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(Black Eagle, We’ll Need To Depend On You For Help)

Lin Che paused. "Are you saying your father… is trying to matchmake you?"

Ah Bi sighed and lowered her head. She said, "He already has a few candidates. In a few days, he'll host a yacht banquet at the seaside. All of those he selected would be going. When that time comes, he'll get me to interact with them. I also don't know… what I should do then."

Lin Che naturally felt anxious while looking at Xue Yang inside. For Ah Bi, he had been single thus far. He had never interacted with other women. If he knew about this, he was bound to be very upset.

Ah Bi said, "I've gone against my father many times. My father always says that I'm the only one left in the family who hasn't gotten married and hasn't got a good future. His heart isn't too good, and it's unclear when he would let go. He wants me to listen to him. If I protested again, he would get the doctor over. I don't know how to communicate with him."

Lin Che looked inside and was deep in thoughts.

Halfway through, she said to Ah Bi, "When will the yacht banquet be held?"

"Very soon…"

Lin Che held onto her shoulder. "I'll tell Xue Yang. You just need to tell me, if you and Xue Yang… Do you still have any feelings for him?"

Ah Bi's eyes flickered. "I…. I just feel that nobody else has given me that sort of feeling. The sort when I'm with him. The feeling of a future."

Lin Che smiled. "Even if he has a scar on his face and a tanned skin now? Even if he's no longer the young chap in the past?"

"He will always and forever be Xue Yang. I think the present him is better looking."

Lin Che said, "Since you've said as such, I understand now. Go back first. I'll talk to Xue Yang."

Ah Bi looked inside like she could not bear to leave. "If he knows, he will get angry."

"How could he be angry with you, silly?" She comforted Ah Bi.

An Bi looked at Lin Che, full of hope. She always felt that Lin Che had good luck and could still turn ill luck into good. If she were with her, many things would probably become hopeful.

Ah Bi made a move first. Xue Yang was inside and saw Lin Che returning alone. The light in his eyes instantly dimmed.

Lin Che walked over and sighed. She told Xue Yang, "Ah Bi…"

"Did something happen to her? She didn't even dare to look me in the eye just now."

Lin Che sighed and told him about Ah Bi's matter.

Xue Yang clenched his hands tightly. "Her father had agreed to give me time."

Lin Che said, "What do you plan to do now?"

"I'm going to find Mr. Wesley and tell him about my thoughts."

Lin Che nodded her head. "If you're going, I'm coming with you."

They returned home.

Lin Che got someone to check, and indeed, upon asking around, everyone knew that Mr. Wesley personally wanted to pick a husband for his daughter. Many in the upper class already knew of this and were determined to get themselves in. Thinking that they could marry the Wesleys' family, they racked their brains, even more, to get themselves in.

Lin Che also got someone to check on the person that Mr. Wesley had selected. She discovered that he was someone prominent, and one could tell that he was quite fond of Ah Bi. The chosen man was also gorgeous and with a good character and reputation.

Compared to him, an actor like Xue Yang was considered as nothing.

But, when it came to love, how could the status of a family decide everything?

Lin Che looked on while Black Eagle helped her to do some calculations.

"What's there to talk about here? Just take the girl and get married right away. Have a kid, and what more can her family say?"

"Damn you. You think this is you? Making use of a child to coax Feiran."

"Get lost!" Black Eagle rubbed Lin Che's head.

Lin Che pondered. "Taking her away isn't great, but… we can threaten those who are trying to get her."

Looking at Black Eagle, her eyes brightened as she spoke.

Black Eagle was still racking his brains but soon felt she was harboring ill thoughts while looking at him.

"You… Why are you looking at me?"

"Heh heh, in any case, you're already a first grade dangerous person…"

"…" What did this mean?

"Gu Jingze and I can't do anything. If we get evicted, you can't even think of coming here in the future."

"What exactly do you want?"

"And you said it yourself. Ah Bi's not bad. You need to help her. Can you bear to see her getting married to these people?"

"Just get to the point."

Lin Che's expression got deeper. She smiled cheekily and said, "In America, you should have people you know, right…"


The red-light district.

A clutter of extravagance made others feel like it was so wasteful.

When a man came out crookedly, the person beside him was laughing at him and said, "They're all saying it's you who'll marry the young mistress of the Wesleys', and you're still out here messing around. Aren't you afraid her father would send a gun your way?"

"Damn you. I'm using the time I have before that to come out and have fun. Once I'm their son-in-law, I definitely won't do this anymore. That little beauty is much more beautiful than most here. Moreover, when that time comes, I'll be the only rich and powerful in the world. Why would I come to this sort of place?"

He smugly kicked away the can on the ground.

The person beside him followed with a big laughter.

However, as his laughter lingered, a few guys in street clothes appeared in front of him. The guys had baseball bats in their hands, waving the bats around threateningly as they walked up to the front.

Those few guys had a murderous aura around them.

It was obvious that those few guys were charging towards them.

However, without any time to react or speak, the baseball bats came hitting them.


"Where are you guys from?"

"Do you know who I am? You dare to hit me?"

"My dad's the chief of the shipbuilding industry."

The shouts at the start turned into howls in the end.

"Stop hitting. I'll give you guys money."

Just then, a big and tall figure came out from inside. He lit a cigarette and took in a cloud of smoke before he flicked the ash at that man's face.

The man was scared stiff. He looked at the Asian face in front of him. For a while, he did not know who this was.

Black Eagle scoffed, pretending like he was an expert. His action just now was cool and showy, terrifying the wits out of people.

He said, "You're not allowed to go to tomorrow's banquet."

"Ah… based on what?"

As soon as he spoke, the gun in Black Eagle's hand was immediately on his forehead.

"Ah.. No, no, I won't go."

Black Eagle nodded his head in satisfaction. "You can take a look in the mirror. See how you look like now. Do you think you're worthy of Abigail looking like this? Get lost. If I see you tomorrow, I guarantee… even if the gun can't get to your body, it'll definitely… Cripple you here," he said and pointed his gun downwards.

He was a dignified man, and in an instant, there was an outflow of liquid from his lower part. He cried, feeling incredibly embarrassed.

Black Eagle was done. He scoffed and let him go. As he waved his hand, he said, "Let's go."

He recorded everything just in case.

Black Eagle told Lin Che. If that didn't scare him off and even dared to go to the banquet, they would use the recording to blackmail him. Wesley would certainly not allow his daughter to marry such an embarrassment.



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