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(Lure Her Out)

"What exactly is going on, then?" Xue Yang asked.

Lin Che fiddled with her hair. "Nothing. It's just that I think it's been too long. You don't have to wait that long."

"I can wait…"

"You can try it too."

"I don't want to try…"

"Xue Yang, will you listen to me?" Lin Che put on a serious face.

Xue Yang bit his lips.

He listened to Lin Che the most.

It was purely because Lin Che was like a parent to him like she had given him many chances of rebirth. This time, he could stand all because she did not give up on him.

Otherwise, with his looks…

Even if he could still stay around in the country's entertainment industry, there would not be too significant developments.

"Alright, I'll listen to you. It's just that… I can't go against my heart. I'll try."

Hearing his words, Lin Che honestly felt a tinge of guilt.

But thinking about how she'll let him know the truth after all this, just not now, she then did not say anything more.

"So it's settled. I'll introduce you to a lady."


Xue Yang did not think it would be that soon.

Lin Che got him to go to the cafe to meet the lady. She left after letting him know the location and said she would be waiting there.

Though Xue Yang could not be bothered to go, he could only muster up his spirits to go.

Soon, he arrived at the place. He ordered something to drink after sitting down.

When he looked up, the waiter looked at him. "Oh, I know you. You're filming, isn't it? What's your name? I watched that show."

Xue Yang smiled. "Thank you."

The little scar on his face was a noticeable mark, and often, people would recognize him.

Although they might not recall his name.

Just then, a female indeed arrived.

It was someone from C Nation. She did not look old and looked refreshingly cute.

"Ah, Xue Yang. Hello."

Xue Yang asked, "You're Sister Che's… recommendation?"

"Yeah, hi. It's my pleasure. I'm a staff member from the Gu family's residence here. I've been working for them for seven years and also in California for five years."


That seemed reasonable. Lin Che probably knew her and thought she was suitable and so introduced her to him.

As time went on, she was indeed a friendly and adorable girl.

However, Xue Yang was not interested.

He was still used to seeing that forthright and variable little face. The one who would go on about her opinions and not caring if anyone was listening at all.

Xue Yang did not feel good about rejecting immediately. Anyway, he saw it as knowing another friend. So, he looked at her and talked to her casually while thinking of another face.

However, at this moment.

A silhouette of the person in his mind suddenly passed by outside the door.

He stood up immediately.

When he tried to take a closer look outside, the silhouette was gone.

Ah Bi?

That was impossible…

But it was clearly her.

Was his mind playing tricks on him? So he was mistaken?

He stood there in a daze and had a face of hesitation. It made one's heart ache for him.



Lin Che suddenly stood in front of Ah Bi.

"Ah Bi, where are you going?"

Ah Bi froze up right away. She looked back at her.

At first, she could not tolerate it and wanted to take a look. But unexpectedly, when she arrived, she noticed someone outside…

Ah Bi was not stupid. She realized that she had fallen into a trap right away.

But it was too late for her to leave.

"Sister… Lin Che…"

Ah Bi looked at her, and Lin Che looked back. In a moment of excitement, she immediately hugged this girl she had not seen for such a long time.


Ah Bi's eyes were wet when she got hugged.

"Lin Che… What are you doing here? Sob…"

"Silly girl. Didn't you already know when we got here? Why are you still asking me why I'm here?"

"I… I do know, but what are you doing here…"

Lin Che let go of her and looked at her. She said, "If not? Are you going to stay hidden after helping us in secret? I've stayed at your place, eaten your food. I should come and thank you. How else could it be?"

Ah Bi was really speechless.

Looking inside again…

"Then Xue Yang…"

At this moment, Xue Yang had already come running out.

He had been in a daze when he got hinted at by one of Lin Che's men. He was called out.

Xue Yang quickly walked over. But he stopped just when he was about to reach where they were.

His expression was one of being homesick. Looking at her, it was like he did not dare to go close.

Ah Bi already felt uneasy standing there. Halfway through, she turned her head away.

Lin Che said, "Alright, Ah Bi. Since you've already met, there's nothing to be shy about. Come on."

Xue Yang looked at Lin Che at this moment. He said with a big smile, "Sister Che… you…"

She had set up the next scene for him on purpose.

He thought he had really come for a match-making session. In the end, his blind date suddenly said that someone he wished to see was outside. The truth was out in an instant.

Xue Yang looked at Ah Bi again. For a moment, his lips moved. He wanted to say something but could not say anything.

"Ah Bi."

It took him a long time to finally call out her name.

Ah Bi looked at him with excitement too. "Xue Yang…"

"Ah Bi, you…"

"Xue Yang."

She thought of going over but seemed to remember something. She looked like she was contemplating. Then, she retreated.

Lin Che was anxious standing by the side. But after much thought, she said, "Alright, let's find a place to sit and have a talk. Why not the place where we're staying at? That's Ah Bi's place."

Ah Bi smiled. Though she had something different in mind, seeing them and talking with them made her feel very happy.

They arrived at the house together. Xue Yang's eyes were fixated on that side. But he pulled Lin Che aside and asked, "You got someone to take me for a ride on purpose eh?"

Lin Che spread her hands. "If not? You wanted to see her too, right?"

"But you could have told me first."

"If I told you about it first, you wouldn't be so real anymore. She must have someone on the production team too. It's only believable when you have that poor mood on for your blind date."


Xue Yang looked at her in exasperation. "Then who did you find?"

"A company staff."

"You really know how to put people in a spot."

"It's all for you guys."

Lin Che laughed.

"That female colleague likes you a lot. She was delighted to be able to go meet you."

Just then, they saw Ah Bi come over. Lin Che could not talk about all these anymore. But then, Ah Bi came over and then retreated again. The look on her face was a little strange.

Lin Che frowned and walked over.

"Ah Bi."

She felt that something was going on with Ah Bi.

"Ah Bi, do you have something to say to me?" She looked at Ah Bi and asked.

Ah Bi glanced at Xue Yang.


Lin Che looked too and told her. "I won't tell him. Tell me, what happened exactly?"

Ah Bi bit her lips. "My father said that I'm grown up now. I should find a man to take care of me. His heart aches for me. So…"


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