the room, Shen Yue was sitting on a tall stool right beside the balcony window. He was playing the accordion alone as a cool breeze passed by and rustled the curtains. Looking at this scenery, she felt…

His white hair and skinny figure…

Xi Xiaye stood by the door for some time. She did not go over and just watched his back in silence, starting to feel morose inside. Time was so cruel to take things and people away slowly.

The grandpa that used to play Go chess with her had turned old. It was so old that he seemed to struggle to even hold the accordion.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath. She blinked her eyes and calmed herself down. Then, she went forward and arrived behind him.

Shen Yue froze, then he put the accordion on the table beside as he panted slightly.

“Grandpa, your accordion is getting better and better.” Xi Xiaye helped him in.

Shen Yue massaged his own shoulder. “It’s not that good now. I’m already panting after just one song. It must be the age.”

Xi Xiaye smiled. “You’re still pretty strong, Grandpa. You train yourself regularly. I just made this porridge. Have some! Mother is worried that you didn’t eat much during lunch just now.” She then handed the bowl of porridge to Shen Yue.

Shen Yue raised his hand to stop her. “Leave it there first. I’m not really hungry. Where’s your mother?”

“Mother went back to school. She said she’ll only come back tomorrow.” Xi Xiaye sat down at the empty spot beside Shen Yue, then she opened the swaying curtains.

Shen Yue nodded. “You’ve been with me for a few days. Go back to the Mu Residence tonight. Have you been well?”

“I’m great. They treat me superbly and so does he. Grandpa, you don’t have to worry about me. I really like my current life… Actually, maybe I should’ve listened to your advice sooner. Then, everyone wouldn’t have needed to suffer all these years.”

There was glitter in Xi Xiaye’s eyes as she looked at Shen Yue quietly.

“There’s no point saying all this now. It’s alright as long as you’re doing fine at the moment. What’s the point of thinking about the past? I’m really glad that you’ve settled down. My body is gradually getting weaker. I planned to let both of you take over Fuhua after your wedding, and you’ll be 28 after the New Year…” Shen Yue sounded relieved. “Let me relax for a few years. The two oldies in the Mu family are really free.”

Xi Xiaye was stunned, then she put on a smile. “I wanted to say that you’re tough enough to work for another few years, but your words put me at a loss as to what to say.”

“Don’t say anything then. I’ve talked to Chen about it. Familiarize yourself with the property industry through the South River project, so you guys can take over Fuhua better.”

“Mmm, I understand. By the way, Grandpa, you mentioned that someone from Qikai approached you before. Are you familiar with them?” Xi Xiaye suddenly remembered this. She also got Inspector Zhang to investigate it several days ago.

Shen Yue frowned when he heard Xi Xiaye’s question. After a while, he replied quietly, “Qikai is a really strong opponent. The Qi family is one of the prestigious families in City Z as well. I’m not really involved with them. I’d just sometimes bump into Qi Qiming at banquets and have some small talk with him.”

“Qi Qiming? Is that the CEO of Qikai?”

Xi Xiaye was no stranger to this name. Qikai was the leading giant in the showbiz industry. Everyone knew him.

Shen Yue nodded. “Mmm, it’s him. He’s been really low-profile in the past few years. He’s slowly letting his youngest son, Qi Lei, take over the company…”

Youngest son?

Qi Lei?

Xi Xiaye was shocked to hear this!

“Qi Lei is Qi Qiming’s youngest son? Doesn’t Qi Qiming only have one son?” Xi Xiaye asked Shen Yue in surprise with doubt in her eyes. She was curious!



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