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( Giving Him A Chance)

Seeing Gu Jingyan storm out, Lin Che said to Gu Jingze, "Hey, that is your sister. How can you anger her…"

Gu Jingze replied, "Nevermind. She's not a normal person, anyway. You don't have to worry about her."

But despite saying that, she was ultimately his sister.

He said to his people at the side, "Keep an eye on Gu Jingyan. If she needs help, go all out to accommodate her."

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze, and she had an idea of what he was up to. After watching his people leave, she then asked, "Gu Jingze, you're letting Gu Jingyan save Lu Beichen by herself because you want them to get back together again, right?"

Gu Jingze smiled and rubbed Lin Che's head. "You're really understanding me better."

Lin Che looked speechlessly at Gu Jingze. "You're really…"

She just knew it. Gu Jingze wouldn't be so heartless as to watch Lu Beichen die.

No matter how annoying Lu Beichen was, Gu Jingze wouldn't be that heartless either.

As expected.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che. "Alright, don't you worry. There'll always be a way."

Lin Che nodded in agreement. She was hopeful about the couple's future.

As for Gu Jingyan.

Before help arrived in Sweden, she sat alone in the cafe, watching the cars go by. Her heart palpitated restlessly as she sat at a table.

The phone finally rang.

"How is it? Any updates?"

"Miss, they previously let Second Young Master consider agreeing to help them release Sir. But up until now, Second Young Master never answered."

Gu Jingyan thought for a while. "Let them know that my second brother wants to negotiate with them."

"Ah, Fourth Young Mistress, you mean… You're going to take a personal risk?"

Personal risk…

So what about it?

That was Lu Beichen, her childhood friend for many years, the man she loved for so many years, the man who hurt her for so many years, and also Apple's father.

She said, "Just do what I say."

Her subordinates did not dare to hesitate and could only follow suit.

After that, they received the news very quickly, saying that the opposition wanted to meet at an abandoned ice cellar.

The ice cellar.

It must have been filled with water there.

Thinking about what Gu Jingze said previously, they had kidnapped Lu Beichen and kept him in a place filled with water. Gu Jingyan thought for a while and let her people prepare some things. She then went to the appointed place.

At the ice cellar.

Someone grabbed Lu Beichen by his chin.

"Hey, are you not going to talk? What exactly do you want with the ginseng?"

Lu Beichen opened his eyes in confusion. Suspended in the air and exhausted, he squinted and snorted at the person in front of him. "Bah."

He spat on that person's face.


That man kicked Lu Beichen in the stomach.

"Damn you. I've never met such a stubborn one, but be careful. If you are so stubborn that I can't make use of you, I'll really take your life."

Blood trickled down the corners of Lu Beichen's mouth.

"Haha, go ahead and take it."

"Are you challenging me?" The man spoke as he took a chair from the side.

Just as he was going to slam it into Lu Beichen's body, he heard the door outside open.

"Hey, don't do that. What are we going to do if you kill him? Someone is coming for him."

Gu Jingze was here?

Lu Beichen swallowed a bit of blood in his mouth.

He just knew it. Gu Jingze still had some humanity in him. He wasn't going to abandon him.

A few of them went out.

They saw that Gu Jingze was not among the group of outsiders.

"Hey, where is Gu Jingze? You guys aren't playing any tricks, are you?"

The man in front looked at him. "Our Second Young Master will not see just anyone. You have to let us confirm if Mr. Lu is safe first."

The man in front had a gun in his hand. He looked extremely fierce and did not seem willing to retreat.

"No, what if you guys immediately snatch him back when you see him? I know how sly you guys are. Don't try to deceive us into releasing him. Quickly get him here, and we'll let you see him, otherwise…"

He scoffed and tightened his grip on his gun.


Gu Jingyan was watching the surveillance from inside the car. Upon hearing their reply, she pursed her lips, and her fingers slowly tightened on her sharp chin. She suddenly said, "Begin Plan A. Ready, blast!"

The moment her voice fell…

Something behind exploded violently.

A loud boom.

It made everyone instantly drop to the ground.

"Something behind exploded."

"Someone is ambushing us from behind."

"Oh no, there are ambushers behind."

Everyone started shouting as they rushed.

Just then, Gu Jingyan got down the car.

"Get ready. Everyone, attack."

With one wave of Gu Jingyan's hand, they attacked from the front.

Although many people rushed to the explosion site behind, some remained in front.

They tried to lure the tiger away from its cave, but they did not manage to lure everyone away. They only managed to draw part of the gang away.

But to Gu Jingyan, this was already enough.

Some yelled as they watched a horde rush in from the front.

"Why is there a woman?"

"Go. Get rid of that woman first."

Thinking that women were easier to deal with, they prepared to attack at the weak point.

Seeing this, the people behind could not help but drip in a cold sweat for them.

Seriously, they went straight for the most difficult one to beat. Did they want to die slowly?

Someone ran over with a machine gun.

Unexpectedly, Gu Jingyan did a roundhouse kick and directly hit that man's wrist. In an instant, the gun was already in her hands.

With a bang, a bullet landed on his leg.

Gu Jingyan spun around again and kicked the man behind her.

He fell on top of the previous man and exclaimed in pain.

Gu Jingyan's moves were ruthless and accurate. She left no room for error.

The people inside only felt as if they were watching a goddess. Her movements were fluid, and she had amazing technique.

Blood splattered all over, but her hands did not seem stained at all.

Wow. Who exactly was she?

By the time Gu Jingyan threw the last person on the ground, it had only been two minutes.

She raised her hand slightly. "Go in and search for him."

Then, the Gu family's personal guards rushed in.

Gu Jingyan did not lag behind either. She stepped in and looked around this wet place, searching room after room.

Lu Beichen, you're better not be dead.

Lu Beichen, you still owe me many things.

Lu Beichen, you'd better give me an answer.

These people were supposed to be outsiders and did not have their territory in Sweden. Thus, Gu Jingyan guessed that they would keep Lu Beichen with them, just in case anything were to happen.

But they had underestimated the power of the Gu family. Did they think that Gu Jingze was just an ordinary businessman?

Before they made the decision, they did not find out what kind of person Gu Jingze exactly was. That was a big mistake.

Lu Beichen could not be found after combing the entire area.

Thinking about that wet environment, she went down to the lower level.

She saw an iron door that was shut tight. She walked over, panting. Finally, she gave it one forceful kick.



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