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( To Think That She Was the One Behind This)

Lin Che listened to the beeping sounds, feeling very empty inside. However, at this moment…

A car suddenly came charging out.

“Miss, lower your head quickly…”

The chauffeur shouted out.

Lin Che looked up in astonishment, but before she could react, she had banged into the front seat.

While she was feeling dizzy, she saw a few rows of cars stopping in front.

Her chauffeur had already lost his life signals.

At the very final moment, he shouted out to remind his young miss, and then he was knocked so hard by the car in front that his head bled profusely and he died on the spot.

Tears welled up in Lin Che’s eyes.

“Little Kai…”

She knew that there was no time to look at him now, and wanted to open the door when someone had already opened it for her.

After she was pulled out of the car, she looked at the people in front. The car behind them was damaged from the collision. There were a few people inside and he had no idea if they were dead or alive.

She could only take a glance at them before she was grabbed and dragged into one of the cars at the front…

“Sure enough, it a lot easier when that Wang Dong isn’t around.”

“That’s right. There aren’t as many people following her this time around either.”

“It’s a pity that there were still a few killed.”

“Forget it. It’s just murder. You’re scared?”

Lin Che was in a groggy state when she heard this conversation going on in the car.

She suddenly understood that someone had wanted her to think that they wanted to lay a hand on her children, attempting to divert the attention away.

This was so that Dong Zi and the others could place more emphasis on the children, and loosen their attention over here.

Their goal was Lin Che.

Lin Che’s mind was filled with the two children, so she didn’t think of herself.

She was brought away in a groggy state to an unknown place. She had just entered when she felt that she was pushed into something with a large force.

She felt an icy-cold feeling and lowered her head to realize that this was a cistern.

Almost her entire lower body was submerged in water. She looked up and wanted to say something, but everything had turned pitch-black.

The door was closed.

“Hey, who are you guys? What on earth do you want? Say something.”

Unable to see anything, she could only slowly move to the edge. Everything within her reach was icy-cold, and there wasn’t any place where she could sit.

Such an environment was sleep-inducing.

However, she knew that she couldn’t sleep. She must not.

If she went to sleep, she might never be able to wake up again.

Was this how these people wanted to torture how? As this was a cistern, she couldn’t sit or lean against anything. She could only remain standing.

Who hated her this much…

At this moment.


“The voice that you recorded was useful after all. Our men had used the voice recording to successfully deceived Lin Che, making her feel anxious. It seems that you do have some understanding of Lin Che after all.”

“Heh, of course. I know her. No matter how she has changed, she’s still Lin Che down to her bones. She’s still that petty Lin Che who would get anxious when hearing a child’s voice. It’s impossible for her to be as cold-hearted as you.”

It was two women speaking.

One of them was Xue Mengqi.

The other one had half of her face covered up. She sat there with her fat figure, no longer looking like how she used to. There was nothing but fats on her face.

However, people who knew her would be able to figure out something from hearing her voice.

She was Mo Huiling.

Xue Mengqi smiled. “I still have to thank you for getting Gu Shinian’s voice from your son.”

“There’s nothing to thank.” Mo Huiling let out a cold snort, wearing an indifferent expression. It was as if she wasn’t an ordinary person, as if she was really someone with a heart of stone. “I hate her. I hate her more than anyone does. As long as she can feel worse than death, I’ll be willing to do anything, let alone this simple matter.”

That was right. This person was Mo Huiling.

It was now that Xue Mengqi felt that it was really worth saving this ugly person.

Back then, she had felt very disdainful when she saw the half-dead Mo Huiling.

Back in the years, Mo Huiling had been so intimate with Gu Jingze, but eventually, she still ended up in such a plight.

No matter what, she was still defeated in Lin Che’s hands.

Moreover, she was also a lunatic.

However, just as she was about to heave, Mo Huiling suddenly looked up. She wore a vengeful expression as if her eyes were burning in flames, and the words she spoke were like a venomous snake’s tongue, filled with vicious intentions.

“Save me. I’ll help you kill Lin Che.”

Xue Mengqi looked at her in surprise, “Are you crazy?”

Mo Huiling said, “I’ve been crazy for many years, and have only just woken up. How can I be crazy? How can I die? That b*tch is still living so well. I can’t die just like that!”

Back then, Xue Mengqi was struck by a thought. It was like they said, that an enemy’s enemy was one’s friend.

She saved Mo Huiling back then, secretly giving her treatment until she recovered. She was finally put to use now.

Xue Mengqi said, “I’ll get someone to notify Gu Jingze.”

“No need. I’ll do it.”

She stood up slowly and looked outside.

“Gu Jingze. I want to meet him once.”

“Where is she?” Gu Jingze sat down heavily on the chair.

Dong Zi knelt in front of him, lowering his head. “I’ll definitely find her.”

Gu Jingze asked, “How many died?”

Dong Zi looked up. He understood that Gu Jingze was asking how many of those bodyguards Lin Che had brought along with her died.


“Is it certain that there aren’t any of Lin Che’s blood traces at the scene?”

“Yes. We’ve done blood tests. There aren’t any that belong to Miss.”

At this moment.

“Sir, there’s a woman outside. Please… please come and take a look quickly.”

The butler came, wearing a horrified expression.

Gu Jingze’s countenance sank when he saw the butler acting like this.

When Gu Jingze went out, he saw that fat, and dark-skinned woman who looked like a woman in her forties. His eyes immediately narrowed.

“Mo Huiling.” Gu Jingze recognized her.

Tears immediately fell down Mo Huiling’s eyes when she looked at this man, whose face continued to look as dignified and perfect like that of a god.

Why? This wasn’t fair.

Lin Che and Gu Jingze both still looked so wonderful, but she had ended up in her current state where even she couldn’t bear to look at herself.

Why did God have to do this to her? Why was God so unfair to her?

“Gu Jingze, to think that you still recognize me. I’m really very surprised. As expected of Gu Jingze, never forgetting what you’ve seen. You’re always so wise, smart, and forever so heartless.” She smiled pathetically.

Gu Jingze looked at her and slowly walked forward. “Where is Lin Che.”

When Mo Huiling heard him mention Lin Che’s name, she broke out laughing. “Lin Che, Lin Che. If it wasn’t because of this Lin Che, Jingze, we’d still be fine together, right? You would still love me as before. We would have gotten married, had children, and lived together happily forever.”

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