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 (How to Lure Ah Bi Out"

Lin Che could only say helplessly to Xue Yang, "Alright, now there's no fun. Wait for me to settle matters, and then I'll meet you.",

Xue Yang said, "It's all my fault. You guys came to see me and this thing got out of hand."

Lin Che patted his shoulder. "He entered even though he was banned. How could we blame you? No worries, he's someone who causes trouble anywhere, no matter what. It has nothing to do with you."

Black Eagle's face darkened.

Lin Che said to Black Eagle, "Let's go then."

Black Eagle nodded his head. His gaze was on those big and tall Americans at the back.

Seeing the panic in their eyes, he slowly left with the FBI.

In the FBI.

Lin Che was waiting outside.

Seeing the people inside, she had to ask, "How are you guys going to deal with him?"

The officer looked at Lin Che and looked at the name list.

Oh, haha. The one who came with Black Eagle was indeed someone famous.

This turned out to be Gu Jingze's wife.

"Mrs. Gu, don't worry. He'll be deported and will leave America's soil. He can go wherever he wants."

Lin Che could only spread her hands and say, "It sounds very troublesome."

"Relax, he won't implicate you. You're with Mr. Gu… Oh, we've not reached first-level security. But we will soon."



Lin Che asked, "Gu Jingze and I will face eviction?"

"Not really. It's just that it's stated here that there must be tight supervision as long as you two are here. Because both of you are classified as dangerous persons."


Lin Che was speechless.

However, thinking that as long as C Nation maintained diplomatic relations with America, they would not evict them.

Lin Che did not say anything more. Not long later, she saw that a group of lawyers had come.

In an instant, the entrance of the group of lawyers surprised the FBI.

"Hey, old guy, how did you all… why are you all here?"

"Someone hired me to acquit Mr. Mo. We think that it's illegal for you to evict him without a cause. To classify him as a dangerous person is not respecting him as well as not respecting his rights. It's ethnic discrimination."


The guy at the FBI was dumbfounded in an instant. Someone had hired these people.

Lin Che was still surprised watching the few of them. "What's going on?"

That officer said, "Don't you know them?"

Lin Che shook her head.

He said, "Fine, you guys… they're the most powerful lawyers. In normal circumstances, any one of them is powerful enough. Now, one person hired all of them at the same time."

He looked up and down at Lin Che. "Could it be your husband's doing?"

"How can it be?" Lin Che mumbled, "He couldn't be happier to see Black Eagle get evicted and make a joke out of it."

The officer said, "Then it looks like this will be very interesting. It should be someone wealthy enough, at least as wealthy as your household, to be able to hire them."

Lin Che stood there and pondered. She could only think of one person.

Ah Bi.

Was it Abigail?

Lin Che's eyes brightened, and at the same time, she said, "You guys go in quickly. Go in first. I'm going out to look for someone."

Lin Che quickly ran out, but she could not find the person after going an entire round.

Lin Che thought. It made sense. Though she would look from afar, she may not necessarily show herself.

Lin Che returned sorrowfully and saw that Black Eagle had been granted bail.

Because he had some legal cases, the upper management had to research and see if it was legal for him to enter America. So, for the time being, he could still roam around in America.

Just that he had to report to the FBI every day.

Lin Che looked at those lawyers with thankfulness. She knew that this outcome had something to do with their network here.

After all, being a lawyer was all about networks.

After getting out, Black Eagle asked, "How did I get let out just like that?"

"Haha, did you want to leave?"

"Of course not."

Lin Che said faintly, "Because of Abigail. I think she's looking out for us from afar and helping us in the dark. It's just inconvenient for her to appear."

Black Eagle immediately replied, "Not bad. She has done me a huge favor. Very good. Why does she not dare to appear?"

"Because it's still unclear about the matter between her and Xue Yang."

Black Eagle said, "Very good. I owe her a favor. I'll pay back in the future."

Lin Che did not feel good somehow upon seeing Black Eagle being all heroic.

Soon, they returned home.

Lin Che told Gu Jingze what had happened.

"Tell me, is it Abigail who is helping us?"

Gu Jingze replied, "With such a big show of hand, it should be her. After all, the Wesleys have nothing but money that can never be used up."

Lin Che shook her head. "Why does she not show herself every time? Do you have any way to make her show herself?"

Gu Jingze smiled. "Who does she care about the most?"

"Xue Yang?" Lin Che said after some thought.

Gu Jingze said, "There you go."

Lin Che paused. Did he mean… using Xue Yang to make her show herself?

It was a little embarrassing…

But… she probably wouldn't show herself otherwise…

The next day.

When she went over to the same production team again, everyone was more well-behaved.

The day before, the director told everyone, 'Do you know who came yesterday? She's no ordinary person. In C Nation, she's a celebrity, a screen queen. Moreover, she's also the wife of wealthy Gu Jingze. In C Nation, she's as good as… Mei Mei over here. Understand?'

Everyone understood and naturally did not dare do anything on impulse today.

Lin Che arrived and smiled at Xue Yang. She said, "Oh yes. You're not young anymore. Do you have any girl of interest to you here?"

Xue Yang did not expect her to mention this suddenly.

"Sister Che, do you now… have this hobby?"

It was hearsay that after having kids and when life is stable, one would start worrying about others around him or her.

He thought Lin Che would not be like that.

Lin Che smiled and said with sincerity, "Of course. I'm worried you'll be too attached to the past. Why not think about your future? Think if you can start a new life. Maybe when you start a new life, something will happen, and then everything will be different."


Xue Yang looked at Lin Che. Now he suspected if she was serious.

She had spoken so seriously that Xue Yang's expression dropped for a moment.

"In the past, Sister Che didn't put it to me this way. You said that as long as I worked hard to be better, the future would be possible. I'm working hard to become better now… Or are you saying that something has happened to Ah Bi? You being suddenly like this makes me…"

Seeing how he was heading in that direction, Lin Che quickly said, "It's not like that. Don't imagine things."


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